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Skins U.S. est une virée sauvage dans la vie d'un groupe d'amis lycéens, traversant le champ miné de l'adolescence en mettant les pieds sur chacune des mines. Il y a Tony, mignon, spirituel, manipulateur, qui veut tout obtenir et l'obtient en général. Sa petite amie Michelle, belle et intelligente, mais pas assez pour se rendre compte que Tony n'est pas celui qu'il lui faut vraiment. Il s'agirait sans doute plutôt de Stanley, le meilleur ami de Tony, qui est tout ce que Tony n'est pas, ce qui n'est pas si mal en fin de compte. Il est coincé dans une relation avec Cadie, la nana la plus troublée qui soit au lycée, à moins que ce ne soit une autre de ses simulations. Chris est adorable, parce que tout le monde l'adore : aucune drogue ne lui est inconnue et aucun défi sexuel ne l'effraye. Tea, quant à elle, complique la vie de tout le monde. Tea aime les filles et les filles l'aiment en retour. Sans compter Abbud, musulman pas si pratiquant et Daisy, la fille responsable qui cherche quand même à briser quelques règles. Entre sexe, drogue et sentiments exacerbés, Skins US est une fosse sous tension, dans laquelle les personnages se lancent dans un pogo violent, pour briser des cœurs, brûler des cervelles, vivre sans limite et sans obstacle.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Skins (US)

S01E01 Tony 00/00/0000 Tony focuses on getting Stanley to lose his virginity with Cadie, even though Stanley actually likes Tony's girlfriend, Michelle. Stanley buys some weed to help him sleep with Cadie, but Cadie overdoses on pills, and her friends have to rush her to a hospital in the middle of a party. Cadie is fine, but the car they stole from the party (along with the weed) sinks in a lake. The episode ends with Tony and Stanley laying in Tony's bed.
S01E02 Tea 00/00/0000 Tea hooks up with Betty from her school after going to a night club. While she considers it a one-night stand and just wants sex, Betty wants more. Tea considers all the girls she sleeps with boring and doesn't think that anyone matches her. Stanley is being threatened by the drug dealer Dr. Le Dong after losing the weed. Tea's father sets her up on a blind date, unbeknownst to her that it is Tony. The two go on the date, get drunk, dances to (wade in the water), and then hook up. She immediately realizes that it was a mistake. The next day, Betty kisses Tea at school and everyone sees, including Tony who is a bit jealous. Michelle doesn't know that Tea and Tony hooked up. Tea comes into her grandmother's room (Nana) and Nana tells how she was in love with a woman during the time Eisenhower was president and that she couldn't be with her due to the religious and social norms of the day. Tea begins to cry. The episode ends with Tony calling Tea. Tea says it can't work out, but Tony says that he is her match. Betty calls and Tea ignores it, hanging up with Tony as well. She gets up and starts dancing to (wade in the water) on her iPod
S01E03 Chris 00/00/0000 Chris decides to throw a party when his mom leaves for the weekend.
S01E04 Cadie 00/00/0000 Cadie tries to come to terms with her obsessive-compulsive disorder.
S01E05 Stanley 00/00/0000 Stanley is torn between his feelings for Cadie and Michelle and Tony again tries to help him out. Meanwhile, Stanley and his dad work on their strained relationship.
S01E06 Abbud 00/00/0000 The class goes on a camping trip in the Canadian woods where Abbud sees an axe-wielding figure and tries to explain his feelings to Tea.
S01E07 Michelle 00/00/0000 Michelle is fed up with Tony's cheating and she berates Tony and some of the girls for keeping this from her. However, it's clear that getting over Tony will be harder than Michelle thought.
S01E08 Daisy 00/00/0000 When Daisy finally saves the money she needs to do an audition and expand her musical talents, the unexpected takes place. A fateful party thrown by a self destructive little sister changes everything. The gang decides to put differences aside to help her. Meanwhile Daisy's father has a few demons to over come, and only Daisy can help him.
S01E09 Tina 00/00/0000 Tina tries to end things with Chris before anyone takes notice. But things have already gotten out of hand and Tina could be in more trouble than she thinks.
S01E10 Eura/Everyone 00/00/0000 Tony must recruit his friends in order to help find his missing sister.