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Schuyler J. ("Sky") King of the Flying Crown Ranch and his niece Penny fight the evil that men do and take arms against a sea of troubles in Sky's plane, the Songbird. The aerodynamic Western. Adapted from the radio series Sky King (1946-1954).


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sky King

S01E01 Operation Urgent 05/04/1952 During a fierce thunderstorm, Sky picks up a mayday call from a Air Force courier plane which is about to run out of gas. The Air Force request Sky's assistance in locating the downed aircraft because the pilot is transporting secret documents that are of interest to foreign governments. Sky locates the plane wreck, but the pilot is nowhere to be found. When he discovers that the navigational instruments have been tampered with, Sky fears that enemy agents may have located and stolen the secret plans and are headed for the nearby Mexican border.
S01E02 Carrier Pigeon 19/04/1952 When Penny discovers a wounded carrier pigeon carrying a valuable ruby attached to its leg, Sky suspects a gang of jewel smugglers is operating in the area. With the help of a Mexican police detective, Sky sets up to break up the criminal operation.
S01E03 Stagecoach Robbers 03/05/1952 A crooked express agent fakes a hold-up to steal gold from his company's vault. He uses an old stagecoach to get the stolen loot out of town.
S01E04 Deadly Cargo 17/05/1952 While helping a friend run his freight airline after an accident, Sky stumbles across a gold-smuggling operation.
S01E05 Jim Bell's Triumph 31/05/1952 Sky's efforts to prove corruption in the county clerk's office nearly result in disaster, when Sky's foreman, a non-pilot, must land the Songbird when Clipper becomes too ill to fly the plane.
S01E06 Designing Women 14/06/1952 Sky becomes suspicious when a Eastern woman shows up in Grover claiming to be the long-lost niece and heir of a dead rancher.
S01E07 One for the Money 28/06/1952 Penny picks up the wrong suitcase at the airport and discovers it's full of counterfeit money. Sky suspects that a young former engraver might be involved.
S01E08 Danger Point 12/07/1952 A rancher disinherits his nephew in favor of his young son. When the rancher is murdered the young man is blamed. Sky hopes that by faking a jailbreak, the real murderer will be forced into the open, but the plan backfires when Clipper and the young man are kidnapped.
S01E09 Desperate Character 26/07/1952 Sky King picks up a young hitchhiker who refuses to divulge his identity, or where he's been or going. Determined to fill in the blank spaces on the young man's resume, Sky learns that he is an escapee from a boy's reformatory who was involved in a recent bank robbery.
S01E10 The Man Who Forgot 09/08/1952 A young rancher disappears after the man attempting to foreclose on his mortgage is murdered. Sky is convinced that the man is innocent and that there's another explanation for the man's apparent flight.
S01E11 The Threatening Bomb 23/08/1952 Eastern gangsters set up a protection racket near Grover and the local ranchers appeal to Sky for help.
S01E12 Speak No Evil 06/09/1952 The drug Sky delivers to a critically ill man does more than save his life; the medicine causes the man to confess that he's a former criminal who has attempted to go straight.
S01E13 Two-Gun Penny 20/09/1952 Angry that Sky and Clipper won't allow her to join the search for a missing refugee professor, Penny slaps on a pair of six-shooters and launches her own investigation.
S01E14 Formula for Fear 04/10/1952 Penny sees a man escape from a doctor's office, and is informed that the man is a dangerous mental patient. Sky looks into the incident, and soon finds himself mixed up in foreign spies and poison gas.
S01E15 The Giant Eagle 18/10/1952 Sky investigates a series of mysterious payroll robberies, where the police chase the robbers only to see their getaway car mysteriously disappear.
S01E16 Blackmail 08/11/1952 A local banker is blackmailed by two former confederates who aware of a crime he committed over twenty years ago and was never apprehended.
S01E17 Wings of Justice 22/11/1952 A couple of Easterners claim to have traveled west to visit a dude ranch, but are actually a pair of con artists willing to commit murder to obtain a ranch with a rich uranium deposit on it.
S01E18 Destruction from the Sky 06/12/1952 Sky teams up with a military intelligence officer to track down a foreign agent who blew up a secret government project.
S01E19 The Porcelain Lion 20/12/1952 Sky stumbles across a dead pilot and suspicious looking plane wreck and discovers that the man was murdered and the crash never happened. He learns that the plane was carrying a number of valuable pieces of ancient Chinese art, all of which are missing from the plane's cargo hold.
S02E01 The Neckerchief 02/01/1956 A young bandit in Sky's custody.
S02E02 Man Hunt 02/01/1956 A local boy is kidnapped by convicts on the run.
S02E03 The Plastic Ghost 09/01/1956 SOS in a ghost town.
S02E04 The Rainbird 09/01/1956 A medicine man must bring rain.
S02E05 The Crystal Trap 30/01/1956 A map to uranium mines is stolen.
S02E06 The Red Tentacle 30/01/1956 A code of silence hinders terrorized local Chinese.
S02E07 Boomerang 06/02/1956 An émigré scientist is blackmailed.
S02E08 The Geiger Detective 06/02/1956 Sky tracks down robbers who have taken an old miner hostage.
S02E09 The Golden Burro 27/02/1956 An old miner transporting ore through the desert.
S02E10 Rustlers on Wheels 05/03/1956 A state of the art operation.
S02E11 The Silver Grave 05/03/1956 Tales of the past lead Sky a merry chase.
S02E12 Uninvited Death 12/03/1956 A foreign agent boobytraps Sky's car at a military weapons testing facility.
S02E13 Fish out of Water 19/03/1956 A convict seeks vengeance.
S02E14 Diamonds on a Sky-Hook 26/03/1956 A new way to ferry valuables.
S02E15 Flood of Fury 02/04/1956 Sky rescues a gang plotting a bank robbery.
S02E16 Rocket Story 02/04/1956 Before a missile test, one of Sky's guests is an impostor.
S02E17 Rodeo Roundup 23/04/1956 A show holdup turns legit at the Rodeo.
S02E18 Showdown 23/04/1956 Horsethieves.
S02E19 Land o'Cotton 30/04/1956 Mexicans face involuntary servitude.
S02E20 Dust of Destruction 30/04/1956 Someone has sabotaged a young rancher's harvest.
S03E01 Mystery Horse 29/12/1957 A thoroughbred in a canyon.
S03E02 Double Trouble 29/12/1957 Sky pilots a Navy jet to stop a lookalike flying with explosives in the Songbird toward a military base.
S03E03 Note for a Dam 05/01/1958 Sky and Penny are held captive by a maniac planning to dynamite a waterworks.
S03E04 Bad Actor 05/01/1958 A film unit on location isn't everything it seems.
S03E05 Fight for Oil 12/01/1958 An oilman faces opposition.
S03E06 Lost Boy 12/01/1958 The way to find a boy in the desert is with the Songbird.
S03E07 The Brain and the Brawn 26/01/1958 Mind over matter at the county fair.
S03E08 The Feathered Serpent 26/01/1958 Sky's on the trail of a homing pigeon carrying a jewel.
S03E09 The Circus Clown Mystery 22/02/1958 An unusual suspect description leads Sky and Penny to the big top.
S03E10 Dead Man's Will 22/02/1958 A land dispute takes some investigating to settle.
S03E11 Cindy, Come Home 09/03/1958 A little girl pines away for her absent father.
S03E12 Rodeo Decathlon 09/03/1958 Sky fills in for an injured athlete.
S03E13 Abracadabra 09/03/1958 A famous magician hocus-pocuses a diamond.
S03E14 Triple Exposure 09/03/1958 Philately and the press.
S03E15 The Haunted Castle 16/03/1958 Strange phenomena under investigation.
S03E16 Manhunt 16/03/1958 A fugitive under a misapprehension flees to Mexico.
S03E17 Danger at the Sawmill 16/03/1958 Trouble in the works.
S03E18 Sleight of Hand 23/03/1958 Sharpers lay a snare.
S03E19 The Runaway 23/03/1958 Davey heads for the hills with desperadoes at his heels.
S03E20 Stop That Train 30/03/1958 Dynamiters kidnap Penny.