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Jessica-Jane Clement meets some of the many Brits who’ve fallen foul of high-street salons and ill-advised home treatments. She’ll confront some of the salons responsible, challenging them to improve their training and raise their standards in a bid to save other unwitting members of the public from the same fate.


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S01E01 Episode 1 14/11/2011 Student and model Yemzi wanted long flowing locks on a budget, but a trip to a salon ended in a headache. Weeks later her mum raised the alarm to a foul odour emitting from Yemzi's scalp and she was left with a bald patch and a carrier bag of hair saved as evidence. Young piercing addict Rosie visited her local salon to get the latest trend, a dermal anchor. But when the stud implanted in her hand went missing the piercers tried and failed to dig it out with a needle, and then sent her home with an open wound. Rosie's nightmare ended in surgery and she is now left with a scarred hand. Jess is on the case, helping return Yemzi's hair back to its former glory and fighting Rosie's corner when she gets a face-to-face meeting with piercing parlour responsible.
S01E02 Episode 2 21/11/2011 Michelle is too upset to leave the house because of the wonky eyebrows she was left with when she paid for semi-permanent make-up. She has taken to wearing shades to avoid the shame and is worried she could be stuck with them for years. It is easy to set up shop as a semi-permanent make-up technician - no training is needed - so to shock the women of Liverpool into thinking before they buy, Jess sets up a pop-up salon with a kit bought over the internet. Bride-to-be Louise has been left with bald patches where she used to have luscious lashes after a salon visit for extensions came to a painful end. With only weeks to Louise's big day, it's down to Jess to find a fix.
S01E03 Episode 3 28/11/2011 Jessica-Jane Clement explores the worrying ease with which a powerful acid peel can be bought online, and meets a customer who was left with scars across her thighs after using the product. She also finds out why a woman is risking damage to her health by continuing to dye her hair at home.
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