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Shinhwa Broadcast is a South Korean variety show hosted by six-member boy band Shinhwa.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shinhwa Broadcast

S01E01 SF Channel (1) 17/03/2012 Each member cosplay a superhero with Andy as James Bond, Dongwan as Superman, Eric as Six Million Dollar Man, Minwoo as Wonder Woman, Jun Jin as Invisible Man and Hyesung as Tarzan, in a series of mission to save the President’s daughter.
S01E02 SF Channel (2) 24/03/2012 Their quest to save the President’s daughter continues, leading them onto the streets of Ilsan in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do. Their missions includes defeating mixed martial wrestler Choi Hong-man in hand-to-hand combat. At the completion of the mission all the Shinhwa members visited a public bathhouse for the first time in their 14 year career.
S01E03 Sports Channel: Shinhwa Olympics (1) 31/03/2012 In the two-part Shinhwa Olympics episode, members battle each other in unusual sports: office chair long jump, extreme funny faces, stripping judo, ink-hand fencing, gum archery etc.
S01E04 Sports Channel: Shinhwa Olympics (2) 07/04/2012 In the two-part Shinhwa Olympics episode, members battle each other in unusual sports: office chair long jump, extreme funny faces, stripping judo, ink-hand fencing, gum archery etc.
S01E05 Docu Channel: Star Life Theater special (1) 14/04/2012 Following the format of KBS Star Life Theater, members were tasked with filming themselves in their daily lives for the week, with a prize for the best footage, which resulted in a fierce battle between Eric and Hye-sung.
S01E06 Docu Channel: Star Life Theater special (2) 21/04/2012 This episode followed the group as they prepare for their comeback 14th anniversary concert, with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Where they discussed the concert with backstage footage of Hye-sung's knee injury during the encore of the second concert.
S01E07 Children Channel: Popularity Battle (1) 28/04/2012
S01E08 Children Channel: Popularity Battle (1) 05/05/2012
S01E09 Remake Channel: New Family Arcade (1) 12/05/2012
S01E10 Remake Channel: New Family Arcade (2) / Speech Channel: God of Eloquence (1) 19/05/2012
S01E11 Speech Channel: God of Eloquence (2) 26/05/2012
S01E12 Guest Channel: Shinhwa vs SHINee (1) 02/06/2012
S01E13 Guest Channel: Shinhwa vs SHINee (2) 09/06/2012
S01E14 Guest Channel: Shinhwa vs SHINee (3) / Travel Channel: God of MT (1) 16/06/2012 Shinhwa members goes on a roadtrip to Chuncheon. On the way tries they tried to prank Eric with a hidden camera, for the first time in 14 years. Members must complete a number of missions, however they are all fixed to make Eric lose, and receive punishments each time.
S01E15 Travel Channel: God of MT (2) 23/06/2012 Eric's hidden camera continues in an attempt by the members, to get back at him for all his pranks on them over the past 14 years. His punishment culminated in him walking in a market, don with a wig, sunglasses, tuxedo jacket on his upper-half and a skirt on his lower half.
S01E16 Travel Channel: God of MT (3) 30/06/2012 During their first sleepover since their dormitory days, Eric and Min-woo came up with the 'Farting Exercise'. In the morning they were caught off-guard with an early morning maision. Later on Shinhwa member teamed up to play dodge ball against their managers, with a traditional feast of Chuncheon for the winning team. Before the start of the game their managers were asked to voice their complaints against Shinhwa, with Eric receiving the harshest from Kim Bo-geun, the youngest of the managers.
S01E17 School Channel: God of Classroom 07/07/2012
S01E18 Trendy Channel: Shinhwa's Dignity (1) 14/07/2012
S01E19 Trendy Channel: Shinhwa's Dignity (2) 21/07/2012
S01E20 Farming Channel: Shinhwa Outing (1) 28/07/2012
S01E21 Farming Channel: Shinhwa Outing (2) 04/08/2012
S01E22 Friendship Channel: The Best Friend (1) 12/08/2012
S01E23 Friendship Channel: The Best Friend (2) 18/08/2012
S01E24 Sageuk Channel: Historical Drama Olympics (1) 25/08/2012 With the Sageuk theme of historical drama Shinhwa members dressed up in traditional court hanbok imitating infamous royal concubine Jang Hui-bin of Joseon Dynasty. Members compete against each other in tasks themed in historical dramas.
S01E25 Sageuk Channel: Historical Drama Olympics (2) 01/09/2012 Continuing to compete against each other, sometimes in two teams of three, Shinhwa member carried on with the historical dramas theme tasks, eg draw each other's portrait a la Painter of the Wind.
S01E26 Roadtrip Channel: The Thieves (1) 08/09/2012
S01E27 Roadtrip Channel: The Thieves (2) 15/09/2012
S01E28 Global Channel: Hallyu Battle with Super Junior (1) 22/09/2012
S01E29 Global Channel: Hallyu Battle with Super Junior (2) 29/09/2012
S01E30 Fashion Channel: Model, Shinhwa (1) 06/10/2012 Six top models of South Korea were tasked with judging the fashion terrorist of the group, based on their everyday wear, i.e. sans stylists. Dong-wan was initially chosen as the worst dressed from photos but when the models saw what members wore to the shoot, they also picked Jun Jin and Eric. They explaned that Jun Jin just wears whatever, and was bluntly told not to dress himself. As for Eric, they said that although he has a nice buff body, but in the striped shirt he wore, he just looks like a tuna trapped in a net. Min-woo was chosen as the best dressed all round.
S01E31 Fashion Channel: Model, Shinhwa (2) 13/10/2012 Shinhwa and the models were split into three groups of two couple each. They were tasked with putting on a runway fashion show with the theme of 'Autumn', where they have to design their concept, music, lighting, make-up and shop for clothes on a limited budget. The pre-show features special guest performances by Mighty Mouth and G.NA. The most daring was Eric, who strutted down the runway in tight leather shorts, a short bob wig in imitation of Matilda from Léon: The Professional, dubbed 'Eatilda'.
S01E32 Best of Channel 21/10/2012
S02E01 Dog Shelter (1) 03/11/2013
S02E02 Dog Shelter (2) 10/11/2013
S02E03 Jjajangmyun Shinhwa (1) 17/11/2013
S02E04 Jjajangmyun Shinhwa (2) 24/11/2013
S02E05 Archery (1) 08/12/2013
S02E06 Archery (2) 15/12/2013
S02E07 Puppet Show (1) 22/12/2013
S02E08 Puppet Show (2) 05/01/2014
S02E09 Boxing (1) 12/01/2014
S02E10 Boxing (2) 19/01/2014
S02E11 Private Tutorial: Art of Cheerleading 13/01/2013 During the briefing session, each members wrote messages of good wishes for the new year ahead. These messages written in messy handwritings were read out by Shin. This was followed by learning to master the moves, kicks and jumps of a cheerleading routine.
S02E12 Private Tutorial: Speech Class 20/01/2013 Quotes by members from the past 15 years were discussed during the briefing session, where Shin's quote "For seven years, I sweated without the members knowing" was discussed. He explained that "I’m a singer who dances, but I?m not a very good dancer, so I think I said it after practicing more than the other members". Which ended up becoming an argument on who is a better dancer between Shin and Kim Dong-wan. After the brief they received their private lesson on good speaking skills.
S02E13 I Love You More Studio Sistar special (1) 27/01/2013 In a spoof of MBC’s Love Studio, Shinhwa and Sistar members compete among each other, to be paired off as 'husband and wife'. The couples played games and learn how to cook a meal together. With the four-member girl-group, two Shinhwa members were paired off in a male-male couple.
S02E14 I Love You More Studio Sistar special (2) 03/02/2013 The Shinhwa and Sistar couples compete in 'newlywed cook-off' tournament, where they did their grocery shopping as couples, and prepare their best dish to be judged by MasterChef Korea celebrity chef and judge Leo Kang.
S02E15 Girls' Generation special (1) 10/02/2013 Shinhwa and SNSD members conspired to pull a hidden camera prank on Yoona. Where she was teased with a first ranking, only to be told that it was a ranking for the worst looking SNSD member seen in person and they further added that she looked older than her real age. Hyoyeon tried to teach Kim Dong-wan the choreography to their new song "I Got a Boy" but only to shock them with his dirty version and destoying Sunny's fantasy of him.
S02E16 Girls' Generation special (2) 17/02/2013 In a parody of television show Fun Cohabitation, Shinhwa and SNSD members had heart-to-heart talks on topics from longest running K-Pop band, surviving in the competitive entertainment industry, flights, solo activites and getting days off.
S02E17 2013 World Baseball Classic special 24/02/2013 To celebrate the 2013 World Baseball Classic Shinhwa members and guests South Korean comedians compete against each other in a not-so-classic game of baseball, with Park Sung-ho dressed in an alien outfit.
S03E01 Mother’s Touch cooking competition 07/04/2013 In this first episode members taste tested MBLAQ boy band member Mir and actress Go Eun-ah's mother cooking and went on to cook for themselves. In an all round defeat the guests correctly picked all five of their mother's dishes.
S03E02 Mother’s Touch cooking competition 14/04/2013 In a first for the show, Cristina's sister-in-law guessed Eric's and Min-woo's dishes as the ones with the mother's touch.
S03E03 Mother’s Touch cooking competition 21/04/2013 Again in an all round defeat Park Joon-gyu and his two sons correctly picked all five of the authentic mother's touch dishes. In a side bet between Eric and Andy during shopping over the size of dried fish to buy, which resulted in Andy wearing red underwear in the following episode.
S03E04 Mother’s Touch cooking competition 28/04/2013 The Shinhwa members reunited with Lee Jung-ryong's two sons, who previously appeared in the "Children Channel" episodes in season one. In this episode members were paired up to cook three dishes with Shinhwa's feet, ie Eric, making his dish by himself. After donning red underwear to fulfill his pledged for losing his bet with Eric the previous week. Andy proposed that the first two members, whose dish was the first to be eliminated in the taste test to wear red underwear at the opening of the next episode. The two dishes by Eric, Hye-sung and Andy passed the test and were picked as the ones with the mother's touch.
S03E05 Race to Find Mother in Daejeon 05/05/2013 Min-woo and Jun Jin underwent their punishment of wearing red underwear, for being eliminated in the previous episode. Shinhwa members were tasked with finding a celebrity lookalike at Daejeon Station within 10 minutes. Where upon both Andy and Min-woo bumped into Leeteuk of Super Junior, on military service as a PR agent, who was at the station on promotional duty with fellow soldier Sangchoo of Mighty Mouth. Due to military restrictions, he could not appear on screen but his voice could be heard greeting Min-woo.
S03E06 Mother’s Touch cooking competition 12/05/2013 The twins and their comedian father picked two out of three dishes and took home ?2,000,000. Older twin Sang-ho was first to challenge and correctly picked his mother's dish resulting in Jun Jin and Andy receiving punishment the following episode. Then younger twin Sang-min guessed wrongly that Min-woo and Hye-sung's soup was his mother's.
S03E07 Race to Find Mother 19/05/2013
S03E08 Mother’s Touch cooking competition 26/05/2013
S03E09 Mission to rescue Andy (1) 02/06/2013 Eric and Hye-sung, whose dish was eliminated in the previous episode, wore full body kangaroo and panda fursuits respectively, for the first mission as their punishment. At the beginning of the episode, unbeknown to each of the members, Andy was kidnapped by MBC Every 1's Infinite Girls. In order to rescue him the remaining members had to furfill missions set by the girls, eg sell pork belly on the street and vogue dance in a public square.
S03E10 Mission to rescue Andy (2) 09/06/2013 The members continue their mission in an attempt to rescue Andy, which led to Min-woo also being taken briefly by the girls. The final confrontation was a cook-off between the two camps.
S03E11 This MT: Past-Present-Future 16/06/2013
S04E01 Dog Shelter (1) 03/11/2013
S04E02 Dog Shelter (2) 10/11/2013
S04E03 Jjajangmyun Shinhwa (1) 17/11/2013
S04E04 Jjajangmyun Shinhwa (2) 24/11/2013
S04E05 Archery (1) 08/12/2013
S04E06 Archery (2) 15/12/2013
S04E07 Puppet Show (1) 22/12/2013
S04E08 Puppet Show (2) 05/01/2014
S04E09 Boxing (1) 12/01/2014
S04E10 Boxing (2) 19/01/2013