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As one of the planet's most feared creatures, few people would search out a great white shark, let alone try and catch one! Shark Men is a six-part series featuring a team of anglers and scientists who go against the grain and actively try to hunt these skilled predators. Their aim - to uncover spectacular secrets about the shark's migratory patterns, breeding and birthing sites. Racing through the ocean at over 40 kilometers an hour, with 300 razor-sharp teeth and 2,200 kilograms of bulk, just how do you capture a great white shark? On this nail-biting expedition, our team plan to lift them out of the water, examine them, tag them and then release them unharmed back into the ocean. Taking to the high seas with their audacious scheme, can they get close enough to these fearsome fish?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shark Men

S01E01 First Bite 14/04/2010 A shark expert and a team of anglers join forces to unmask the mysteries of the great whites using blood sampling and advanced tracking devices.
S01E02 Big Mama 15/04/2010 A shark expert and a team of anglers join forces to unmask the mysteries of the great whites using blood sampling and advanced tracking devices.
S01E03 Size Matters 15/04/2010 A shark expert and a team of anglers join forces to unmask the mysteries of the great whites using blood sampling and advanced tracking devices.
S01E04 The Hot Spot 15/04/2010 A shark expert and a team of anglers join forces to unmask the mysteries of the great whites using blood sampling and advanced tracking devices.
S01E05 Off The Hook 15/04/2010 The Great White expedition team attempts to lure a big biter out of the water, but when bait runs low, they face an almighty struggle to succeed.
S01E06 Out For Blood 15/04/2010 The expedition team in Guadalupe spend the final day attempting their biggest coup yet – to produce a blood sample from a great white female.
S01E07 Dead Zone 04/07/2010 Dr Domeier embarks on his longest, most dangerous voyage yet to catch, tag and release great white sharks. Weather, mechanical failures and fatigue are just a few of the obstacles looming ahead.
S01E08 Rough Seas 00/00/0000 A faulty engine, rapidly spoiling bait and approaching storms threaten their safety and the crew's mission to unravel the mystery of the great white shark's eating, mating and migration habits.
S01E09 Single White Male 00/00/0000
S01E10 Hooking Up 00/00/0000 Dr Domeier is on the verge of proving great whites visit Guadalupe Island to breed. But the first sperm sample is inconclusive so the crew desperately needs to land another giant male on the cradle.
S01E12 Greatest Bites 00/00/0000 Expert anglers and a shark scientist unite to unlock the mysteries of the Great Whites life cycle. With a unique vessel, they land the largest fish ever caught on hook and line and released alive.
S02E01 Murky Waters 10/04/2011 Season 2 opens in the Farallon Islands, off San Francisco, where the crew have been granted a rare permit to catch a great white shark for research.
S02E02 Hot Water 10/04/2011 The crew waits for word on whether they can resume their expedition in the Farallones Marine Sanctuary as Chris and Dr. Domeier plead their case for the reinstatement of their permit.
S02E03 Surfing With Sharks 17/04/2011 Juvenile great whites are studied just off the shores of Malibu, Cal., not far from where beachgoers surf and swim
S02E04 Young and Hungry 24/04/2011 The crew continues studying juvenile great whites off the coast of Malibu, Cal., where warm and shallow waters provide an ideal environment for young sharks to grow and prepare for adulthood.
S02E05 As Big as a Boat 01/05/2011 The crew heads back to Guadalupe Island, hoping to collect a few more blood samples from adult female sharks.
S02E06 Biggest and Baddest 08/05/2011 The crew wrap up their stay at Guadalupe Island after collecting another blood sample from a female great white and catching their biggest shark to date.
S02E07 Deadly Sea 15/05/2011 The crew follows a female great white they tagged in 2008 to the Gulf of California. They suspect she may have given birth, as the abundance of life in the area makes for an ideal nursery.
S02E08 Renegade Shark 11/06/2011 In the Sea of Cortez, the team searches for a female great white that they believe is about to give birth.
S02E09 Cannibals of Cortez 18/06/2011 The Shark Men return home from the Sea of Cortez with an itch none of them can seem to scratch: the marine life there screams SOFA. The evidence of Great Whites, the pods of Sperm whales, the plethora of squid...maybe another mysterious creature also calls the bountiful Sea of Cortez home. With a new scientific team, lead by Steve O'Shea, The Shark Men and him will work together to try to find one of the world's most elusive creatures- Architeuthis: The Giant Squid.
S02E10 Giants of the Deep 02/07/2011 The crew continues their search for giant squid in the Sea of Cortez.
S02E11 Squid Row 09/07/2011 The Shark Men are in the beautiful, plentiful Sea of Cortez continuing their search for Architeuthis- The Giant Squid. The crew is joined on this expedition with the world’s Giant Squid expert to hopefully be the first ones to capture footage of this elusive animal in its natural habitat, but that mission will not be an easy one.
S02E12 Looking for Ladies 00/00/0000 Dr. Domeier almost has enough data to support his theory about great whites mating. The primary target for the blood samples; adult females.
S02E13 Monster Catch 00/00/0000 The Shark Men have reached their last days at Guadalupe Island. The team wrangle Apache, a male, a fighter, and their biggest shark to date.
S03E01 Tagging Tigers 07/04/2012 The crew begin working with a new science team and set out to tag tiger sharks in the Revillagigedo Islands in the Season 3 opener.
S03E02 Hammerhead Islands 14/04/2012 The crew anchor at Socorro, one of the islands of the Revillagigedos Archipelago. They hook a silky shark, a silvertip shark and a tiger shark before serious electrical issues arise, threatening the entire mission.
S03E03 Tiger Escape 24/04/2012 The crew modify their methods after failing to hook two tiger sharks. As a result, they land a subadult tiger shark.
S03E04 Tiger Bait 28/04/2012 The crew find consistent success using their technique to catch great whites on tiger sharks. Later, a remotely operated vehicle armed with an underwater camera is introduced, helping the guys hook two tiger sharks.
S03E05 Coming Unglued 01/05/2012 As the long, gruelling mission starts to wind down, the tally of tagged sharks continues to rise – along with tensions between the team.
S03E06 A Whale Of A Tiger 08/05/2012 Expedition leader Chris Fischer pushes the team to the limit as they seek one more tiger shark and three more silvertips before leaving the area.
S03E07 Trouble In Paradise 15/05/2012 The team battles shark-finning poachers as they attempt to tag hammerheads in the waters surrounding the Cocos Islands.
S03E08 Mission Critical 22/05/2012 When Todd hooks a giant tiger shark and the divers abandon a scientist in dangerous waters, it leads to a growing divide over safety issues.
S03E09 Killing Zone 29/05/2012 The team finally adds hammerheads to their list of tagged sharks, but the relentless pace of work is wearing some of the men down.
S03E10 Hammered 06/06/2012 In the last days of the expedition, the team tries everything from midnight fishing to swimming with sharks to tag the elusive hammerheads.
S00E01 The biggest catch 00/00/0000