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A&E presents the new original real-life series “Shipping Wars,” which follows six independent shippers who have discovered that fortunes can be made transporting items that traditional carriers won’t touch.


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S01E01 Livraison impossible 10/01/2012 The transporters compete for some unique shipments going cross-country as a 4,000 lbs., 22-foot steel horse and an oversized 7-foot-long Venus Flytrap come up for bid. Roy Garber and Jarrett Joyce are the big winners of the transports, respectively, but there's no time to celebrate when they both realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew. If the steel horse doesn't arrive on time, Roy will lose half his pay. Meanwhile, the Venus Flytrap is on a deadline for the opening night of the "Little Shop of Horrors" premiere. If Jarrett doesn't deliver the oversized prop on time, then the show doesn't happen. The stakes are high as they race to make sure their loads arrive intact and on time. One mistake and these loads could be their last.
S01E02 La cabine téléphonique 10/01/2012 When shipments hit the auction block, the Bawcoms score a shipment for a 35 foot freshwater boat while Roy gets stuck transporting an old English phone booth after he tries to teach Jarrett a lesson. But when the Bawcoms try to double their earnings by taking on a second large boat, they may sink the entire shipment. Roy finds his load is twice as heavy as listed, but when he's shut down by mall security, will he even get the chance to load it up on his trailer?
S01E03 Les taureaux 17/01/2012 When livestock hits the uShip auction, Jennifer makes her move and wins a haul of two bucking bulls, while Marc gets a fragile experimental aircraft. When this experienced cowgirl picks up the bulls, she finds them meaner than she expected and ends up having to board them every night she's in transit. Shipping them becomes less of a concern for her than just keeping them alive. Marc gets the Gyrocopter loaded up, but when he decides to swap trailers mid run, he leaves behind some important pieces of the load that jeopardizes his entire shipment.
S01E04 Les tanks 17/01/2012 After Marc battles it our with the other transporters, he wins a load of two Military tanks headed across the country and Roy lands a mint condition Model A being shipped from one collector to another. After Marc quickly loads up the tanks, he's got to find his way through a maze of round-a-bouts in a small Pennsylvania town before he even makes it to the highway. Roy has to make this delivery and get back home in time for his son's graduation, but when he's caught up in one of the worst storms in history, will he damage the load and find himself out of pocket for this priceless antique?
S01E05 Le wagon 24/01/2012 When it comes to the biggest and baddest loads, Marc can't help but throw his hat in the ring. Fighting off Scott and Susie, he lands the job hauling a 1928 train caboose. When he arrives, Marc finds more of a remodel project than a shipment, and has to get to work right away. Pushing the limits, this load could make him a small fortune, or sink his ship before he makes it across the country.
S01E06 Le chameau 24/01/2012 Jennifer uses her experience transporting livestock to win a camel shipment from Oklahoma to Vermont. Between getting lost, stopping to keep her cargo fed, and cleaning up the camel spit, Jennifer gets way behind schedule. But when her truck breaks down mid-run, the whole shipment is jeopardized.
S01E07 Le food truck 31/01/2012 Roy heads back in to New York City when he outbids the other transporters for a job moving a catering food truck from the city's famous restaurant, Tavern on the Green. When he arrives and finds the truck in non-operational condition, Roy quickly becomes a mechanic and machine shop worker, but tensions rise when the buyer isn't willing to pay him for his extra work.
S01E08 L'arche de Jennifer 31/01/2012 Jennifer may have taken her livestock specialty too far when she tops the transporters in an auction to ship a number of small animals. Between the smell, the constant feedings, and the never-ending squeals, it may be the last run Jennifer makes with so many critters. Jarrett outbids Marc in the competition to haul a go-kart in the shape of a miniature semi-tractor trailer.
S01E09 Le bateau pirate 07/02/2012 Marc is headed to Mexico when he wins an auction to ship a $100,000 Baja 1000 Trophy Truck. Leaving from Colorado, Marc must protect his precious cargo, and make sure it arrives without delay in time for the start of the famous race. But when he gets lost on the small back roads in Tijuana, Marc must get resourceful or risk putting the race team, and his career, in last place.
S01E10 Que la force soit avec toi 07/02/2012 Roy lands the shipment of his dreams when he gets to haul some large one-of-a-kind props from his favorite sci-fi movie. But when he is cut-off by another trucker on the highway, he's afraid it may have damaged these priceless movie artifacts. Jennifer outbids fellow rookie, Jarrett, for a shipment of 20 peacocks headed to Arizona.
S02E01 Les Simpson 07/08/2012 "Handyman" Roy gets in a heap of trouble after he saws a giant Willie Mays sculpture in half while "Cowgirl" Jennifer deals with a sobbing customer who is sad to see his prized possession go.
S02E02 L'esprit d'Elvis 07/08/2012 Chris and Robbie transport two pieces of music history owned by "The King" himself. With a load that is slowing him down, Jarrett races against the clock to get to a restaurant opening in time.
S02E03 Les sculptures 14/08/2012 "Big Rig" driver, Marc Springer, gets more than he bargained for when he comes toe to toe with an irate customer. "Rookie" Jarrett manages to barely pass a customer inspection after delivering two unique sculptures to a museum.
S02E04 Le planeur 14/08/2012 Jennifer tries to get a sensitive parrot to his owner before depression sets in and Roy run gets delayed after his truck breaks down.
S02E05 La sphère 21/08/2012 Roy shows his softer side by offering to deliver a coin-operated ride to a boy who just lost his father. Chris and Robbie run into some legal troubles when they are pulled over in Arizona.
S02E06 Les poulaillers 21/08/2012 Marc runs into some bad weather that takes a toll on an exposed, custom-built hot rod. Jarrett just barely squeezes three chicken coops into his trailer.
S02E07 Le trolleybus 28/08/2012 "Big Rig" Marc hits a violent hailstorm while transporting an enormous trolley bus that might just be over the height limit. Jennifer fights the scorching summer sun while she races to get 400 lbs. of live crawfish on ice to a restaurant opening in Austin, Texas.
S02E08 Le bunker 28/08/2012 "The Hotshot Couple" catch a bad flu en route to the pickup of a state-of-the-art nuclear bomb shelter and Chris butts heads with the seller on the loading of the oversized bunker. Jarrett wins his most expensive load of his career--an Indy 500 racecar. But Jarrett s big payday on the $675,000 car will only happen if he makes it across country in four days.
S02E09 L'avion 11/09/2012 Jennifer troubleshoots the biggest load of her career--a Mini Max Airplane--that tests her patience. Marc doesn t have a minute to spare or he ll suffer huge consequences with this high dollar load.
S02E10 La Delorean 11/09/2012 Roy's truck comes to a screeching halt when it breaks down for the last time while Jarrett delivers a $150,000 restored Delorean to a nit-picking customer.
S02E11 Le manège 18/09/2012 Jarrett endures the worst load of his career with a carriage too large for his trailer while Jennifer must hire out help to assist with the loading of a carnival ride.
S02E12 L'avion DC7 18/09/2012 Chris and Robbie do their first "motherload" -- a vintage DC-7 Airplane -- while Roy helps a community to rebuild their homes after the devastating Bastrop, Texas fires.
S02E13 Le gâteau de mariage 02/10/2012 Jennifer moves an arcade game and a six-layer wedding cake; Marc runs afoul of transportation inspectors when he hauls a vintage bus.
S02E14 Le château d'eau 02/10/2012 Chris and Robbie transport a huge spider to an amusement park; Roy is forced to improvise the loading of a 42-foot water tower.
S03E00 TO BE DELETED 00/00/0000
S03E01 Les taureaux 2 12/12/2012 "Cowgirl" Jennifer must call Roy in for help with some wild bucking bulls. Chris and Robbie bust their trailer with an overweight houseboat.
S03E02 Le lion, le tigre et le zèbre empaillés 12/12/2012 Marc goes up against an unrealistic deadline when his truck gives out and Jarrett panics when he is stopped for transporting stolen property.
S03E03 Le bateau de course 19/12/2012 Jennifer picks up a small racing boat in California and has a series of bad experiences that brings her to tears before she even crosses the state line. Jarrett digs himself into a financial hole after some bad measurements.
S03E04 Les jouets pour enfants 19/12/2012 Chris and Robbie play Robin Hood when delivering some faulty childrens toys back to the manufacturer. Roy shows off his daredevil skills and then must fight through a knee injury to deliver a cumbersome, human sized wooden hamster wheel.
S03E05 La voiture électrique 26/12/2012 Jarrett questions his ability to ship a very rare electric sports car cross country alongside a precariously-placed hunk of metal. Marc's attention to safety brings his run to a screeching halt when he finds the trailers he's hauling are a serious road hazard
S03E06 Les créatures de Frankenstein 09/01/2013 Chris and Robbie win a creepy load of horror memorabilia but the real scare comes when the cargo is twice as big as they agreed on. Roy thinks he has plenty of time to haul a trailer full of rare film prints to Austin in time for a movie screening but he's foiled by an overweight trailer and multiple blowouts.
S03E07 Le monster truck 09/01/2013 Jarrett sinks to a new low in his negotiating skills when he fails to deliver a trailer-load of surfboards on time and the customer demands a discount. Marc takes on a Monster Truck only to find there are no "travel wheels," making the load oversized.
S03E08 Le submersible 16/01/2013 Roy cracks a smile during a ride on a submersible boat he ships, but the grin turns to a grimace when the boat threatens to blow-up his trailer en route. Jennifer books her favorite shipment ever, a set of large window displays going to a candy store in Hollywood. But when the situation gets sticky, she has to book another load to help her fellow man.
S03E09 Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em, Ride 'Em, Drop 'Em 16/01/2013 Jarrett fails to impress his customer with his packaging skills of a life size Rock em Sock em Robots game and then nabs a hot rod casket to make some extra cash. Jennifer races against the clock to ship a pregnant horse overnight before it overheats and loses the baby.
S03E10 The Good, The Bad, and The Evel 23/01/2013 Marc re-lives his childhood obsession when he arranges to transport Evel Knievel's original tractor trailer. Robbie brings her young son, Carter, with them when they ship a crooked play house but the fun family affair quickly turns to danger after she encounters problems with her wheels.
S03E11 Le missile nucléaire 23/01/2013 Roy, the "Handyman", busts out some serious loading skills for a dining table made from a 57 Chevy and a huge, vintage penny arcade sign. Chris and Robbie pull their heaviest load to date--a giant, ominous-looking, nuclear missile.
S03E12 Les dinausaures 30/01/2013 The pressure is on when Jennifer has to help package and transport a model ship, 10 years in the making while Jarrett gets creative to load up a crate of priceless dinosaur fossils 65 million years in the making.
S04E01 Monkey Business 11/06/2013 After Jarrett books a load of monkeys, he learns why they say "never work with kids or animals" --while Marc delivers a load for a Vegas magician and we watch more than his patience disappear.
S04E02 Dsyfunction Junction 11/06/2013 Chris and Robbie convert one of their rigs to run on veggie oil and end up making a bet with the shipper--beat the tight, cross-country deadline and do it all on free grease. Roy tries to jumpstart his son in the hauling business, but the cab gets cramped when Travis brings along a girlfriend and decades of baggage.
S04E03 Manner's Meltdown and Minor Mishaps 18/06/2013 After almost losing his load, Roy's forced to ask Jennifer for help, but gets more than he bargained for when her "favor" turns into etiquette lessons. Jarrett finally gets a new rig, but this maiden voyage might be his last when he hauls some volatile flamethrowers.
S04E04 If the Boat's a Rockin' ... 18/06/2013 Marc's on the sidelines with big rig repairs until his buddy joins in the bidding ... but everyone else gets the last laugh when he's forced to rent a box truck. Chris transports a boat by sea, while Robbie drives by land to the drop off, but things get tense when Chris' cute shipmates seem too distracting.
S04E05 A Fairy Tale Disaster 25/06/2013 Chris and Robbie book an easy one day run North of Nashville, but when a bride-to-be insists on coming along, things go just south of hell from there. Jarrett books a load that Roy will take for the second half of the run... if they can find each other.
S04E06 Crypto-Prank-ology 25/06/2013 Marc's buddy, Johnny Chavez finally wins a load, but his day in the sun will be overshadowed when Marc pranks his run. Jennifer hauls a cold, creepy, mysterious load... and that's just the seller, who joins her to ensure the oddity he's shipping makes it to its destination before it unthaws.
S04E07 Punch Drunk Love 02/07/2013 Marc drives a load of 20 something's to the "Big Easy" for Mardi Gras, on a run that proves to be anything but easy. Jarrett chases a load because it brings him near a girl he's fallen for and when he runs late he learns love can be costly.
S04E08 Broken Down & Busted 02/07/2013 Roy books a complicated Linotype machine, and things get really complicated when he thinks he breaks it in route-but with his skill and welder, he hopes to set things right. After breaking down in the middle of nowhere, Jarrett hatches the brilliant plan of secretly booking himself and the load on uShip! He just hopes that when Chris and Robbie show up, they feel the same way.
S04E09 High Tech Rednecks 09/07/2013 Roy lands a wild load of giant, murderous Animatronic Hillbillies, and he almost turns into one himself when he has to deal with the crazy cat lady involved with his side load of cat caskets. Jennifer transports an antique Honda.
S04E10 Old Man and the Sea Life 16/07/2013 With hopes of upping his game, Jarrett joins Marc to learn the ropes on a big rig run, while newcomers Chelsea and Courtney face the deep sea and their deepest fears as they transport a live shark.
S04E11 Bidder Bee-ware! 23/07/2013 Marc is a bit outnumbered when he transports 4 million angry bees, and turns it into a battle of attrition--Marc surviving the bee stings versus the bees jumping ship. We also meet the Bodens and the transporter couple from New Orleans ends up in a mess, literally, when they haul some pristine and not-so pristine dollhouses.
S04E12 Ready, Set... Pedal! 30/07/2013 Jarrett seemingly faces the seven plagues and more when he hauls a pedal pub and a side load of sod, while it's almost "game over" for Jenn after she books an overwhelming arcade load with her underwhelming trailer.
S05E01 A Whole Bunch of Cluck-Ups 03/12/2013 Jarrett's brush with Rock n' Roll fame takes a turn for the worse when he scrambles to deliver their chicken car on time. Meanwhile, Roy runs into trouble when he discovers a shipment is too rotted to load properly ...and that's when things really start to fall apart.
S05E02 Guys and Dolls 03/12/2013 After challenging Chris that girls can do anything a guy can, Robbie takes over a very macho shipment--and Chris worries their profits might go down for the count. Jennifer moves a load of pricey mannequins through the heartland, and picks up an interesting travelling companion along way.
S05E03 Buggin' Out 10/12/2013 Jennifer takes on a cross-country load of live bugs that require a little more love and attention than she might be willing to give. Marc takes on his daughter as an apprentice, and the two work through their issues as they move a number of Volkswagen buses.
S05E04 Flight of the Giant Baby Head 10/12/2013 Fate brings Roy back to Austin, Texas--this time to haul a very big (and very odd) sculpture from a peace-loving art collective. Up north, Jarrett brings along his uncle to help move a flight simulator. But will a side load and extra family baggage prove to be more than he bargained for?
S05E05 We Come in Pieces! 17/12/2013 Chris and Robbie awkwardly go where no transporter has gone before when a run brings them in contact with a Star Trek convention and its alien life forms. Meanwhile, Jarrett tries to glean from the past, and what he's learned from the other transporters as he tackles a load of massive pumpkins.
S05E06 Chivalry's Dead... Roy Killed It 17/12/2013 Sparks fly when Roy battles with two customers while transporting their shipments to a Renaissance Faire... and everyone holds their breath as Jenn's entrusted to ship the future of bicycling.
S05E07 War of the Roses 24/12/2013 America's longest running music television show is in trouble when Roy wins the bid to move their iconic camera crane, and Marc's in hot water after picking up a hot tub, but it's at the drop off when things really bubble over.
S05E08 Pop, the Tragic Dragon 24/12/2013 Things get blown out of proportion when Chris and Robbie face down a massive balloon dragon shipment, and Marc's in over-his-head when he agrees to haul a giant Whale sculpture made of trash.
S05E09 Drilling & Probing 07/01/2014 Roy and his buddy Logan find themselves getting down and dirty as they tussle with a young oil baron and his derrick. Meanwhile Jarrett is more lost than ever when his run-in with a safe and its owner ends up out of this world.
S05E10 What NOT to Expect When You're Expecting Jarrett 07/01/2014 The customer finds it's "Pack Your Own Load Day" after Jenn is bested by the heat, fatigue, and big expectations--but that fares better than Jarrett where it's "Kill Your Transporter Day" after he almost crashes and burns a Vietnam era helicopter run.
S05E11 Jack Pots & Cheap Shots 14/01/2014 Roy rolls the dice shipping the world's largest drum set, while Chris and Robbie land a less-than-noteworthy Mobile Tattoo Parlor. But the real gamble comes when Chris challenges Roy to a bet and they both go all in to see who the better transporter is.
S05E12 It's My Party and I'll Shoot You If I Want To 14/01/2014 A little girl's birthday dream playhouse, turns into a nightmare when Marc discovers in route, that the house has a squatter. And Roy deals with more security than he bargained for after he lands a top secret government run.

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