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This is a British reality contest show with a twist. Instead of trying to eliminate others, the contestants try to get people to choose to hang out with them on "their island." Ten people are split between two islands. One group is called Tigers, the others Sharks. Each week, a new contestant arrives and spends 3 days with the Tigers, and then 3 days with the Sharks. On the seventh day, the groups all get together and have a "beach party" during which the new arrival must decide who they want to stay with for the remainder of the show. Whichever island has more people at the end of 5 months wins £70,000.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shipwrecked

S01E01 Week 1 21/01/2007 Introduction. Meeting fellow islanders. Exploring island. Building housing. Beach party.
S01E02 Week 2 28/01/2007 Greeting the new arrival. The new arrival gets to work. The boys take a break. New arrival’s birthday. New arrival moves to the sharks. The beach party. No new arrival.
S01E03 Week 3 04/02/2007 No new arrival. Boys begin work on improving the roof. New arrival delights Tigers. Will stands up to Lorenzo. New arrival moves over to the sharks. New arrival makes her decision at the beach party.
S01E04 Week 4 11/02/2007 New arrival goes to Sharks. Girls prepare for the new arrival. Division in the Sharks camp. New arrival moves to the tigers. The Highland Games. The Sharks take a well earned break. Joe shocks fellow islanders. The beach party.
S01E05 Week 5 18/02/2007 New arrival settles in. Decision time for the Tigers. Jo begins building. Sophia picks Stevie. Will has some alone time. Stevie’s night with the Tigers. Decision time for the Sharks. Jo leaves the Sharks. Terri comes to Shark Island. The beach party. Meeting the new arrival.
S01E06 Week 6 25/02/2007 New arrival on Tigers. Building for the Sharks. Lucy is unhappy. Cross-dressing on Tiger Island. Ben moves over to the Sharks. Ben not entirely happy with the experience. The beach party.
S01E07 Week 7 04/03/2007 Intro for new arrival. Tiger’s plan. Theft on Shark Island. Romance for Stuart. Question time for Lianne. The pontoon race. The beach party.
S01E08 Week 8 11/03/2007 A new couple. Revenge is sweet, isn’t it? Camp arguments. Lorenzo gets what’s coming to him. Ben and Amy lock horns. Pole dancing. The beach party. The new arrival.
S01E09 Week 9 18/03/2007 New arrival. A new leader. Couples. Hunting for food. The Shark’s first birthday. Low mood on Tiger’s. Stevie gets presents. The beach party and punishments.
S01E10 Week 10 25/03/2007 Lorenzo leaves. Food argument. The Tigers learn about Lorenzo. Will’s present. Spin the bottle. The beach party.
S01E11 Week 11 01/04/2007 The fishing trip. Sophia’s diary. Allen’s departure. Paul’s feeling down. Club ‘Maracas’. Will and Ben. The beach party.
S01E12 Week 12 08/04/2007 A surprised new arrival. Shark team talk. Tiger team talk. The pontoon race. Salsa on the beach. Jane is intrigued. A game of rugby. The beach party.
S01E13 Week 13 15/04/2007 Will’s back. Tigers’ decision. Jane’s games. Joe Stone on Tigers. One on two time for new arrival. Ben switches islands. Ben’s turn on Sharks. The beach party.
S01E14 Week 14 22/04/2007 Francesca’s first day. Totem pole. The break up. Tiger meeting. The beach party.
S01E15 Week 15 29/04/2007 Loyalty. Similarities. Plan of action for Francesca. The initiation. The Crab Pit. Letters from home. The Reef Shoes. The beach party.
S01E16 Week 16 06/05/2007 Preparations. Practice and dry land. Speed dating. Rafters. A chat on the beach. The beach party.
S01E17 Week 17 13/05/2007 A situation explained. Lack of effort. Rations stolen. No enthusiasm. Shark lads are found out. Slave for a night. A public apology. The beach party.
S01E18 Week 18 20/05/2007 Is it over? Paul and Naomi. Shark speculation. Night time comes. Sharks return to camp. Tigers turn – Louis and Jane. Tiger speculation. Makeshift camp. The beach party.
S01E19 Week 19 - Part One 27/05/2007 Luck has turned. Special new arrivals. Lucy’s long journey. Life on Shark Island. An emotional Charlie. Burning the totem pole. Which way will it go?
S01E20 Week 19 - Part Two 03/06/2007 Series recap. Last day preparations. Shark loyalties. Decision time. The final outcome. Island reminiscing. Taking down the flags. Time to leave.
S01E21 The Renunion Finale 10/06/2007 A recap on the whole season with the highs and lows of both tribes. Also a look back at the candidates for Shipwrecker of the Year and also the results of the vote.
S05E01 Episode 01 21/01/2007 An introduction to our islanders who will make up the two tribes that will compete over the coming months. We get to see who is on what island and what they are going to do for sleeping arrangements.
S05E02 Episode 02 28/01/2007 The first new arrival lands on the island and both tribes get to work on him. It’s also his birthday so what have the girls got in store for him? We also get to see the first beach party and which tribe will initially move ahead in the competition.
S05E03 Episode 03 04/02/2007 Week three and it’s now time for both tribes to seriously think about their living arrangements if they are to win over new arrivals. Self proclaimed leader Lorenzo gets a dressing down from Will.
S05E04 Episode 04 11/02/2007 With the end of month one coming up, divisions in camp are beginning to form so fun and games are to be had with the new arrival. What lengths will Joe go to for some food?
S05E05 Episode 05 18/02/2007 Jo is the latest new arrival and has taken a particular liking to one of the Sharks. Also one member from each tribe gets the chance to spend the night on the opposing island. Will they be enticed to move islands at the beach party?
S05E06 Episode 06 25/02/2007 The ever so cheeky chappy Ben Lunt arrives on Shipwrecked and is amazed at all the beautiful women. Both tribes have something to offer, male bonding and the undivided attention of the females. Which way will he sway?
S05E07 Episode 07 04/03/2007 This week sees a theft on Shark Island; will there be dire consequences for the Tigers? Also the first pontoon race is had. Who will emerge victorious?
S05E08 Episode 08 11/03/2007 Tiger Island is home to all the action this week as a new couple emerge and an argument occurs which causes a split in camp.
S05E09 Episode 09 18/03/2007 The latest addition to the Tigers is putting himself up for camp leader and there are birthday celebrations to be had with a birthday on the Sharks.
S05E10 Episode 10 25/03/2007 The Sharks are given some shocking news by one of their own and a game of spin the bottle gets everyone excited.
S05E11 Episode 11 01/04/2007 After the shocking discovery the Sharks had last week, it’s time for the Tigers to discover a similar fate. To lighten the mood though, they announce the opening of their new bar.
S05E12 Episode 12 08/04/2007 Time for another pontoon race and after the Tigers won last time, can the Sharks get even? There are also plenty of games in store with the energetic new arrival!
S05E13 Episode 13 15/04/2007 It’s time once again for an island swap as one member from each tribe gets to spend the night on the rival island. Will the teams choose wisely?
S05E14 Episode 14 22/04/2007 This week it's all about reminiscing for the Tigers as they erect a monument to remember each of the individual Tiger members and also there is a break up in camp on Sharks...
S05E15 Episode 15 29/04/2007 Where do Francesca’s loyalties lie? The group needs to find out what’s going on. Elsewhere the Shark’s open up their bar to rival the Tiger’s one they made a few weeks earlier.
S05E16 Episode 16 06/05/2007 It’s time for the raft race between the two tribes. Both must build a raft from scratch, capable of holding all team members. Who will come out on top?
S05E17 Episode 17 13/05/2007 Conflict is the name of the game today as the men become tired of the girls’ efforts and they have a plan of their own to get revenge. Over with the Tigers and Fliss gets waited on hand and foot. Not everyone likes this idea though…
S05E18 Episode 18 20/05/2007 After the past few weeks, the Tigers have to wonder if they will be able to compete in the competition with only a few weeks remaining, luckily for them there is a way to get double what they asked for…
S05E19 Episode 19- Final Week Pt. 1 27/05/2007 With the Tigers now in with a chance, they are in much higher spirits and the arrival of a couple of familiar faces only helps brighten the mood. It’s also the beginning of the end for both tribes.
S05E20 Episode 20- Final Week Pt. 2 03/06/2007 With the final decision resting in the hands of two former ship wreckers, which tribe will win the money after spending 5 months on a desert island?
S05E21 Episode 21- The Reunion Finale 10/06/2007 A recap on the whole season with the highs and lows of both tribes. Also a look back at the candidates for 'Shipwrecker of the Year' and also the results of the vote. Guest star: Miquita Oliver (Herself)
S06E01 Week 1 13/04/2008 The first six castaways are dropped onto a deserted island, their new home for the next 15 weeks, while the remaining six castaways arrive on the other side of the island the following day. An eventful week ends with a much anticipated beach party, but a shock anouncement leaves the contestants feeling that their future on the island is far from certain.
S06E02 Week 2 20/04/2008 With the first beach party now over the two teams have to deal with the shocking news. With new arrivals imminent, the two tribes take different approaches to enticing their guests.
S06E03 Week 3 27/04/2008 Another two arrivals join the tribes and after last week's shock that only one can stay, both try hard to make sure it's them. Elsewhere, former best friends Danny and Tom are starting to miss each other.
S06E04 Week 4 04/05/2008 With the new format still not settling in, the latest new arrivals have to quickly deal with the news that one of them will be going home, and Tom wants to find a way of rejoining his friend, Danny.
S06E05 Week 5 11/05/2008 With the Sharks still gaining in members, including one of the opposition, with the Tigers continue to use their new tactics of attracting new members? With Tom knowing about the plan he can now inform his new team and they can decide whether or not to take up the same tactic. On the other island, the islanders start building to entice new arricals to their island.
S06E06 Week 6 18/05/2008 The new arrivals don't know what they are in for this week as the two teams are literally at war over the Tiger's dirty tactics. After being informed what they are like, the new arrivals don't really want to spend three days on Tiger Island.
S06E07 Week 7 25/05/2008 The Sharks are fuming over the continued use of dirty tactics by the Tigers. Both new arrivals are treated to their own special event in order to attract them to one island or the other. Will they both be able to agree on the same island?
S06E08 Week 8 01/06/2008 After making a pact that they will try not to split their decision, they both feel that they fit in better on seperate islands. Will they be able to make a joint descision without someone compromising too much?
S06E09 Week 9 08/06/2008 The competitive nature of the tribes is once again brought to light with this season's first pontoon race. Who will emerge victorious and who will be left trailing in last place? Elsewhere both islanders once again have to make a joint descision but with both islands appealing to one or the other, which way will they go?
S06E16 Reunion Finale 00/00/0000
S07E01 Episode 1 07/02/2009 Twelve thousand miles away from the UK, in a beautiful lagoon deep in the South Pacific, two deserted islands have become home to this year's Shipwrecked castaways. And this year there's a dramatic twist: instead of going to one tribe, the £70,000 prize money will go to just one Shipwrecker! In the second episode of the new series, it is the first full week in paradise, and the newly formed Tigers and Sharks have barely had time to adjust to their new surroundings before the first two new arrivals of Shipwrecked 2009 descend on the island.
S07E02 Episode 2 08/02/2009
S07E03 Episode 3 15/02/2009
S07E04 Episode 4 22/02/2009
S07E05 Episode 5 01/03/2009
S07E06 Episode 6 08/03/2009
S07E07 Episode 7 15/03/2009
S07E08 Episode 8 22/03/2009
S07E09 Episode 9 29/03/2009
S07E10 Episode 10 05/04/2009
S07E11 Episode 11 12/04/2009
S07E12 Episode 12 19/04/2009
S07E13 Episode 13 26/04/2009
S07E14 Episode 14 03/05/2009
S07E15 Episode 15 10/05/2009
S07E16 Episode 16 17/05/2009
S08E01 Episode 1 25/10/2011 The 10 Shipwreckers are introduced to each other on the island that they will call home for 13 weeks.
S08E02 Episode 2 06/11/2011 With the first elections out of the way, the islanders are waking up to the first day under their new leader.
S08E03 Episode 3 08/11/2011 t's the turn of 21-year-old hairdresser Kitten to take charge. While most of the tribe are celebrating at the prospect of having an easy week ahead, Tristan has only one thing in mind - sabotage.
S08E04 Episode 4 15/11/2011 Elected on the promise of turning the island into a luxury hotel resort, new leader Anna vows to let the castaways put their feet up while she does all the work. But with the camp in a mess, 23-year-old Anna is quick to backtrack on her words.
S08E05 Episode 5 27/11/2011 New leader MC Brimes is determined to address the issues on the island with a series of therapy sessions held at his seaside surgery.
S08E06 Episode 6 04/12/2011 New leader Dominique asks the group to find a new area to build on. But building work is put on hold when a 'giant' wave hits the island and the newly-built huts are destroyed.
S08E07 Episode 7 11/12/2011 It's party girl Kate's turn to rule over the islanders and she hatches a plan for the most raucous night on the island yet, to celebrate Anna's birthday.
S08E08 Episode 8 18/12/2011 It's Bear's first day as leader and he's promised a series of scientifically-sound physical, mental and creative games to pit the girls against the boys.
S08E09 Episode 9 02/01/2012 Carl causes upset in the group when he sends Joe, Anna and Brimes to another island for 48 hours.
S08E10 Episode 10 08/01/2012 Tristan distresses Ashley and Danni with his plans to kill and eat one of the island's pigs.
S08E11 Episode 11 15/01/2012 It's Dominique's week as leader, having swept to victory on a rigged vote. Elsewhere, the islanders have split into two groups - couples on one side of the island in 'the Hills', and the singles on the other side.
S08E12 Episode 12 22/01/2012 Love is in the air as the islanders plan a wedding-themed week. 'Bride-to-be' Anna will 'marry' her island boyfriend Bear and the rest of the gang are tasked with organising their stag and hen dos.
S08E13 Episode 13 29/01/2012 It's the last week and everyone is out for themselves. With all alliances now in tatters the competition is wide open.
S08E14 Episode 14 05/02/2012 The islanders look back on their Shipwrecked experiences and are left shocked when they see footage of their winner.
S00E01 Meet The Castaways 12/04/2008 Shipwrecked 2008 begins here with a look at this year's original tribe members - six girls, six boys.
S00E02 The Third Island- Ep. 1 13/04/2008 After being led to believe they were going home, James and Char are taken to another island where they meet survival expert Nick. After spending time on the the other island, the harsh reality of this island starts to hit home.
S00E03 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 1 19/04/2008
S00E04 The Third Island- Ep. 2 20/04/2008 After a week on the island the trio are beginning to settle in and have become a tight group. So after the twist from the beach party, what will that mean for them?
S00E05 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 2 26/04/2008
S00E06 The Third Island- Ep. 3 27/04/2008 Three becomes four as the latest reject from the main islands gets the shock that they aren't going home. Sarah is feeling left out and to top it off, she's annoying her fellow islanders by eating too much food.
S00E07 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 3 03/05/2008
S00E08 The Third Island- Ep. 4 04/05/2008 Sarah is pushed further to the outside with another new arrival, with her feeling more left out she begins to doubt whether she wants to stick out the full three months.
S00E09 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 4 10/05/2008
S00E10 The Third Island- Ep. 5 11/05/2008 With Sarah still finding life on the third island hard going, the others try to get her to stay although another problem arises with the latest new arrival.
S00E11 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 5 17/05/2008
S00E12 The Third Island- Ep. 6 18/05/2008 The tough nature of their island is beginning to put a downer on everyone's spirits so aren't enthused about meeting a new arrival. Also, they are running low on food so desperate times call for desperate measures...
S00E13 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 6 19/05/2008
S00E14 The Third Island- Ep. 7 25/05/2008 The third island is given a boost by an enthusiatic new arrival and after having a great week the future is looking much brighter for the islanders.
S00E15 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 7 26/05/2008
S00E16 The Third Island- Ep. 8 01/06/2008 With another new member set to rock the island, Nick isn't happen with what's happening with each arrival of an evictee not and them wanting to be on their island. With the island split, will they be able to come together and form one happy family?
S00E17 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 8 02/06/2008
S00E18 The Third Island- Ep. 9 08/06/2008
S00E19 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 9 09/06/2008
S00E20 The Third Island- Ep. 10 15/06/2008
S00E21 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 10 16/06/2008
S00E22 The Third Island- Ep. 11 22/06/2008
S00E23 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 11 23/06/2008
S00E24 The Third Island- Ep. 12 29/06/2008
S00E25 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 12 30/06/2008
S00E26 The Third Island- Ep. 13 06/07/2008
S00E27 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 13 07/07/2008
S00E28 The Hutcam Diaries- Ep. 14 00/00/0000

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