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Alors qu’elle était toute petite, Shion a été témoin de l’assassinat de ses parents dans sa maison. La seule pièce à conviction laissée par le meurtrier était une pièce d’un jeu de shôgi (le roi). À cause du traumatisme reçu, Shion a perdu l’usage de la parole et est adoptée par un ami de son père. Sept ans plus tard, elle participe à un tournoi de shôgi afin de passer professionnelle. Malgré son très jeune âge, elle arrive à rester invaincue depuis le début de la compétition. Cependant, plus elle progresse dans le milieu et plus elle est victime de pressions malsaines. En effet, tentative de kidnapping et lettres de menaces arrivent à son encontre, rendant ses parents adoptifs ainsi que la police inquiets en raison de son passé. Malgré tout, Shion décide de continuer en sentant qu’ainsi elle pourra se rapprocher du mystère entourant le meurtre de ses parents.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shion no ou

S01E01 Shion`s Path 13/10/2007 Eight years after witnessing her parents' death, Shion qualifies herself as a professional shogi player. However, her precocious career starts to draw unwanted attention.
S01E02 Secrets 20/10/2007 Shion is saved in the nick of time from a dangerous stalker. However, her drama continues as she receives a threatening letter before an important match.
S01E03 The Sound of a Shogi Piece 27/10/2007 A little relief comes to Shion when the man who attacked her six months before is finally arrested. She also recognizes Ayumi as the boy who saved her at that time.
S01E04 Demon Move 03/11/2007 Shion has another fiery match against Ayumi, while the police discovers that the man who killed her parents started to move again.
S01E05 The Courageous Move 10/11/2007 Shion is hospitalized after having a glimpse of the night when she lost her parents. Meanwhile, Nikaido and Ayumi have their first duel.
S01E06 Provocation 17/11/2007 After Shion recovers, she goes on a trip with her family. Upon returning, she and Nikaido receive a sudden request from Hani-Meijin's younger brother, Satoru.
S01E07 Playing Pieces 24/11/2007 Shion and Nikaido have their first match as a demonstration of their abilities to Satoru, who wants to create an all new, unrestricted shogi tournament.
S01E08 The Door to Dreams 01/12/2007 Shion visits Ayumi's mother at the hospital, and later, she and Ayumi start to make plans for the upcoming tournament.
S01E09 Master and Apprentice 08/12/2007 Nikaido has a tough match in the tournament against Kamizono who also happens to be Ayumi's master. Kamizono however, is not at the best of his health.
S01E10 Magic Spell 15/12/2007 Shion's next opponent is a young prodigy who polished his skills in online matches, and learned from an anonymous source a way to leave her mind unstable.
S01E11 Doubt 22/12/2007 Shion received a threatening call from the murderer, and Hisatani gets himself in trouble when the police finds out that it was made from his cell phone.
S01E12 Reading the Fox 12/01/2008 Shion, Ayumi and Nikaido prepare themselves as each one has a strong enemy to face in order to gain a place in the finals.
S01E13 Two Sides of an Object 19/01/2008 During Shion's match with Satoru, she starts to get a glimpse of his hostility towards her.
S01E14 Musical Challenge 26/01/2008 Nikaido discovers Ayumi's secret, but decides to not expose him. Later the tournament's remaining contestants decide their opponents in the finals.
S01E15 Time`s Answer 02/02/2008 Shion's first opponent in the finals is none other than her foster father. During the long match, she eagerly looks for a way to defeat him, while he reminisces about the time when she became his apprentice.
S01E16 The Heavenly Eye 09/02/2008 Ayumi is devastated with the death of his mother, and looks for a reason to continue playing shogi before his match with Satoru.
S01E17 Mind Reading 16/02/2008 Shion's got a chance to play against Satoru once more in the tournament's semi-finals, but during the match, he questions her about the night her parents were murdered, which brings up some memories she had long forgotten.
S01E18 Halted Time 23/02/2008 Shion and Satoru's match continues, while Hani-Meijin introduces Ayumi as his disciple.
S01E19 Recalling Move 01/03/2008 Satoru and Ayumi meet up and from the evidence figure out who the murderer is but are unsure of motive. In the mean time, the police are looking up Satoru after what he said to Shion after their match.
S01E20 Demonic Murder 08/03/2008 Shion starts remembering more things about the murder incident. Hani-Meijin and Shion play where they had left off 8 years ago.
S01E21 The True Criminal 15/03/2008 Purposely goaded by Hani-Meijin, Shion fully remembers the incident. Meanwhile new evidence is found.
S01E22 Towards Tomorrow 22/03/2008 The evidence is conclusive, Hani-Meijin is the killer of Shion's parent's and his younger brother's girlfriend. Despite this, the match goes on. Hani-Meijin confesses that he killed Shion's parents to raise up a competitor that would be strong enough to take him to new heights and claiming he "raised her", but to do so, he must win the match. However, Shion wins with a perfect defense. She regains her voice to tell Hani-Meijin that she is not a product of him, but her family and friends. Hani-Meijin is arrested and Shion is promoted to a 4-dan professional kishi. Ayumi is shown winning a match and also becoming a professional kishi. Nikaido announces her intentions to become one as well. The final scene shows Shion in a match as a 5-dan and having retained her voice.