Affiche Shaun le Mouton (Shaun the Sheep)
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Cette série met en scène de Shaun, un mouton malicieux qui vit dans une ferme en compagnie de ses amis ovins nettement moins malins que lui, mais toujours prêts à le suivre dans une nouvelle aventure.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shaun le Mouton (Shaun the Sheep)

S01E01 Partie de Foot (Off the Baa!) 05/03/2007 When a cabbage bounces into the field from a passing truck, Shaun and his pals decide to use it as a football, with little help from the pigs.
S01E02 L'Heure du bain (Bathtime) 05/03/2007 Who likes a freezing bath? Noone! Shaun and pals go commando and do everything they can to have a hot relaxing sheep dip!
S01E03 Cours de fitness / Un peu d'exercice (Shape up with Shaun) 06/03/2007 Shirley the Sheep is the biggest sheep on the farm, but Shaun hopes to change that, can you keep up with Shaun?
S01E04 Timmy / Opération doudou (Timmy in a Tizzy) 06/03/2007 Timmy the little lamb is distraught when the farmer take's his favourite toy, can Shaun and pals get it back?
S01E05 Mission pommes (Scrumping) 07/03/2007 Those pesky pigs have taken all the apples, and wont let the sheep have one - they didn't count on Shaun!
S01E06 Nature morte / Peinture sur l'herbe (Still Life) 07/03/2007 The farmer's turned artist, but will Shaun and pals play along?
S01E07 La chèvre (Mower Mouth) 08/03/2007 Goats will eat anything, including the sheep's grass - whilst they look on in horror!
S01E08 Pizza pour tous / Mission Pizzas ! (Takeaway) 08/03/2007 Sheep can't order pizzas, can they? Noone told Shaun and pals, as they strip the scarecrow and head off into town.
S01E09 Le taureau (Bull) 09/03/2007 Shaun turns matador when a new addition joins the flock.
S01E10 La Danse de Shaun / Soirée dansante (Saturday Night Shaun) 09/03/2007 It's partytime when Shaun finds the farmer's old records, who knew sheep could boogie down?
S01E11 Le cerf volant (The Kite) 12/03/2007 What's more fun than a kite on a windy afternoon? Nothing when Shaun and pals are concerned.
S01E12 Le film d'horreur (Little Sheep of Horrors) 12/03/2007 Little lambs shouldn't watch scary movies, as Timmy finds out to his cost.
S01E13 Les abeilles (Buzz off Bees) 13/03/2007 Something's different around the field, Shaun and the flock decide to investigate.
S01E14 Jour de tonte (Fleeced) 13/03/2007 It's time for a haircut for Shaun and his pals, but is the Farmer really the right man for the job? Not after his first attempt!
S01E15 L'appareil photo (Shaun Shoots the Sheep) 14/03/2007 Shaun finds a camera and sets about taking everyone's photos, whether they want it or not. Are there some prima donnas among the flock?
S01E16 Timmy (l') acrobate (Big Top Timmy) 14/03/2007 Little Lamb Timmy joins the circus tonight, but will he make it in show business?
S01E17 Va chercher ! (Fetching) 15/03/2007 With Bitzer head over tails in love with a local lass, can Shaun keep the flock in order?
S01E18 La taupe (Mountains Out of Molehills) 15/03/2007 With the flock in a dancing mood, not even a molehill can spoil their fun... or can it?
S01E19 Mère poule (Who's the Mummy?) 16/03/2007 Shaun finds himself out of his depth when newly hatched chicks believe he's their mummy, aw.
S01E20 Bruits étranges dans la nuit (Things That go Bump) 16/03/2007 Strange noises are scaring the flock, Shaun goes to investigate...
S01E21 Abracadabra (Abracadabra) 03/09/2007 When the Farmer decides to throw out his magic set, Shaun decides to put on a show - but things get out of hand when the flock start disappearing!
S01E22 La fête foraine (Sheep on the Loose) 03/09/2007 Nearly all the sheep take the bus to the funfair. Shaun and Shirley must convince the Farmer that the flock is out to pasture.
S01E23 La grande lessive (Washday) 04/09/2007 The sheep use the farmer's clotheshorse as a merry-go-round - the garments get dirty and have to be washed before the farmer returns.
S01E24 Le visiteur de l'espace (The Visitor) 04/09/2007 When a strange space craft crash-lands on the farm, Shaun and co. help its little green occupant get air-borne again.
S01E25 Shaun le fermier (Shaun the Farmer) 05/09/2007 The Farmer is sick in bed, so, with Bitzer playing nurse-maid, it's down to Shaun to handle the daily chores around the farm - with disastrous results.
S01E26 Rage de dents (Tooth Fairy) 05/09/2007 Bitzer get a terrible tooth pain. Shaun takes the job as dentist but does not succeed. After a successful extraction at the vet Bitzer hope the Tooth Fairy will give him a coin.
S01E27 Les pieds dans le béton (Bitzer Puts His Foot in It) 06/09/2007 The farmer has Bitzer guard some freshly laid concrete - but Shaun and the flock treat it as a Walk of Fame
S01E28 Le hoquet (Hiccups) 06/09/2007 Shirley drinks Bitzer's lemonade too fast and gets the hiccups. Shaun tries to help with all the usual tricks, and the usual results.
S01E29 La piscine (If You Can't Stand the Heat) 07/09/2007 It is a scorching hot day, and the Flock is desperate to cool down in the Sheep Dip. There's only one thing in their way: the sun-bathing Farmer!
S01E30 Shaun est somnambule(Sheepwalking) 07/09/2007 It is a peaceful night at the farm, until Shaun starts to walk in his sleep. The Flock cannot resist their natural instinct to follow, and chaos soon ensues.
S01E31 Le sac poubelle (Tidy Up) 10/09/2007 The sheep's field is in a mess, and the Farmer tells Bitzer to clean it up - but he makes the mistake of getting Shaun and company to help.
S01E32 La nièce du fermier (The Farmer's Niece) 10/09/2007 When the Farmer's Niece comes to stay, Shaun and Bitzer soon discover she isn't as cute and adorable as she seems.
S01E33 Le campeur (Camping Chaos) 11/09/2007 An unfriendly camper sets up his tent in the sheep's field. When he goes off exploring, Shaun and the Flock decide to do some exploring of their own.
S01E34 Le robot-chien (Helping Hound) 11/09/2007 The Farmer decides to get a robotic sheep-dog, but when it turns out to be even stricter than Bitzer, Shaun decides it has to go.
S01E35 Moutons mécaniciens (Troublesome Tractor) 12/09/2007 The tractor seems to be ready for the scrap heap and the farmer wishes he could afford to buy a new one. So the sheep overhaul it...
S01E36 Super glue (Stick with Me) 12/09/2007 Bitzer glues the Farmer's broken glasses back together - but when the Flock get their hooves on the tube of glue, things start to get very sticky.
S01E37 Le détecteur de métaux (Heavy Metal Shaun) 13/09/2007 The farmer inspects the lawn with a metal detector. When Shaun and Bitzer try it, they discover a metallic threat behind a hedge.
S01E38 Ronflements (Snore-Worn Shaun) 13/09/2007 Shirley's snoring is keeping the flock awake, so Shaun decides that the only way to get a peaceful night's sleep is to get her out of the barn.
S01E39 Petits garnements (Shaun Encounters) 14/09/2007 Two alien kids land at the farm one night and run riot. Can Shaun and Bitzer stop them before they wake the Farmer?
S01E40 Le sauvetage de l'arbre (Save the Tree) 14/09/2007 The Farmer wants to turn the tree in Shaun's field into firewood. So the Flock must take desperate measures to stop their beloved tree getting felled.
S02E01 Double Trouble 23/11/2009 When Shaun dresses as the farmer he suddenly has the power to boss Bitzer around, so he decides to throw a party. All goes to plan until Shaun encounters the real farmer...
S02E02 Draw the Line 24/11/2009 The flock hijack a road line-painting machine and cause chaos while creating giant works of art in the field. However, will farmer appreciate their art?
S02E03 Sheepless Nights 25/11/2009 When the sheep's stable's roof is broken, rain leaks in. The sheep try to gain dry land, but the only space they can find is the pig's sty, whom the pigs fart during the big sleep.
S02E04 Spring Lamb 26/11/2009 A reluctant Timmy tries to avoid bath time and in trying to escape he gets a spring attached to his tail. It's up to the flock to catch the bouncing baby sheep and return him to the tub before he destroys the farm.
S02E05 Strictly No Dancing 27/11/2009 The farmer hits the dance floor and attempts to learn how to ballroom dance using Pidsley as his dancing partner. The din they create annoys the sheep so much that Shaun decides to stop them.
S02E06 Who's the Caddy 30/11/2009 The farmer comes across his old golf clubs and decides to knock a few balls around, instantly putting his back out in the process. Shaun takes the opportunity to learn how to play, while Bitzer is forced to tend to his injured master inside the house.
S02E07 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 01/12/2009 The farmer gets ready for a date and wants to look his best, so it's time to dust off his prized hairpiece. Shaun can't resist trying the wig on but loses it while showing off to the flock. The race is on as Shaun and Bitzer try to return the wig in time for the farmer's big night.
S02E08 Bagpipe Buddy 02/12/2009 The sheep discover a set of bagpipes on the rubbish dump which they immediately misidentify as a sick emu. They set about trying to nurse it back to health before releasing it back into the wild.
S02E09 Supersize Timmy 03/12/2009 Timmy accidentally eats a tomato grown with Miracle-Grow fertilizer, and expands to become the King Kong of sheep. Shaun must keep the giant toddler out of sight while trying to figure out how to return him to normal size. In the end a Duck eats the growth spurt and grows even bigger than a house.
S02E10 Lock Out 04/12/2009 While preparing for bed, the farmer manages to lock himself out of the house and is stuck outside in his pyjamas. He decides to spend the night in the barn but his incessant snoring drives the flock mad. Shaun concocts a plan to return him to his bed without waking him up.
S02E11 Cheetah Cheater 07/12/2009 A wildlife film inspires Pidsley the cat to play a prank on the flock by disguising himself as a leopard. Shaun is convinced there is a huge beast on the loose and concocts a plan to catch it.
S02E12 Ewe've Been Framed 08/12/2009 Shaun accidentally breaks the farmer's glasses; he and Bitzer have their work cut out trying to prevent their shortsighted master from having mishaps around the farm.
S02E13 Bitzer's New Hat 09/12/2009 The Farmer gives Bitzer a horrible new hat. Bitzer is very upset as he treasured his old hat. The flock rallies round to try to cheer him up with a selection of dashing alternative head gear.
S02E14 Hide and Squeak 10/12/2009 The Farmer is terrorised when a cute mouse appears in the farmhouse and Pidsley the cat is ordered to dispose of the rodent. When the mouse takes refuge in Shaun's fleece, the flock persuade him to protect their new friend from the pitiless cat.
S02E15 Frantic Romantic 11/12/2009 The Farmer trying to impress his new date by cooking a romantic dinner. Unfortunately, the Farmer can't cook and Bitzer is a useless maitre d'. Can Shaun and the flock save the day when they take over the catering behind the scenes?
S02E16 Everything Must Go 14/12/2009 Everything must go when the farmer sets up a stall by the side of the road and leaves Bitzer in charge. The lazy sheepdog soon tires of his role and gives Shaun the job. He proves to be a much better salesman than Bitzer and the flock are only too happy to get stuck in, selling pretty much all the farmer's worldly possessions.
S02E17 Party Animals 15/12/2009 The farmer throws a fancy-dress house party for his birthday. When Bitzer loses all the invitations, however, Shaun saves the day again. Disguised in their own ingenious costumes, the sheep stand in as the guests and have a good old knees-up. But can they fool the farmer into believing he is surrounded by his friends?
S02E18 Cat Got Your Brain 16/12/2009 Two evil bungling alien scientists transport Pidsley the cat and Shaun aboard their flying saucer. Unfortunately, a foolish error causes the aliens to swap the animals' brains around. Shaun and Pidsley are dumped back to Earth, not realizing they are in the wrong bodies - leading to much confusion around the farm before the aliens return to correct their mistake.At the end, everyone's brains were also swapped.
S02E19 Two's Company 17/12/2009 Shaun is smitten when a bedraggled new sheep lands among the flock. After a wash in the sheep dip, the newcomer turns out to be quite attractive and Shaun immediately falls head over hoof for her. While Bitzer goes on a journey to find her rightful owner, the flock are kept amused by Shaun's romantic antics.
S02E20 In the Doghouse 18/12/2009 Bitzer's kennel is accidentally destroyed by the farmer's tractor crashing into it and the canny canine hopes the farmer will replace it with a new deluxe model. But when he sees his master's clumsy attempt to build a new kennel, Bitzer is so horrified that he packs his bags and leaves home. Shaun, however, hopes to tempt Bitzer to return with the kennel of his dreams. At the first scene, the flock are having a party at the chicken coop.
S02E21 The Boat 17/05/2010 The farmer gets Bitzer to help him renovate an old boat, but as soon as his back is turned the sheep and pigs turn the refurbishment into a swashbuckling game of pirates.
S02E22 What's Up, Dog? 18/05/2010 A wayward balloonist lands in the sheeps field. Shaun and his friends are intrigued by the hot air balloon and inadvertently take to the skies. Down on the ground an ever more desperate Bitzer runs himself ragged attempting to bring the wayward sheep back down to Earth safely.
S02E23 Cock-A-Doodle Shaun 19/05/2010 The cockerel is missing and there's no one to wake up the farm. When Shaun discovers the cockerel has been snatched by the greedy fox, he sets off with Bitzer on a daring rescue mission. Will they get the cockerel back in time to wake up the rest of the farm?
S02E24 Bitzer's Basic Training 20/05/2010 Bitzer thinks The Farmer is planning to replace him, so Shaun helps to knock his friend into shape. Unfortunately Bitzer goes completely over the top with his training regime and starts running the farm with military precision driving everyone crazy.
S02E25 Chip Off the Old Block 21/05/2010 The Farmer has taken up sculpting, but unintentionally drops a huge slab of stone on top of Timmy's teddy. Shaun and the flock must struggle and strain to lift the heavy block and retrieve the precious toy.
S02E26 Pig Trouble 24/05/2010 When Bitzer injures his foot and can't work, the Farmer chooses the pigs to take over his role. The power crazy pigs take the opportunity to turn the farm into a porky paradise - at the sheep's expense. Bitzer tries in vain to warn his master what is going on behind his back, but it's Shaun who steps in and restores the status quo ante.
S02E27 Bitzer from the Black Lagoon 25/05/2010 While trying to retrieve his ball, Bitzer falls into a muddy pond. When Shaun sees a big, blobby, shambling 'thing' squelching across the field, he's convinced they are being attacked by a swamp monster.
S02E28 Zebra Ducks of the Serengeti 26/05/2010 After getting covered in soot, two hapless ducks are mistaken for a pair of rare African Zebra Ducks. Seeing a way to make money, the farmer transforms Shaun's field into an exotic duck enclosure, which he gleefully opens to the public. Shaun doesn't appreciate losing his field and sets about exposing the fraud.
S02E29 Whistleblower 27/05/2010 Bitzer loses his precious whistle and tests out a trumpet as a replacement. Before long, the power of the trumpet goes to his head and his fanfares and jazz styled bugling drives the flock around the bend.
S02E30 The Big Chase 28/05/2010 When Timmy drives off on the farmer's brand new quad bike, Shaun, Bitzer and the flock have to give chase by any means available. Very soon half the animals on the farm have joined in the chase. Can the sheep rescue Timmy and return the quad bike before the farmer finds out?
S02E31 The Magpie 06/12/2010 A magpie has nested in the big tree and is causing chaos by stealing everything around the farm. The magpie's nest soon begins to fill up with loot and Shaun has to come up with a brilliant plan to outwit the burgling bird.
S02E32 Operation Pidsley 06/12/2010 While the farmer is away on a night out, the sheep sneak into the farmhouse for a party.
S02E33 Pig Swill Fly 07/12/2010 The farm is looking spotless and everyone is on their best behaviour when the dreaded farm Inspector pays a visit.
S02E34 Shirley Whirley 07/12/2010 In a bid to help move Shirley around the farm Shaun has the idea of fitting up Shirley with wheels.
S02E35 Foxy Laddie 08/12/2010 A fox arrives at the farm, disguising himself as a handsome ram to infiltrate the flock.
S02E36 Shaun Goes Potty 08/12/2010 The sheep have fun with the Farmer's new pool table.
S02E37 An Ill Wind 14/12/2010 The Farmer receives a huge electricity bill and decides to build his own wind turbine to power the farmhouse.
S02E38 Fireside Favourite 15/12/2010 Bitzer has caught a cold and the Farmer decides to tuck him up in the house to recover.
S02E39 Snowed In 16/12/2010 Shaun and his chums awake to find the farm covered in snow!
S02E40 We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas 17/12/2010 The sheep learn the farmer will be spending Christmas day alone, so the animals decorate the farmhouse to give him a magical time.
S03E01 The Stand Off 16/12/2012 It's breakfast time and The Farmer discovers he has no fresh milk for his morning cup of tea. He sets off in great haste, only to become ensnared in a 'rush hour' traffic jam. Shaun and The Flock are too impatient to wait for breakfast and take matters into their own hands.
S03E02 The Coconut 17/12/2012 The Farmer returns from the fair triumphant - he's won a coconut! He soon discovers getting into the coconut isn't as easy as it seems.
S03E03 The Shepherd 18/12/2012 The farmer enters a shepherd contest to try and earn a trophy. Will Timmy's interfering stop him from winning?
S03E04 You Missed a Bit 19/12/2012 The Farmer expects the windows of his farmhouse to be spotless, so Bitzer calls on the services of The Flock to help him clean them. Will Bitzer be able to clear up the mess before The Farmer returns?
S03E05 Let's Spray 20/12/2012 Graffitti is appearing around the farm, and The Farmer has given Bitzer the job of removing the painted artwork. But can he eradicate it faster than it appears, and catch the artist in the act?
S03E06 The Crow 21/12/2012 Bitzer rounds up The Flock for bedtime. Alas, a noisy intruder scuppers their plans. The Flock must find an inventive way to get rid of the pest if they are ever going to get a good night's rest.
S03E07 Shaun the Fugitive 22/12/2012 Shaun is in serious trouble when The Farmer discovers he's the cake thief that's sabotaged his baked goods. When another Farmer arrives and begins negotiations with The Farmer, Shaun fears the worst.
S03E08 Hard to Swallow 23/12/2012 The Flock are delighted when a Bird-watcher drops his duck call in their field and Shaun uses it to entertain them. However, swallowing the duck call isn't what he had in mind - and the ducks aren't too happy either.
S03E09 Mission Inboxible 26/12/2012 Shaun goes on a secret mission today to retrieve his football from farmer's home.
S03E10 Bye Bye Barn 27/12/2012 Shaun and The Flock discover that The Farmer has grand plans for their barn - that don't include them! Drastic action is needed if life on the farm is ever going to be the same again!
S03E11 The Rounders Match 28/12/2012 The Flock and The Pigs are playing a high-spirited game of rounders. Shaun steps up to the plate - will he score the winning run? Will the Pigs' foul-play prevent victory? Or will The Farmer discover what they're up to?
S03E12 Film Night 29/12/2012 Bitzer discovers Shaun watching old home movies in the barn.
S03E13 Fossils 30/12/2012 Shaun and the Flock help Bitzer discover hidden treasure.
S03E14 The Skateboard 31/12/2012 Shaun decides he wants to have a go at skateboarding and sets about building a skatepark.
S03E15 The Piano 01/01/2013 The Farmer plays the piano and tortures everyone with his musical inability.
S03E16 The Snapshot 02/01/2013 Shaun is accidentally cut out of the Farmer's family photo.
S03E17 Prickly Heat 03/01/2013 It's a scorching hot day on the farm and the Flock need to cool off. When Bitzer discovers the Sheep Dip is out of action the Flock have to come up with another plan. Meanwhile, the Farmer has his own ideas for cooling off, which don't impress Bitzer at all.
S03E18 The Hang Glider 04/01/2013 The Farmer has a thrilling new hobby - however it's not as easy as it looks! When the Farmer gets stuck in a tree Bitzer comes to his rescue, leaving Shaun and the Flock to get to grips with the airborne contraption.
S03E19 The Shadow Play 05/01/2013 It's bedtime for Timmy but he's overtired and his Mum can't get him to sleep. Nothing seems to calm him until Shaun accidentally makes a shadow puppet on the wall. Eureka! They put on a puppet show to help Timmy get to sleep. As the drama unfolds the audience see more than they bargained for.
S03E20 Bull vs Wool 06/01/2013 It's a beautiful day and Shaun, Bitzer and Timmy are enjoying a picnic, when an unexpected guest arrives and spoils the peace. Forced into hiding the trio find ways to entertain themselves, until they have to brave up and face their fear.
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S00E01 The Relay Championsheeps 00/00/0000 Bitzer is surprised to find himself the winner of the relay race when his bone is used as a baton.
S00E02 The Shot Put Championsheeps 02/07/2012 The Pigs attempt to sabotage the shot put competition - however the officious Moles uncover their deceitful behaviour.
S00E03 The Synchronised Swimming Championsheeps 00/00/0000 Busby Barkley meets the Sheep Dip!
S00E04 The Ping Pong Championsheeps 00/00/0000 A vigorous table tennis match sends Shaun around the world in his attempts to return the ball to his opponent.
S00E05 The Diving Championsheeps 00/00/0000 An impatient Pig gets his comeuppance when he takes his dive and comes down to earth with a bump!
S00E06 The Fencing Championsheeps 00/00/0000 An exuberant fencing match ends in embarrassment when the pair discover they've left themselves very exposed!
S00E07 The Gymnastics Championsheeps 05/07/2012 Shaun discovers that using a real horse for his gymnastic routine is a winning combination.
S00E08 The Archery Championsheeps 00/00/0000 The competition gets heated and Shaun and Bitzers' recklessness almost results in Farmer discovering what they've been up to.
S00E09 The Weightlifting Championsheeps 00/00/0000 Shaun puts all his effort into lifting the bar until the earth gives way beneath his feet.
S00E10 The Steeplechase Championsheeps 00/00/0000 The audience become so engrossed in counting sheep as they jump the fences, they doze off.
S00E11 The Beach Volleyball Championsheeps 00/00/0000 A noisy, vuvuzela touting supporter is finally silenced after trying to put off the opposing team.
S00E12 The Hockey Championsheeps 00/00/0000 When an old lady realises her umbrella is being used as a hockey stick she seizes the opportunity to score the winning goal.
S00E13 The Swimming Championsheeps 00/00/0000 After a muddy race the spectators wait with anticipation to see who is revealed as the winner.
S00E14 The 100 Metre Dash Championsheeps 00/00/0000 Slow and steady wins the race! Shaun and his fellow competitors are exhausted by two false starts, but Shirley's inertia leaves her with the energy to win the race.
S00E15 The BMX Championsheeps 00/00/0000 A pig's attempt to sabotage the BMX race is foiled by an unexpected meeting in the henhouse.
S00E16 The Rings Championsheeps 00/00/0000 Shaun gets himself into a real twist when he dismounts from the rings.
S00E17 The Hammer Championsheeps 00/00/0000 The Farmer discovers one of his wellies is missing! He summons Bitzer to retrieve it just as Shirley launches her victory shot - landing the missing welly on Bitzer's head.
S00E18 The Trampoline Championsheeps 00/00/0000 Shaun takes an unexpectedly energetic journey around the farmyard as his bouncy castle trampoline deflates.
S00E19 The Judo Championsheeps 00/00/0000 Strictly Come Judo! Shaun and his opponent cannot help expressing themselves to music when Timmy gets his hands on the radio.
S00E20 The Ribbon Championsheeps 13/07/2012 Shaun finishes his ribbon routine with a flourish - leaving the moles tied up in knots.
S00E21 The Pole Vault Championsheeps 00/00/0000 When Shaun uses his fellow sheep to construct a pole vault, they take revenge by using the bar to catapult him in to the ether.
S00E22 The Farmer's Llamas 13/11/2015 At the County Faire Shaun gets taken by some mischievous llamas. At the auction he tries persuade the farmer to buy them so they can come to the farm.
S00E23 Babysitting Timmy 14/01/2016 Shaun is left in charge of Timmy while his Mum goes shopping but things get a little hairy while she’s away. Episode 1 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E24 Bale Maze 21/01/2016 The Farmer is curious when he hears strange noises coming from a hay stack and goes to explore, but the Flock isn’t about to reveal its secret. Episode 2 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E25 Basketball 28/01/2016 Timmy is determined not to miss out on a thrilling game of basketball despite being the smallest in the Flock. Episode 3 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E26 Down the Loo 04/02/2016 Shaun and Bitzer are playing a tense game of table-tennis until a misplaced shot takes Shaun on an unexpected journey. Episode 4 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E27 Duck Drawing 11/02/2016 The Flock is brushing up its drawing skills until the class is brought to an abrupt halt! Episode 5 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E28 Bitzer Over Easy 18/02/2016 Bitzer is determined to make sure the Farmer has eggs for breakfast but will his plan fall flat? Episode 6 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E29 Five a Side 25/02/2016 The Flock is having a friendly game of football in the barn until the game reaches new heights when a shot goes out of reach. Episode 7 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E30 Fly a Kite 04/03/2016 It’s a windy day when Shaun tries to fly his new kite – but the wind turns out to be the least of his troubles! Episode 8 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E31 Hay Bale 11/03/2016 It’s harvest time and the Farmer gives Bitzer a weighty task to perform. Shirley unknowingly has the solution. Episode 9 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E32 Lights Out 18/03/2016 When the Flock is plunged into darkness it discovers a remarkable way to get the light back on. Episode 10 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E33 Picnic 24/03/2016 The Farmer is enjoying a quiet afternoon’s fishing — until he catches more than he bargained for! Episode 11 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E34 Sprout Shooters 01/04/2016 The mischievous Pigs are up to their usual naughty tricks causing havoc on the farm until Shaun finds a way to get his own back. Episode 12 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E35 Stand Off 08/04/2016 The Flock decides to play a trick on a noisy driver. Episode 13 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E36 Stomp 15/04/2016 The Farmer conducts a spontaneous musical performance by the Animals without knowing a thing about it! Episode 14 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E37 Video Arcade 06/05/2016 Life imitates Nintendo as Shaun becomes a character in his own game. Episode 15 of the “Mossy Bottom Shorts.”
S00E38 Shaun the Sheep Movie 05/08/2015 Shaun is a sheep who doesn't follow the flock - in fact, he leads them into all sorts of scrapes and scraps, turning peace in the valley into mayhem in the meadow. Shaun and his pals run rings around their poor sheepdog Bitzer, as he tries to stop the Farmer finding out what's going on behind his back. Every day brings a new adventure for Shaun.
S00E40 Mini Making Of 00/00/0000

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