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The Sifl and Olly Show is a comedy TV series that used sock puppets, animation, and music. Musicians Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco, friends since childhood, created and performed the series. The first episode aired on MTV in 1997.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sifl & Olly Show

S01E01 Stealth 00/00/0000 Intro: Handle It Interview: Stealth Rock Fact: What Mysterious Coincidence Links Prodigy to Pink Floyd? Song: "It's Okay (Cindy's The Hostess)" Chat: Stealing Tires Precious Roy: Lice Monkeys Calls: Loser Elvis, ATM Card, Landlord (Monkeys) Chester: Tap Dancing Tribe Rock Fact: What Strange Power Links Mariah Carey To Marine Life? Chat: Holographic Barbie Van Interview: Champs 1 on the Moon Calls: Problem in the Bathroom, Test Cheater Almost The End: "Rock & Roll Show"
S01E02 Waking with Ruby 00/00/0000 Intro: Cell Phone Interview: Waking With Ruby Song: "Answer the Phone" Rock Fact: Which female lead singer's life depends on a rare gem? News: Weather Girl and Olly Chat: Preposition Precious Roy: Pet Piercers Song: "World Music" Calls: Counterfeiting, Black Magic, Abe Lincoln Chester: Doughnut Rock fact: Are rumors true that the band Sugar Ray can fly? Chat: Secret Passageways Interview: Tooth Fairy Almost The End: "Tooth Decay"
S01E03 Functions of the Family 00/00/0000 Intro: Déjà Vu Interview: Show Waiting (Functions of the Family) Calls: Prank Caller, Mrs. Olly (Cigarettes) Rock Fact: What sultry artist mysteriously appeared to frontline soldiers during Desert Storm? Song: "She's A Carrot" Chat: Ice Age Precious Roy: Sasquatch Feeder News: Aesop Jones (Doughnuts) Calls: Landlord (Windmill), Taster, Jealous Robot Chester: Letters (Dreams) Rock Fact: How does the Pope get his daily dose of the Beastie Boys? Chat: Secret Passageways Interview: Hitchhikers Almost The End: "Just What I Needed"
S01E04 Breakfast Serial 00/00/0000 Intro: Clueless Chester Interview: Show Waiting (Breakfast Serial) Calls: Box, Tongue Twisters Rock Fact: What is the secret link between Baywatch and Björk? Song: "Claire Danes" Chat: Word Association Precious Roy: Pirate Cripplers News: Cheese Boy Rock!: Beatboxing Calls: Star Wars fanatic, Star Wars fanatic, Insector Chester: Fabulous Lover Rock Fact: Which female pop singer left 300 lb men in pools of their own blood? Chat: Propulsion Interview: Bernard Spockman Almost The End: "Star Worlds"
S01E05 We're Sifl & Olly 00/00/0000 Intro: We're Sifl and Olly Interview: Grout and Rex Morgan Calls: Bear and Cabin, Mexican Jumping Bean Bag, Bear and IRS Rock Fact: What strange ritual do the Beastie Boys perform to stay in shape? Song: "Weird Day" Chat: Turpentine and Gasoline Precious Roy: Insta-Jerky News: Teleprompter Calls: Waffles in the VCR, Short, Seagulls, Scare-hookers Chester: Pegasus Rock Fact: What hidden talent does Celine Dion hide from her fans? Chat: Copies of Movies Interview: Plants Almost the End: "Fake Blood"
S01E06 Blacklisted Nursery Rhymes 00/00/0000 Intro: Night Hours Interview: Blacklisted Nursery Rhymes Calls: Problem in the Bathroom, Test Cheater, Landlord (Waterslide) Rock Fact: What human oddity will forever link Björk and Will Smith? Song: "Country Boy" Chat: M-80 Precious Roy: Nite Vision Goggles News: Teleprompter Calls: Dungeon Master, Wart Gems, Mary's House Chester: Pet Peeves Rock Fact: What is Queen Latifah's real name? Chat: Gifts for Robots Interview: Giganticus the Elephant (Olly) Almost The End: "Lullaby"
S01E07 Sifl's Robot 00/00/0000 Intro: Sifl's Robot Calls: Landlord (Giraffes), Sifl, Loser Elvis Rock Fact: What did U2 use for power instead of electricity to create their albums? Chat: Robots Are Better Interview: Winona Ryder (Battery) Chester: Letters (Sign, Chicken) Song: "I Know What Boys Like" Intro: Cereal Eater Interview: Woody Wilson Rock Fact: Which singer could destroy the world easiest if he or she was a giant turtle? Chat: Side-show Freaks Precious Roy: Squirrel Zapper News: Rabbit News Almost The End: "Performance Art"
S01E08 Interview with Scanners 00/00/0000 Intro: The Satellite Is Busted Interview: Scanners Rock Fact: Which rock artist has his or her face carved into Mt. Rushmore? Song: "Star Pilot" Chat: Aquarium Precious Roy: Civil War Corpses Calls: Show Fan, More Gravy Cinderella, Sifl, Mrs. Olly (Slouching) Chester: Backup Singers Rock Fact: Why did Abba cross the road? Chat: Pizza Tie Interview: Peto and Flek Calls: Box, Crescent Fresh Dude Almost The End: "Stolen Holiday" (Chester)
S01E09 Pac-Man The Movie 00/00/0000 Intro: Pac-Man the Movie Interview: Black Hole (Olly & Sifl Show) Rock Fact: How did the band Jethro Tull get their name? Song: "Convoy" Chat: Sugar Glass Teeth Precious Roy: CAT Scan Glasses News: Rapping The News Calls: Fred, Wasted Animator, Yoga Accident Chester: Gardening Rock Fact: How is the band Menudo linked to heavy metal? Chat: $70 Interview: Johnson High School Marching Band Calls: Dungeon Master Almost The End: "Dolores"
S01E10 Chester's Pet Fax Machine 00/00/0000 Intro: You Look Fat Interview: Chester's Pet Fax Machine Rock Fact: How did the band Pink Floyd get their name? Song: "Oh When I'm Dead" Chat: Reverse Déjà Vu Precious Roy: Chicken Flavored A/C News: Cheese Boy (Saab) Calls: Cody, King of Japan, UFO Photographer Chester: Meet Chester Rock Fact: What classic rock band's albums are extremely important to NASA's space exploration? Rock!: You're Off the Handball Team Chat: You've Grown 3 Inches Interview: KISS Drummers That Didn't Make It Almost The End: "Rock Balls"
S01E11 Dirk Steiner, MTV Programmer 00/00/0000 Intro: Tough To Do Every Day Interview: Dirk Steiner Calls: Landlord (Monkeys), Kinky Fork Rock Fact: What fashion designer moonlights as a frontman for a popular heavy metal band? Song: "Monkeys and Dogs and Cats and Chicks and Dudes and Trucks and Cars (and Ten-Speeds)" Chat: Mouse-Driven Pigeons Precious Roy: Home Pregnancy Test News: Thought Helmet Calls: Box, Tongue Twisters, Too Many Dares Chester: Bubbles Rock Fact: What does the Wu Tang Clan have in common with The Grateful Dead and Björk? Chat: Drink the Potion Interview: Poets Almost The End: "Beat Poet"
S01E12 Bug on TV 00/00/0000 Intro: Bug On TV Interview: Smoosh Television Rock Fact: What 50s rocker's first job could be described through a tongue twister? Song: "World Music" Chat: Food Sculpture Precious Roy: Bottomless Pool Calls: Prank Caller, Illume, Mrs. Olly (Cigarettes) Chester: Exercise Rock Fact: Which rocker was David Copperfield's magic assistant? Song: "Dude's House" News: Robot Weatherman Chat: Spike-o-gram Interview: The Sun (Olly) Almost The End: "Seasons In The Sun" (Chester)
S01E13 You're Off the Handball Team 00/00/0000 Intro: You're Off The Handball Team Interview: Crappy Jobs Rock Fact: Which rocker could actually live up to seven weeks without his head? Song: "A Girl Named Tina" Chat: Vacation Pictures Precious Roy: All-Purpose Muzzle News: Thought Helmet Calls: Problem in the Bathroom, Test Cheater, Landlord (Waterslide) Chester: Wanderer Rock Fact: What would happen if you cooked and ate a Jamiroquai CD? Chat: Engine Talk Interview: Clixby Decimal Calls: Sandals Almost The End: "The Math Song"
S01E14 Champs 1 & Crackers 00/00/0000 Intro: Precious Roy Freakout Interview: Champs 1 & Crackers Rock Fact: What do Bill Cosby and female rock star Björk share in common? Song: "Haunted Spaceship" Chat: Octangularly Yours Precious Roy: Miracle Dirt Interview: Centenarian Centerfold, Mushroom News: Aesop Jones (Mac & Cheese) Calls: Bear and Cabin, Mexican Jumping Bean Bag, Bear and IRS Chester: Langauge of Love Rock Fact: Stay tuned for a strange but true fact about Michael Nesmith's mother. Chat: Parker Interview: Gambling Almost The End: "Rock Stars"
S01E15 Déjà Vu 00/00/0000 Intro: Déjà Vu Interview: Vernon Merbyl News: Serena Dumps Sifl Rock Fact: What male singer has been in every single rock band since 1975? Song: "Crescent Fresh" Song: "Llama School" Chat: African Amusement Park Precious Roy: Mood Tooth Calls: Wilma, Jargon Scott, Enterprise Inc. Chester: Language of Love Rock Fact: What do you do if you can't think of a good rock fact for the day? Rock!: Beatboxing Interview: Peto & Flek Almost The End: ""Rock & Roll Friends"
S01E16 Interview with an Orgasm 00/00/0000 Intro: Embarrassed Interview: Orgasm and G-Spot Rock Fact: Which rapper has the most costly hairstyle in the world? Rock: "Dude's House" Chat: Junior-High Dropouts Precious Roy: Scare-Hooker Calls: Juan's Lover, Aftershave Drinker, Lover Follow-Up Chester: Alien Landing Rock Fact: What was the shocking inspiration behind Pearl Jam's name? Chat: Red October Morning Interview: Centenarian Centerfold, Mushroom Almost The End: "Llama School"
S01E17 Spelling Bee 2000 00/00/0000 Intro: Gathering Oneself Interview: Jessica Edwards Spelling Bee 2000 Rock Fact: Which rock star was also a famous race horse? Song: "Spitter" Chat: Cinderland Precious Roy: Parrot Tranquilizers News: Serious Anchor Calls: Internet Lover, Sandals, Tapeworm Advice Rock!: "Rock Balls" Chester: Byrd Which rock star had the highest GPA in college? Chat: Wondo's Chocolate Factory Interview: Bloopers, Blunders, and Boo-Boos Almost The End: "Laser Eyes"
S01E18 Interview with the Center of an Atom 00/00/0000 Intro: Getting Organized Interview: An Atom in Elvis' Comb Rock Fact: What rock band strikes fear into the hearts of all dentists? Song: "Lady For Gravy" Chat: Intimacy With a Gorilla Precious Roy: TV Diapers Rock!: "Fake Blood" Calls: Landlord (Monkeys), Kinky Fork, Monkeyland News: Anita Zest Breakdown Chester: Air Hockey Table Rock Fact: What fact about Stevie Wonder do most history books fail to tell you? Chat: Icelandic Tigers Interview: Pat Lacey (Olly) Almost The End: "Spooky Car"
S01E19 Interview with Mars 00/00/0000 Intro: Surprise Interview: Mars Calls: Show Fan, Mrs. Olly (Slouching) Rock Fact: Which Canadian rocker unraveled the mysteries from within the candy corn? Song: "Cooties" Chat: Party Bus Precious Roy: Edible Sandals News: Psychic Traffic Report Calls: Saint Peter, Mayor of Transylvania, Goth Girl Chester: Cody's Van Rock Fact: How are the Great Pyramids linked to Rock n' Roll? Chat: Sports Scores Interview: Death Almost The End: "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
S01E20 Cereal Salesmen 00/00/0000 Intro: Interview Excitement Interview: Cereal Salesmen Rock Fact: What rapper can actually lift 500x his own weight? Song: "(Up Here In) The Cabinet" Calls: Prank Caller Chat: Spray-Painting Poodles Precious Roy: Ass-Lift 800 News: Grout Calls: Cornography, Sticky Hands, Cindy the Prostitute Chester: Hobbies Rock Fact: What classic rocker had the most profound effect on communication? Chat: Jerry's Diner Interview: Sex Girl Almost The End: "Prostitute Laundry"
S02E01 The Sifl & Olly Top 9 Favorite Videos 22/02/1999 Sifl and Olly host their very own Top 10 music videos. But when Chester introduces them as the Top 9, Olly starts to ask questions. Turns out, Sifl sold the #1 song for an ice sculpture. Each video is introduced, some with characters that have appeared on the show a few times (e.g. Cresent Fresh Guy, Precious Roy, etc.) #10) ""Whatever"" / #9) ""Gravy For Baby"" / #8) ""Weird Day"" / #7) ""Star Worlds"" / #6) ""Heart Attacks"" / #5) ""Fake Blood"" / #4) ""Dude's House"" / #3) ""Crescent Fresh"" / #2) ""Hellfire""
S02E07 Sifl & Olly Go to the Mall 15/03/1999 Sifl & Olly Go To The Mall / Chester Wants to Watch / Song: ""Heart Of Glass"" (Originaly by Blondie) / Precious Roy's Cannibal Cookbook / Calls: E-Mailer, Aguaman, Babe (Paul Bunyon's Ox) / Kickin' It Old School: ""Claire Danes"" / Interview: The Internet / Letter To Chester: First Memory / Song: ""I Got Vibes""
S02E12 Dr. Bubba the Spy 24/03/1999 Chester: Dr. Bubba The Spy / Interview: Delixir Sorbaño's Circus of Freaks - The Bearded Beard, Susan, The Spice Girls, The Breathing Salami, Inside-Out Man, Chester / Song: ""Hellfire (Rain On You)"" / Precious Roy's Mr. Ptootie Head / Calls: Dr. Bubba's Chester Impersonation, Cres Dude (Starting a Cres Band), Ziggy Starmaker / Kickin' It Old School: ""Country Boy Song"" / Interview: John from Champs 1 (Chicken Robot Companion) / Chester Needs To Spit / Song: ""The Days of the Week""
S02E14 Chester: The Actor 00/00/0000 Calls: Eddie Calls Back, Julio (Party), A Hoe, Eddie Again / Chester: The Actor / Song: ""Hound Dog"" / Precious Roy's Defrosted Cro-Magnon Slaves / Interview: Olly as Inventor Pat Lacy / Kickin' It Old School: ""Star Pilot"" / Chester Interviews Dynamite Dog & Wow the Worm / Chester: Chicken Sex Guesser / Chester Sings ""Shiny Girl (Super Super Special Super Day)""
S02E15 Chester Takes an IQ Test 00/00/0000 Calls: Sifl from Jail, Johnny F***ing Appleseed, Sifl Clone, Sports Talk / Chester Takes an IQ Test / Song: ""Speed Reading"" / Precious Roy's ""Dangerous Don't"" Dolls (Betty Blade, Elctrocutie Kitty, Pete Heat) / Interview with Sifls and Olly Clones / Kickin' It Old School: ""Weird Day"" / Interview: Grout's Trivia Trapazoids with Stealth, Precious Roy, Chester & Cres / Letter to Chester from Dewey Kraus in Prison / Song: ""I Sure Do Miss The 80's""
S02E16 Chester Spanish Intro 00/00/0000 Chester Spanish Intro / Calls: Japanese Caller, Russian Caller, Canadian Caller / The Chester Show / Song: ""The English Song (Redrum)"" / Precious Roy's Foot-Long Hamsters / Interview: Backs Stabbath (MTV Exec), TV Show Pitches: Pants, Real Jail, Monkey & Whore Monster Truck Tug-O-War / Kickin' It Old School: ""Llama School"" / Interview with Olly's Ex-Girlfriends: Kendra, Delilah, Claudia, Rachel / Chester: Easy Like Sunday Morning, Slurpee Time / Song: ""Whatever""
S02E17 Chester King of Strippers Intro 00/00/0000 Chester King of Strippers Intro / Calls: Cyclops, Julio (Crazy Dream), Egg-Eyes, Girl Cyclops / Chester & Sifl are Speechless / Song: ""El Rocko Mundo"" / ""Hey Bert"" Segue / Precious Roy's Electric Cigarettes / Stealth Intro / Interview: Stealth Returns / Kickin' It Old School: ""Oh, When I'm Dead"" / Interview: Orgasm & G-Spot Return / Chester Names A Baby / Song: ""We're Not Gonna Take It""
S02E18 Sleeping Like a Bat 07/04/1999 Calls: Icky Starmaker, Uncle Bilbo, Screaming Schoolgirl, Dial-a-Psychic / Chester: Sleeping Like A Bat / Song: ""Move Your Feet (Opera)"" / Precious Roy's Pet Power Plant / Interview: Via Sattelite To Becky Sixteen In Prehistoric Time / Kickin' It Old School: ""Answer My Phone"" / Interview: Functions Of The Family with Paul Rogers & His Daughter / Chester: Recipe / Song: ""Sailin' 'Round the Ocean""
S02E19 Sleeping Like A Bat 00/00/0000 Calls: Icky Starmaker, Uncle Bilbo, Screaming Schoolgirl, Dial-a-Psychic / Chester: Sleeping Like A Bat / Song: ""Move Your Feet (Opera)"" / Precious Roy's Pet Power Plant / Interview: Via Sattelite To Becky Sixteen In Prehistoric Time / Kickin' It Old School: ""Answer My Phone"" / Interview: Functions Of The Family with Paul Rogers & His Daughter / Chester: Recipe / Song: ""Sailin' 'Round the Ocean""
S02E20 Chester's Blanket Fort Love Palace 00/00/0000 Calls: Jeep Fixer, Olly's Mom (Birthanxmas), Bike Pump / Chester's Blanket Fort Love Palace / Song: ""Blister In The Sun"" (Originaly by The Violent Femmes) / Precious Roy's Self Defense Kit / Interview: Via Sattelite To The Royal Family of Atlantis / Kickin' It Old School: ""Convoy"" (Originaly by C.W. McCall) / Interview: X & O Show with Vicious Coy & Blister / Chester's Skin Care Tips / Song: ""Partytime Loser (Live In Toronto)""
S02E21 Ninja Final Exam 00/00/0000 Calls: Ninja Rayanne, Toilet, Landlord (Mining Operation) / Chester: Cereal Factory / Song: ""Leader of the Gang"" / Precious Roy's Security Landscaping / Interview: Kip the Burglar / Kickin' It Old School: ""Gravity Defying"" / Interview: Ninja Final Exam / Chester: Gravity / Song: ""Ninja of the Night""
S00E01 The Lost Episodes 00/00/0000
S00E02 Behind The Scenes - Father 00/00/0000
S00E03 Behind The Scenes - Too Fast 00/00/0000
S00E04 Shorts - Chester's Message 00/00/0000
S00E05 Shorts - Country 00/00/0000
S00E06 Shorts - Oatmeal 00/00/0000
S00E07 Shorts - Purple 00/00/0000
S00E08 Shorts - Rapper 00/00/0000
S00E09 Shorts - Rex 00/00/0000
S00E10 Shorts - Various Shorts 00/00/0000
S00E11 Shorts - Warning 00/00/0000
S00E12 United States of Whatever (Liam Lynch Version of Music Video) 00/00/0000
S00E13 Gravy for Baby (Music Video) 00/00/0000
S00E14 United States of Whatever (Sifl & Olly Version of Music Video) 00/00/0000