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A web comedy about four action figures on a young boy's shelf and no topic is off limits: sex, politics, gender, race, religion, and more from a pint sized perspective. Watch these toys, ahem - collectables, deal with big topics in their small way.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shelf Life

S01E01 Quiet On Set 24/10/2011 Season 1, Episode 1 - In the pilot we are introduced to Hero Man, Hero Lass, Bug Boy and Samurai Snake, four action figures living life (such as it is) on the shelf of a ten year-old terror. ADULT CONTENT
S01E02 Nuts 07/11/2011 Hero Man takes advantage of The Kid being in the room to pick on Bug Boy, but soon finds out that four can play at that game. ADULT CONTENT
S01E03 Losing My Religion 15/11/2011 An argument over The Kid's religion leads to a religious discussion of their own... ADULT CONTENT
S01E04 Hot or Not 21/11/2011 A simple game of "Hot or Not?" demonstrates why you should never mix sex and politics. ADULT CONTENT
S01E05 Fluffer #7 29/11/2011 A lazy day on the shelf lulls the gang into pondering what paths their lives may have taken had they not gotten into the action figure business.
S01E06 Utility Belt 05/12/2011 After The Kid leaves the gang in embarrassing positions, tensions rise between Hero Man and Bug Boy. ADULT CONTENT
S01E07 Man of Suction 12/12/2011 Hero Man learns that maybe he's better off not kissing and telling. Especially when it's Barbie he's been kissing.
S01E08 What Girls Want 20/12/2011 Hero Man uses The Kid as an excuse to cop an extended feel, but when Hero Lass reminds him of exactly how they know each other, he is horrified. For a moment.
S01E09 Super Size Me 23/12/2011 Boredom forces the gang into a game of "I spy," but it doesn't take long for Bug Boy to spy something-- well, TWO things --that prove that The Kid plays differently with Hero Lass. ADULT CONTENT
S01E10 Emancipation Proclamation 02/01/2012 Is a remote controlled toy a slave, or is it just doing what it was born to do? Is Hero Man a racist, or just plain ignorant? Is Bug Boy truly offended, or is he just messing with Hero Man because it's easy and fun? Is this serious social commentary, or is Hero Lass just doing an offensive Stepin Fetchit impression? And just what the hell is Samurai Snake saying anyway!? Find out on a very special SEASON FINALE OF SHELF LIFE SEASON 1! ADULT CONTENT
S02E01 A New Look 07/02/2012 Since last we left our replica heroes a few things have changed. And yet, nothing at all. Welcome Back, True Believers!
S02E02 Nightbear 31/10/2011 Season 2, Episode 2 - In this special Halloween episode, Hero Man, Hero Lass, Bug Boy and Samurai Snake find themselves trapped on the shelf with a terrifying intruder. ADULT CONTENT
S02E03 Keepin' Up With the Jonesin' 14/02/2012 Hero Lass has a little problem. But she's totally handling it. And she can stop any time she wants. Right?
S02E04 Pushing Buttons 21/02/2012 During a magic marker binge, the gang finds out something new about Hero Man. Something even he, himself, didn't know ...
S02E05 Powers 28/02/2012 Every self-respecting superhero has a superpower. So does every self-respecting action figure of a superhero. Sort of.
S02E06 The Paratrooper 05/03/2012 The gang tries to play nice with a "visiting" action figure, but when he takes his job too seriously they start to wish that maybe he hadn't dropped in.
S02E07 Origin Stories 13/03/2012 Where do action figures come from? Well sure, the store, but before that? And sometimes after. What are their true names? How far back do they remember? And what might they rather forget? It's enough to give a figga an identity crisis...
S02E08 Breaking and Entering 20/03/2012 Samurai Snake and Bug Boy return pumped after a successful raid on Barbie and Ken's place, but Snake wishes they had set their sights higher...
S02E09 The New Girl, Part 1 27/03/2012 In the first part of the stunning 2-part season finale, things start out normally on The Shelf, but the gang quickly realizes something is off. WAY off...
S02E10 The New Girl, Part 2 03/04/2012 In the mind-shattering conclusion of the 2-part season finale, Hero Lass shows up and is pleased as punch to meet the new girl! Wait, no, that's not right...
S03E01 Sic Semper Tyrannosaur 19/06/2012 In the Season 3 opener, Hero Man (Travis Willingham), Hero Lass (Tara Platt), Bug Boy (Yuri Lowenthal) and Samurai Snake (Bryan Enk / Dee Bradley Baker) vie for political control of the shelf. But there can be only one...
S03E02 Magic: The Blathering 26/06/2012 Hero Man attempts a card trick, enraging Bug Boy, so Hero Lass helps out in her own way. Also, stay tuned at the end of the episode for a very special invite from the Shelf Life crew!
S03E03 Occupy This Space 03/07/2012 Despite his first failed foray into politics, Hero Man is undeterred as he takes a stand with the common man. But Bug Boy soon discovers that even politics is 99% sex and 1% intelligence.
S03E04 Tiny Dancer 10/07/2012 Jealous of Samurai Snake's epic tales of mortal combat, Hero Man tries to steal the spotlight by faking powers he doesn't actually have. SPOILER ALERT: It doesn't work.
S03E05 Lost in Translation 17/07/2012 Why is today different than all other days? Because Hero Man can finally understand what Samurai Snake is saying! Or has he always been able to...
S03E06 Only The Lonely 24/07/2012 Sure, she's got pals on the shelf, but Hero Lass is lonely, and not even stealing Monkey Boy's hat will make her feel any better. Unfortunately for Bug Boy, when reality's not enough, there's always fantasy...
S03E07 Unreal Estate 31/07/2012 Clearly Hero Man doesn't read the paper (Let's face it, he doesn't read anything), because he's gotten himself in trouble with a bad real estate deal. But is he the only one in trouble...?
S03E08 Wigging Out 07/08/2012 It's all fun and games until someone loses their hair. And then Hero Man, Bug Boy and Samurai Snake find it and it's fun and games again. But there's a price to fun and games at someone else's expense...
S03E09 The Boogie Man, Part 1 14/08/2012 When Hero Man, Samurai Snake and Bug Boy have to leave the shelf to search under the bed for Hero Lass' fallen magic marker they discover the truth behind the stories about The Boogie Man that lives under the bed...
S03E10 The Boogie Man, Part 2 21/08/2012 A battle of the titans! Who will be victorious? Can there be only one? Should we always bet on black? Or green? Will they ever find Hero Lass' magic marker? You'll only know by watching the stunning conclusion to Season 3! Thanks, True Believers! See you next season!
S03E11 Oh, Canada! 08/10/2012 On a very special educational bonus episode of Shelf Life, the gang learns about Canada, our cultural differences, and the similarities we all share. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
S04E00 Ghosts of Christmas Past 20/12/2012 Happy Kwanzaa, motherfuckers! What? Not so familiar with Kwanzaa? Well let the Shelf Life gang teach you all about it! And along the way let them fill you with Christmas spirit and joy for all mankind. And just in time for the end of the world!
S04E01 Siss! Boom! Bug! 12/03/2013 Welcome to Season 4! With Bug Boy strapped to an M-80, Hero Lass in "the Program," Samurai Snake drowning in his sorrows in the local cantina and Hero Man... well, being heroically inappropriate as usual, our trusty toys embark on their biggest adventure yet, an adventure that will take them off the shelf and into... the unknown! Stay tuned, True Believers! This season is guaranteed to shelf you in the face!
S04E02 Rub-A-Dub-Dub 19/03/2013 Four figgaz in a tub! This week the gang embarks on a perilous nautical voyage and soon find themselves in too deep! Check out earlier episodes of SHELF LIFE at with new Season 4 episodes premiering every Tuesday!!!
S04E03 Night Terrors 26/03/2013 On a very special episode of Shelf Life... In torturing the sleeping Kid do our heroes actually come to a deeper understanding of him? Do they even, dare we say, begin to feel for him? Does Hero Man finally do something heroic?
S04E04 Little Big House 02/04/2013 Hero Man's gone missing, and the rest of the gang wonders where he could be. But upon his return, his tales of prison, sadistic cellmates, and, well, what happens to new guys in prison, leave them wishing they could forget. As usual, NFSFW. Unless you work somewhere really cool.
S04E05 Powered Up 09/04/2013 After a new Hero Lass action figure commercial sends HL into a crazed conniption, her concerned cohorts conceive a clever contrivance to console her... Also, Snake gets some! Also, our first attempt at nudity! Remember, there are some things, once seen, that you'll never be able to unsee... And that goes double for this episode's shawarma, so be sure to watch to the very end!
S04E06 Hero Worship 23/04/2013 When The Kid gets a new toy at Sunday School, the Shelf gets a little old time religion. Or at least Hero Man does. But will he make a great disciple? Watch and see! This episode is definitely NSFC!
S04E07 Toypocalypse Now! 30/04/2013 The Kid sets up our intrepid "heroes" in the backyard for a little harmless target practice, but there's no full metal jacket to keep them warm in this Hanoi Hilton because war is hell, this is no Hamburger Hill, and the fact that the casualties of war in this platoon were not born on the fourth of July is a bright and shining lie.
S04E08 Pristine 07/05/2013 When the shelf gets a new action figure in a box, the question becomes, "To open, or not to open." Experience the collector's dilemma on today's episode of Shelf Life!
S04E09 I Know What You Did Last Thursday 14/05/2013 When our heroes go wilding one night in a stolen vehicle, their shenanigans end in MURDER! Someone knows their secret, someone knows they're scared, and someone knows what they did last Thursday! And this secret may kill them all! Remember, if you're going to run over the truth, make sure it... stays... runned over. And will The Reaper be there to pick up the pieces...? Hang on to your ballsacks, True Believers!
S04E10 Shelf of the Dead: Part 1 21/05/2013 In the first episode of our action-packed 2-part Season 4 finale our intrepid "heroes" seem to have earned themselves a little vacation... a vacation in ZOMBIETOWN! When The Reaper's zombie minions attack unexpectedly it looks like it's the Toy Box in the Sky for our favorite figgaz. Who will save them!? Tune in and see!
S04E11 Shelf of the Dead: Part 2, Fear the Reaper 28/05/2013 Unholy alliances! Ghosts of episodes past! Epic showdowns! Kung fu! Afro sheen! Nutshots! Love! Romance! Humiliation! Boobs! Bindlesticks! ...and new adventures??
S00E01 Trailer 1 20/07/2011 Season One trailer for new web-series Shelf Life. An irreverent comedy about four action figures on a young boy's shelf. Check out the antics of Hero Man, Hero Lass, Bug Boy and Samurai Snake.
S00E02 Red Band Trailer 12/09/2011 New RED BAND trailer for the webseries SHELF LIFE. Please note that this being a Red Band trailer and all, there are sexual references and profanity in it. If you don't like "blue" language or sexy talk, then maybe this trailer is not for you. If you like blue costumes and sexy action figures, maybe it is! Thanks to Brendan McCreary for our theme song and Eddie Correa & CrazeDotCom for their track "Talisha"! And thanks to you guys for being patient. Episodes coming soon!
S00E03 Transmission from the Future 29/10/2011 This message from Future Bug Boy serves to bridge episodes 1 & 2 of Shelf Life, but also to warn humanity of its imminent destruction. Good luck.
S00E04 Hero Lass' Comic Con Video Journal 18/11/2011 A recovered entry from Hero Lass' video journal while traveling with The Kid to San Diego Comic Con.
S00E05 Hero Lass' Xmas Wish 23/12/2011 In a tender turn, Bug Boy asks Hero Lass what she wants for Xmas.
S00E06 Season 2 Teaser 10/01/2012 A teaser for Season 2 of SHELF LIFE, coming in February 2012!
S00E07 Bug Boy's Beef #1 24/01/2012 Bug Boy answers your mail. That's right, YOU. The kickass viewers of this show.
S00E08 Season 2 Trailer 30/01/2012 Full-length trailer for Shelf Life Season 2
S00E09 Samurai Snake's VD Advice 12/02/2012 Samurai Snake has VD...advice for you. Don't know what to do on Valentine's Day? Our sexy snake breaks it down for all you lovers out there. Happy Valentine's Day!
S00E10 Bug Boy's Beef #2 10/03/2012 Bug Boy answers more viewer comments. You keep commenting, he'll keep answering.
S00E11 Canada Doug Wants YOU! 13/07/2012 Here's a special Comic Con treat! Canada Doug asks for your support in our upcoming Season 4 IndieGoGo campaign which begins in less than a week (Starts July 18th). Why should you trust him? Well, he's Canadian, isn't he?
S00E12 Series Panel 18/07/2012 Tara Platt & Yuri Lowenthal host a panel about their web series Shelf Life
S00E13 Blast from the past: A message from Knockoff Hero Lass 06/08/2012 Knockoff Hero Lass is none too happy about not having been included in Season 3. Hell, we thought she was dead. But apparently she's not, and she's sent us a note from an undisclosed sunny part of the world where she's likely resting, recuperating and plotting her revenge.
S00E14 St. Hero Man's Day Speech 12/08/2012 Please help silence overdramatic pretentious actors by donating to our indiegogo campaign to raise money for Season 4 of Shelf Life: Thank You.
S00E15 Bug Boy's "Shame on You" Dirty Limericks 17/12/2012 Bug Boy has some dirty friends (you know who you are) that he promised some personalized dirty limericks. This is them.
S00E16 I'm Famous on the Inside 05/03/2013 Welcome Back, True Believers! Our biggest season yet kicks off with this original Shelf Life music video chronicling Hero Lass's struggle with addiction. Will fame fill the hole left by the magic marker? Or will it only make things worse? With cameos by Bug Boy and the evil rapper figure DJ Adickshun! Stay tuned for Season 4 Episode 1 next Tuesday! All new and off the shelf, y'all!
S00E17 Bug Boy Bug Copter Commercial 16/04/2013 After these messages... we'll be right back! And now a break from our regularly scheduled programming to learn all about what makes a good show: MERCHANDISING!