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Every once in a while, an elite crime fighting team emerges - a highly sophisticated covert ops, specially trained in global intelligence maneuvers. This is not one of those teams. They are 3 career criminals with one shot at freedom. Now they are working for the feds who put them away. These are the women of She Spies, bad girls gone good! Working for the very feds who put them away, the career con-girls have turned their backs on their former lives, waging weekly war on the lowliest of the world's sleaze and scumbags, armed with sleek moves, street smarts and enough attitude to make a sailor blush. Now in their second year, the Spies find themselves under the management of Mr. Cross, who pits them against opponents worthier of their unique challenges.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de She Spies

S01E01 First Episode 20/07/2002 The Spies take on their first mission - saving a former politician and talk show host from being assassinated on his own program.
S01E02 The Martini Shot 27/07/2002 Cassie goes undercover as a runway model to break up a fashion industry ring.
S01E03 Poster Girl 03/08/2002 The Spies go after two brothers running a bogus charity scam.
S01E04 Daddy's Girl 30/09/2002 The team are assigned as bodyguards to protect a rebellious teenager.
S01E05 Fondles 21/10/2002 Cassie and Shane go undercover at a singles' apartment complex to break up an Icelandic spy ring.
S01E06 Ice Man 28/10/2002 The Spies go undercover at a comedy club to capture a serial killer who preys on spies.
S01E07 Three Women and a Baby 04/11/2002 The She Spies end up caring for a baby left on their doorstep who is the child of a major arms dealer.
S01E08 Trap 11/11/2002 The girls are trapped in their own house by a killer looking for revenge.
S01E09 Spies vs. Spy 18/11/2002 The Spies go up against a former member of the project when they protect an ambassador's daughter on her wedding day.
S01E10 Perilyzed 02/12/2002 The women remember how they met in prison as they wait for a poisonous stuffed frog to finish killing them.
S01E11 Betrayal 13/01/2003 D.D. turns traitor and the other Spies are forced to arrest her.
S01E12 The Girl With the Broken Heart 27/01/2003 The team go to a pharamaceutical convention to prevent a theft and Cassie meets an old flame.
S01E13 You Don't Know Jack 03/02/2003 The Spies are pitted against a deadly assassin - La Puma. But he's closer then they think...
S01E14 First Date 10/02/2003 The Spies must investigate three partners to find which one of them is selling secrets.
S01E15 While You Were Out 17/02/2003 The Spies must protect a top CEO from assassination.
S01E16 Daze of Future Past 14/04/2003 Jack is in an accident and loses his memory - he must recover before the villains' master plan that he can't remember goes off. Or must he?
S01E17 The Replacement 21/04/2003 International thief Indigo captures Cassie, and the Spies are forced to take on a new teammate to recover her.
S01E18 Damsels in De-Stress 28/04/2003 While visiting a destress clinic, the Spies are stalked by a bomber who needs a vital piece of evidence they have to set off his or her bombs.
S01E19 Learning to Fly 05/05/2003 The Spies must protect an animal activist being transferred by plane.
S01E20 We'll Be Right Back 12/05/2003 An old friend of Shane's is undergoing cyrogenic treatment but the Spies discover it's a front for a criminal scheme.
S02E01 Rane of Terror 22/09/2003 An arrogant pop star is targeted for kidnapping the Spies, now under new management, must protect him.
S02E02 Last Man Standing 29/09/2003 Cross is targeted for execution by a criminal who he put in jail.
S02E03 Manhunt 06/10/2003 When a female tech from ComCent is kidnapped the Spies must go undercover at a dating agency.
S02E04 Gone Bad 13/10/2003 Cassie and D.D. suspect Shane has gone back to her stealing ways, threatening the She Spies program.
S02E05 Date to Mate 20/10/2003 D.D., Shane, and Duncan are attending a reality-dating show, Date to Mate, when revolutionaries take over the studio.
S02E06 Crossed Out 27/10/2003 The Chairman is killed...and it appears that Quentin Cross is the murderer. The She Spies must clear his name and find the real killer.
S02E07 Cover Me 03/11/2003 Cassie learns she has a double who has been mysteriously murdered sending Cassie undercover as ""herself"" to find out why she was killed.
S02E08 Love Kills 10/11/2003 Cassie and Cross go undercover as a married couple at an exclusive couples workshop to root out a husband wife team of assassins.
S02E09 Off With Her Head 17/11/2003 Former KGB agents secure a bomb necklace around Cassie's neck forcing D.D. and Shane to figure out how to save their friend – all on Cassie's birthday.
S02E10 Message from Kassar 24/11/2003 After receiving a coded message, the She Spies set out on a quest to reunite a brilliant mathematician with his long lost love.
S02E11 Spies Gone Wild 19/01/2004 The She Spies go undercover during spring break to locate Duncan's new girlfriend, a princess of a European nation who has been recently abducted.
S02E12 The White Chollima 26/01/2004 Cross assigns the She Spies to bring in an assassin from North Korea, who's in the country to assassinate a political bigwig, only to learn that the assassin is Cassie's mother, who Cassie thought had died 20 years ago.
S02E13 Leotards and Lies 02/02/2004 The She Spies work to find a kidnapped world-class gymnast who's being held hostage in exchange for classified information that her treasonous father has hidden.
S02E14 Family Reunion 09/02/2004 The She Spies get involved in the world of international soccer when they're asked to reunite a scientist defected from Cuba with his daughter.
S02E15 The Gift 16/02/2004 In an effort to stop stealth technology from falling into the wrong hands, the She Spies are teamed up with the government's latest secret weapon, a fast-talking psychic.
S02E16 London Calling 23/02/2004 D.D. is forced to work undercover with a dashing MI-5 agent who has a special skill for annoying and charming her at the same time.
S02E17 Stranded 26/04/2004 The Spies' plane crashes, leaving them washed ashore on a deserted island with an escaped prisoner loose.
S02E18 Witness Protection 03/05/2004 The Spies protect a witness and his son.
S02E19 Wedding of the Century 10/05/2004 The spies must protect a man from assassination on his wedding day, and D.D. develops a crush him.
S02E20 Remember When 17/05/2004 Shane is given a memory-wiping drug while working a case, and the Spies must take on a new partner and recover the antidote while Shane struggles to regain her memories.

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