Affiche She's Gotta Have It
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    30 minutes
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Nola Darling, la vingtaine, artiste à Brooklyn, doit gérer son temps entre ses amis, son boulot et ses trois amants.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de She's Gotta Have It

S01E01 #DaJumpoff (DOCTRINE) 23/11/2017 Brooklyn artist Nola lays down her philosophy on sex and freedom between visits from her three lovers: thoughtful Jamie, playful Mars and cocky Greer.
S01E02 #BootyFull (SELF ACCEPTANCE) 23/11/2017 While Nola works through the aftermath of a disturbing encounter, her friend Shemekka considers changing her body to boost her earning potential.
S01E03 #LBD (LITTLE BLACK DRESS) 23/11/2017 After a setback, Nola tries to regain her power and confidence with help from a little black dress. But the effect isn't what she hoped.
S01E04 #LuvIzLuv (SEXUALITY IS FLUID) 23/11/2017 Fed up with the toxic energy in her life, Nola embarks on a man cleanse. That doesn't mean her lovin' bed is empty, though.
S01E05 #4MyNegusAndMyBishes (ALL WORDS MATTER) 23/11/2017 Nola faces challenges at her new teaching job, Jamie learns his son has made a startling viral video, and Shemekka takes a decisive step.
S01E06 #HeGotItAllMixedUp (DYSLEXIA) 23/11/2017 Emotions run high as Nola prepares for her art opening -- and her men realize they aren't invited to the big night. Shemekka makes her dancing debut.
S01E07 #HowToMakeLoveToANegroWithoutGettingTired 23/11/2017 Greer decides it's time to break the rules. Meanwhile, Nola stews over a review from a critic, and Jamie slips into a confusing spiral.
S01E08 #LoveDontPayDaRent (IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW) 23/11/2017 Nola veers between joy and panic when two sudden changes of fortune leave her scrambling to cover her bills. Jamie turns to an old friend for help.
S01E09 #ChangeGonCome (GENTRIFICATION) 23/11/2017 Amid rising tensions in the neighborhood, Nola tries to channel all her energy into her art. But she soon finds herself thrust into the spotlight.
S01E10 #NolasChoice (3 DA HARD WAY) 23/11/2017 Awkward surprises, a bold new work of art and the sweet sounds of Prince turn a holiday feast into an unforgettable night.