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Akiva and Shulem Shtisel, father and son, sit on a little balcony overlooking streets of the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem. A year has passed since the mother died. All the other children have left the nest, and only Shulam and Akiva remain - quarreling, making up, and laughing about themselves and the rest of the world. All will change when Akiva meets Elisheva.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shtisel

S01E01 Everybody Are Looking for Love 29/06/2013 The story of a haredi family in Jerusalem. Shulem Schtisel the father of a large family is dealing with his younger son who he wants to see married soon. His daughter, Giti is dealing in secret with marital problems while his other son Zvi Arie tries to patch everything up.
S01E02 Elisheva Agrees to Meet Akiva 06/07/2013 Akiva, rejected by Elisheva, dates Estee. Shulem pushes him to get engaged and remembers Dvorah, his late wife. Giti, abandoned by her husband, is looking for a job outside the neighborhood.
S01E03 Shulem Pushes Akiva to Get Engaged 13/07/2013 After Elisheva rejects him Akiva dates Estee. Shulem pushes him to get engaged and remembers his late wife Dvorah. Giti, abandoned by her husband, looks for a job outside the neighborhood.
S01E04 Giti and Akiva Find Jobs 20/07/2013 Bube Malka organizes a surprise party for herself, Zvi Arye fights mice, Giti and Akiva find new jobs.
S01E05 Akiva hasitates 27/07/2013 While getting ready for his wedding, Akiva starts to hesitate. Shulem's kids try to make sure Shulem is not alone after Akiva marries, Shulem realizes Aliza has a new courter.
S01E06 Shulem Feels Guilt 03/08/2013 Akiva is looking for a place to stay after being kicked out of home by Shulem. Shulem feels guilty about his treatment of Akiva in the past and present, Giti's children deal with the absence of their father.
S01E07 Akiva's Portrait 10/08/2013 A burglar attacks Gitti, Shulem's salary shrinks, Akiva paints a self portrait and reveals something about himself, the sun disappears for a few moments.
S01E08 Oy No No 17/08/2013 Akiva invites Elisheva to see a Kleizmer show. Akiva and his bookbinder friend go looking for the bookbinder's mother. Shulem has a heart attack and fears for his life.
S01E09 The Baby 24/08/2013 Akiva has difficulties with dealing with his friend's hospitalization, Shulem is sued by the Haredi rabbinical court and drags Akiva on a journey with him.
S01E10 The White Man 31/08/2013 Shulem comes back to life and pursues old loves. Akiva gets signals from the universe that he should claim is love. Gitti tells her daughter Ruhami that dad is returning, and gets resistance.
S01E11 Kolonia 07/09/2013 Akiva and Elisheva get engaged under a strange condition. Lipa, Gitti's husband, returns. Shulem has management difficulties in the "Heder".
S01E12 Cry Here 14/09/2013 Lipa adjusts to home, Gitti takes a vacation. Shulem pushes his mother to give up the TV. Akiva tells Shulem about his agreement with Elisheva.