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Skin to the Max - Documentary about Real People having Real Sex in Erotic Locales around the World


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Skin to the Max

S01E01 Rio de Janeiro / Amsterdam 19/08/2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: In a city filled with beautiful people kissing and dancing samba on the street, sex is always on the mind. A local couple decides to spice up their sex-life at a swingers club. Amsterdam, Netherlands: A happily married man has a cuckolding fantasy--he likes to watch his wife have sex with another man--a fetish that brings them to the world renowned sex club FUN4TWO.
S01E02 Kyoto / Berlin 26/08/2011 Kyoto, Japan: A curious Japanese girl arranges to meet her girlfriend for some role-playing at RUSH HOUR, a themed love hotel which features private rooms specializing in the fetish of train groping, known as Chikan. These two "strangers" meet in a room designed like a local subway cart and make their way to the "doctor's office" for a full body exam. Berlin, Germany: A German man is looking to live out his fantasy of dominance and purchases a special kidnapping service from a local sex club. At the end of his workday, he is tracked down and held hostage by two dominatrix women. He's brought to the dungeon of RESIDENZ AVALON for a night of candle-lit torture and bliss.
S01E03 Prague / Copenhagen 09/09/2011 A couple goes shopping to find the perfect outfits for a themed costume party at the club K5 RELAX.They voyeuristically experience many of the themed rooms that the club has to offer and experience sex in public, before finding the perfect setting to be together. Copenhagen, Denmark: Three girlfriends prepare for a special night out at a secret underground sex party on the retired boat ILLUTRON. Each friend enjoys the party to her liking and one of the girls gets down and dirty with two men
S01E04 Barcelona / Croatia 16/09/2011 Barcelona, Spain: A straight couple has an unique fetish--they like to dress up in each other's clothes and party at a swingers club where cross dressing is mandatory on certain nights. Rovinj, Croatia: Three couples explore the beautiful city of Rovinj by foot and by boat. After a long day at sea, they explore the swingers club Anaconda where a woman and her snake greet them with a sexy performance before they all find their happy endings.
S01E05 Tokyo / Toronto 23/09/2011 Tokyo, Japan: On a lunch break, a Japanese salary man ventures to a local "soapland" to enjoy an erotic massage by two Japanese women. That evening he goes to a Japanese S&M sex club and lives out his fantasy of being dominated. Toronto, Canada: A lonely divorcee buys herself some sexy lingerie and attends an exclusive members-only sex club where she experiences her first orgy.
S01E06 Paris / St. Petersburg 30/09/2011 Paris, France: A young couple decides to take their sex life to another level by spending a night at the most exclusive swingers club in Paris, Les Chandelles, where they experience a menage a trois. St. Petersburg, Russia: A Russian woman attends a party featuring an erotic performance by the Neverporn Girls and later finds a man to make it an unforgettable night.
S02E01 Johannesburg / Montevideo 21/11/2012 Mel and his girlfriend, Jenna, are attending the Animal Instinct party in Johannesburg, South Africa and are on a swingers safari with other couples enjoying the wildlife and a wild night. Montevideo, Uruguay: Maia, a young school teacher and her boyfriend are chosen to lead a very exclusive swingers party in a private residence.
S02E02 Cote d'Azur / Buenos Aires 23/11/2012 Jean Luc and the other bachelor men are auctioned off to women in Cote D'Azur, France. The thrill and excitement of being purchased, but not knowing by whom, keeps Jean Luc on his toes and in for an adventurous evening. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sabrina and her boyfriend rent out a room at a love hotel. By nightfall they attend a swingers party and involve a third person to create the ultimate sexual fantasy.
S02E03 Cape Town / Rome 25/11/2012 Stephanie surprises her girlfriend, Amy, with an evening of erotic adventures in Capetown, South Africa. At their local club, Stephanie finds them a couple to share some pleasure with. Rome, Italy: By night, stuntman, Marco is a member of an exclusive swingers scene where parties are held in a spectacular castle. At the Bacchanalia party, he is swept into ancient times, filled with wine, fruit and beautiful women.
S02E04 Budapest / Athens 04/12/2012 Vivian and her boyfriend Gregor venture to a swimming pool nightclub in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary for a planned evening with their friends to swing and spice up their sex life. Athens, Greece: Georgia, a stage hostess, gets ready for another big night with the help from her servant man. Then she creates an unforgettable evening hosting mind-blowing performances.