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When the Fallon Photo Library curator and an American developer go head to head, 10 million unique pieces of British history hang in the balance. An ancient mansion on the outskirts of London is home to a rare and sprawling collection of twentieth century black and white photographs featuring every aspect of human activity imaginable. Also indigenous to the library is a small and eccentric staff, insulated from the outside world and sustained by their passion for the visual treasures they meticulously maintain. But their peaceful livelihood is shattered when their new owner from across the pond arrives and announces his plans to convert the building into an American business college. The collection, an inconvenient obstacle, must be dismantled, sold, and largely destroyed.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shooting The Past

S00E01 Veronica’s Story (DVD Extras) 00/00/0000 Included alongside the original broadcast, two of the minor characters give monologues in which they discuss their favorite photographs. An optional commentary track can be activated for each story. When debuted, viewers were told that one story was true and the other false. Veronica shares images in which meat packers are secretly involved in Winston Churchill’s experimental plan to construct ice ships. While some of the photographs are taken out of context, this story is true.
S00E02 Spig’s Story (DVD Extras) 00/00/0000 The second story told by Emilia Fox’s character is a meditation on photographs depicting celebrities before their fame. She discusses a picture of a shadowy figure walking away. Legend has it the mysterious silhouette is someone famous, but no one knows who. The story is a hoax.
S00E03 Featurette (DVD Extras) 00/00/0000 Director/writer Stephen Poliakoff discusses his inspiration for the series between interviews with Lindsay Duncan and Timothy Spall. Palikoff walks us through the BBC archives, and in what feels like gratuitous filler, shows off articles on his first film from the 70s. Clive Owen pays a visit and offers his take on the series.
S00E04 Photographic Montage (DVD Extras) 00/00/0000 Reviews the photos created for both Lilly’s and Hetty’s stories. We learn from the audio commentary for the main feature that some scenes are staged, while others are doctored renditions of authentic period pieces.