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A very special kind of walkthrough.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Skyrim For Pimps

S01E01 DON'T ATTACK THE CHICKENS 14/12/2011 The pilot episode of the Skyrim For Pimps and the first episode of Season 1. This episode also has a second name mentioned during the episode's intro: "Dope Overview". It is centered around Cock Nibbler, who is sidelined by Fün Tits for the rest of the season.
S01E02 Quest For The Demon Horse Shadowmere 04/01/2012 This episode begins the "very special kind of walkthrough" for the Dark Brotherhood quest-line in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
S01E03 Licking Astrid 12/01/2012 This episode continues the "very special kind of walkthrough" for the Dark Brotherhood quest-line in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
S01E04 Fun With Assassinations 24/01/2012 After her visit with The Oracles, Fün Tits begins her quest for triple murder that was assigned to her by Astrid of The Dark Brotherhood.
S01E05 Lover's Quarrel 01/02/2012 The episode begins with Emre proposing the idea that Fün Tits should try to seduce Astrid's husband, Arnbjorn, so that Astrid will want to leave him. This would allow Fün to have Astrid to herself...
S01E06 Hiding In Grandma's Coffin 07/02/2012 Astrid tricks Fun Tits into hiding in her grandma's coffin. Then Fun Tits assassinates a chicken and some vampires.
S01E07 Werewolf Wedding Crasher 14/02/2012 Fün is charged with the assassination of a bride on her wedding day, and does it in the pimpest way possible.
S01E08 Behold...SHADOWMERE! 22/02/2012 Fün fills out all the necessary assassin paperwork and finally gets her horse. More Skyrim coming soon as we continue the Brotherhood storyline.
S01E09 Fün Tits' Journal 28/02/2012 Fün electrocutes Cicero, and then shares her journal with Astrid.
S01E10 Epic Meal Crime 06/03/2012 Fün goes on a decapitation spree while attempting to murder the Emperor with soup.
S01E11 Astrid?! NOOOOO! 13/03/2012 Astrid and Fün's relationship meets a fiery climax. Fün must do the unthinkable and kill Astrid! But is it really over?
S01E12 Time Travel in Skyrim: Back to the Fü-ture 21/03/2012 Fün travels through time in a desperate attempt to save Astrid's life in the Fün Tits Saga Finale!
S01E13 Fün's Lost Treasure 04/04/2012 Previously undiscovered hilarity from Fün Tits' treasure chest. This episode includes deleted scenes from throughout Fün Tits' adventures during the first season. It is the only episode of the series to be considered non-canon.
S02E01 A Pimp Goes to College 25/04/2012 Skyrim for Pimps is back with a new hero: Crotch Guzzler! After he's finally kicked out of his parents' house, this 230 year old Elf prankster decides it's time to do something with his life and goes off to College.
S02E02 Bad Intentions 01/05/2012 Crotch Guzzler gives it the old College try. In this episode he tracks down some overdue library books, catches a glimpse of the finest butt in Skyrim, and partakes in the most obviously epic quest imaginable.
S02E03 The Augur of Freeman 09/05/2012 Crotch Guzzler discovers The Most Boring Thing In Skyrim!
S02E04 The Staff of Boredom 23/05/2012 Crotch Guzzler continues to pursue his exciting degree in "following" at the Mage's College by tracking down the legendary Staff of Magnus. After days of tests, listening, note taking, and general school-time boredom, suddenly something actually exciting happens!
S02E05 Tolfdir's Accident 30/05/2012 Tolfdir has a tragic and unavoidable accident, Crotch Guzzler defeats the sexy-ass Elf Ancano, and becomes the Arch-Mage of Winterhold! But he soon finds out the job isn't quite what it's cracked up to be...
S02E06 Sex with Brelyna 06/06/2012 Crotch agrees to a drinking contest, but it goes horribly wrong when a shady man slips a roofie in his drink. After a night of debauchery and goat theft, Crotch finally decides it's time to settle down and get married.
S02E07 Sexy Party 13/06/2012 After realizing he's once more bored with his life, Arch-Mage Crotch decides to break up with his girlfriend Brelyna and crashes a classy graduation party!
S02E08 Daedric Blind Date 20/06/2012 Crotch agrees to a drinking contest, but it goes horribly wrong when a shady man slips a roofie in his drink. After a night of debauchery and goat theft, Crotch finally decides it's time to settle down and get married.
S02E09 Crotch Gets Hitched 04/07/2012 Crotch Guzzler moves into his new wife's house, and sets out to prove to her that he's more than just an Arch-Janitor. However, he quickly becomes suspicious of her strange schedule - staying out all night, and then coming home at 6 in the morning...
S02E10 Daedric Asthma Attack 13/07/2012 Crotch gets in a fight with his wife, so he decides to blow off some steam with the Oracles. In Dawnstar he meets a weird guy named Erandur, and goes off to see what he THINKS is a nonsensical Art Gallery, but it turns out to be some sort of Daedric asthma study...
S02E11 Crotch vs Winterhold 25/07/2012 In the season 2 finale of Skyrim For Pimps, we see who Crotch Guzzler truly is when he returns to the College of Winterhold and murders everyone. Needless to say, it's fascinating.
S03E01 Dawnguard Begins! 01/08/2012 Fün Tits is back in all her glory! Sensing a possible cure for Astrid in vampirism, Fün begins the Skyrim Dawnguard quest and meets the beautiful vampire Serana.
S03E02 Huge Vampire Wang 04/08/2012 Fün travels to castle Volkihar where she meets Serana's father, Lord Hardon. Err, I mean Lord HARKon. He offers Fün the ultimate gift - the chance to be a sexy and powerful Vampire Lord! For her first mission with her new powers, Fün travels to a skooma den where she kills all sorts of losers, and finds a couple shit buckets!
S03E03 Stupid Moth Priest 08/08/2012 Fun Tits goes on a quest to find the Moth Priest. Along the way she kills a bunch of stuff and finds the remains of the students of Winterhold.
S03E04 Kung Fu Skeleton 15/08/2012 Fün Tits goes on an adventure to find some stuff while Serena babbles about things. But at least she has a funny ninja skeleton that runs like an idiot.
S03E05 Quest for the Skeleton Horse 24/08/2012 Fün Tits goes on an adventure with Serena to meet Serena's vampire mom who is a stuffy cold bitch.
S03E06 Failure Dragon 31/08/2012 Fün Tits goes on an adventure with Serena to meet Serena's vampire mom who is a stuffy cold bitch. Eventually they encounter a dragon and he's a total loser. So they make fun of him.
S03E07 Arrow to the Face 07/09/2012 Fün Tits goes on an adventure with Serena to put an arrow through some woman's face. When that somehow doesn't kill her, they put an icicle through her cold heart.
S03E08 When Tits Met Crotch 14/09/2012 Fün Tits goes on an adventure to the College of Winterhold and meets a weird guy named Crotch Guzzler. This guy has issues.
S03E09 How to Make Love to a Moth 21/09/2012 Fün gets the last Elder Scroll from Crotch's house, finds a cave full of sexy moths, and gets super high trying to read it.
S03E10 Magic Gazebos 29/09/2012 Fün goes on an adventure to get a bow to kick the sun's ass.
S03E11 The Fabulous Falmers 05/10/2012 After discovering a couple more dumb gazebos, we visit the home of the blind Falmer elves who make shitty bridges with holes in them and traps that are good for playing practical jokes on your friends.
S03E12 Grudge Match of the Century 10/10/2012 After discovering a couple more dumb gazebos, Fun Tits kills some more sluts, fights the ultimate fight, and turns the sun into an anus.
S03E13 Walking the Dead 19/10/2012 The season 3 Finale is here! Fün Tits recruits Crotch Guzzler to permanently resurrect her long lost love Astrid, but then faces an impossible choice: Serana or Astrid?
S04E01 House of Crotch 07/01/2013 The season 4 premiere is here! Crotch is back and needs to build a home for him and his drug peddling wife to raise a family in. Also, Crotch needs more space for his skull collection.
S04E02 Married with Children 14/01/2013 Crotch has settled down and needs some kids. No time to make any, he's going to get a couple of cheap used kids. Now it's time to teach them life lessons like kill anyone who moderately upsets you and display your dead ex girlfriend as a trophy.
S04E03 Honey, I Killed the Kids 22/01/2013 Crotch has settled down with his wife and newly purchased children. In that short time he's already murdered their house musician/cook/maid. Now he accidentally hugs his son too hard and has to hide Hroar's remains from Ysolda.
S04E04 Crotch Goes to Jail 28/01/2013 Crotch goes on an adventure with his "dead" son to find the perfect pancake syrup pouring device. But his crazy antics land his ass in the slammer.
S04E05 I Hate Mushrooms 05/02/2013 Crotch goes on an adventure with his "dead" son to find more pancake ingredients. This time he needs some special mushrooms. Where else can he go but to the mushroom kingdom?
S04E06 Sex with George Lucas 12/02/2013 Crotch gets the rest of the pancake ingredients. But finds out his wife may have been unfaithful in his absence with a certain creator of Star Wars...
S04E07 Pancake Apocalypse 19/02/2013 Crotch has finally finished making the super special pancakes and now it's time to feed his family as the good provider that he is.
S04E08 Morrowind Sucks 28/02/2013 Fun is back, but some mischief has left her loved ones dead...again. So now it's time to find Crotch Guzzler, but before she does that she needs to head to Morrowind.
S04E09 A New Girlfriend? 05/03/2013 Fun is back, and since Serena and Astrid are dead (again) she's on the prowl for a new girlfriend.
S04E10 Skyrim Booty Shake 12/03/2013 Fun is on the prowl for some action. Along the way some douchebags get in the way and must be ended.
S04E11 The Dickromancer 19/03/2013 Fun continues her hunt for the fuck face who killed her sluts, never did you imagine she'd run into a guy who is in the business of romancing dicks.
S04E12 Dead and Nude 26/03/2013 Fün continues her hunt for the fuck face who killed her sluts, she then runs in to a boring monster thing that is fascinated with books. Tolfdir reborn perhaps?
S04E13 Marshmallow Citadel 03/04/2013 Fün continues her hunt for the fuck face who killed her sluts, in the mean time she has to hang out with Shredder and watch him being a dumb ass.
S04E14 Comedy Goblins 09/04/2013 Fün gets a new house and hangs out with Shredder. They find some pirate treasure and hang out with some comedy goblins.
S04E15 Tomb of Gold 16/04/2013 Fün and Shredder find a tomb of gold, then go back to the village and rob some bitches.
S04E16 Death Pit 30/04/2013 Fün tries to sacrifice some guy, then realizes she didn't need to.
S04E17 Really Really Awful Dungeons Episode 08/05/2013 Fün goes in to some of the worst dungeons in all of Skyrim and tries to make it not suck.
S04E18 Tentacle Storn 14/05/2013 Fün gets ever closer to resurrecting her lovers, but first she must deal with more comedy goblins.
S04E19 Double Dragonborn 22/05/2013 Fün enters a battle to the finish with good old Crotch Guzzler.
S05E01 Soggy Balls 19/06/2013 Skyrim for Pimps is back, right where it left off..sort of. Enter our new character, S'oggy Balls.
S05E02 Friendship Smash 25/06/2013 S'oggy Balls tries to make new friends.
S05E03 A Little CatDog 03/07/2013 'oggy Balls tries to get a girlfriend and becomes a catdog in the process.
S05E04 General Burnside 09/07/2013 S'oggy Balls has WAY too much skooma, but in the end gets a new buddy.
S05E05 Unexpecto Patronum 16/07/2013 Our intrepid hero S'oggyballs is on a mission to slay a great white beast! Along the way he has a Werewolf party, choke-slams some dipshits, and learns just how powerful his little buddy General Burnside actually is.
S05E06 Turkey Time 23/07/2013 It's Turkey Time in Skyrim! General Burnside loves turkey. S'oggyballs gets high on Skooma, kills a few witches, and tragedy befalls Kornsack... Cognac... Kodak... Whatever his name is.
S05E07 Wuuthrad 02/08/2013 S'oggyballs and his fellow companions wipe out the Silver Hand, then reforge the Wuuthrad. It's super exciting, you won't want to miss it!
S05E08 Sex With Aela 06/08/2013 S'oggyballs finally tricks Aela in to touching his special kitty parts. He plays a prank on Farkas, and encounters some strange people and goes to Riften. Lots of people die.
S05E09 The Thieves Guild 14/08/2013 S'oggyballs joins the Thieves Guild and continues his trickery and mischief. Then people die.
S05E10 Aela's New Outfits 27/08/2013 S'oggyballs helps Aela get new outfits and then is sent by the Thieves Guild to complete a mission by breaking in to some homes. S'oggy finds thieving to have a lot less body slamming and killing than he was hoping.
S05E11 Hide and Go Smash 03/09/2013 S'oggyballs continues his quest to be the best thief, but he's still not sure about the rules regarding smashing people.
S05E12 When T*ts Met Balls 14/09/2013 S'oggyballs smashes some stupid people and encounters a weird lady.
S05E13 Grand Theft Solitude 18/09/2013 S'oggyballs decides to pull off the crime of the century. Then moves on to the quest to feed General Burnside.
S05E14 S'oggy Sketch Artist 03/10/2013 S'oggyballs "writes" a letter to Ysolda to learn how to read.
S05E15 Sneaky Lizard 09/10/2013 S'oggyballs is forced to get sneakier when he must follow Gulum-Ei. Naturally, he's very subtle.
S05E16 Fish Stick 19/10/2013 S'oggyballs discovers a magical weapon, and throws it away. He then writes a very special letter to his pal, Ysolda.
S05E17 Invisible Wank Job 23/10/2013 S'oggyballs follows Mercer Frey and hears a tale, the tale of the greatest hand job ever given.
S05E18 Reading Retart 05/11/2013 S'oggyballs encounters Crotch Guzzler for the first time. He then goes on his way to learn to read.
S05E19 Playnord 28/11/2013 S'oggyballs runs into some drunk douchebag, tries to find Mercer Frey's hidden stash of adult magazines, and General Burnside goes crazy on Ice Cream!
S05E20 Secret Cake Thief 13/12/2013 S'oggy breaks into a suspicious cupboard and finds the makings for secret cake. And then he tries vainly to hear what Karliah is saying.
S05E21 Ysolda Gets Hitched 06/01/2014 S'oggy defeats Mercer Frey in a battle of the century and then attends to blissful union of his good friend Ysolda and an asshole.
S05E22 Nocturnal Submission 21/01/2014 S'oggy is now the leader of the thieves guild, a "crappy" desk job. He decides to go searching for Nocturnal, the hot nasty god of kink.
S05E23 Stoned Khajiit 04/02/2014 S'oggy returns to Elsweyr only to find that all his fellow Khajiit have taken some really bad skooma.
S05E24 Pirate Steampunk Airship Cat 20/02/2014 Soggy gets his own airship dirigible and continues to try to improve the drugs his fellow khajiit shoot up.
S05E25 Flying Dogs 06/03/2014 Soggy gets his own airship dirigible and continues to try to improve the drugs his fellow khajiit shoot up.
S05E26 Diabetes Anderson 25/03/2014 Soggy completes his adventure in Elswyr and begins to return to Skyrim...
S05E27 Skooma Face 02/04/2014 Soggy completes his adventure in Elswyr and begins to return to Skyrim...
S05E28 Revenge of the Pu*s 17/04/2014 S'oggy discovered what happened to his brother, J'zargo, and, by Sithis, vows revenge!
S05E29 To Kill a Dragonborn 08/05/2014 S'oggy Balls attempts to learn how to kill a Dragonborn from Paarthurnax, a dragon.
S05E30 Skooma Parley 31/05/2014 The story ends....
S05E31 After Sex With Aela 18/06/2014 The story returns...briefly...
S05E32 Survival Horror Dungeon 16/07/2014 The story returns...briefly...again...
S05E33 Who's Your Shadow Daddy? 15/08/2014 The story returns...briefly...again...once more...
S06E01 Kill the Chickens 01/10/2014 It all begins...again....
S06E02 Kinky Wizard 08/10/2014 Cock Nibbler continues on his quest to find oblivion. Not the place, I mean he wants to be dead.
S06E03 The Moose-Born 18/10/2014 Cock Nibbler meets the Game Society gods and then learns what it means to be the Moose-Born.
S06E04 Mai Dik 05/11/2014 Cock Nibbler defeats a dragon and then encounters a legendary goblin known as Mai Dik. Which triggers some deep memories...
S06E05 Hobo Talent Show 12/11/2014 Cock Nibbler meets up with an old homeless friend.
S06E06 Song of Mai Dik 08/12/2014 Cock Nibbler finds Mai Dik at the Bannered Mare, but some crazy cat-man prevents him from killing Mai Dik.
S06E07 Sexy Fan 13/12/2014 Cock Nibbler encounters his worst nightmare, a fan who is hot for him.
S06E08 Winterhold SUCKS 25/12/2014 Cock Nibbler learns just how much Winterhold sucks.
S06E09 Wrestling Hobo 16/01/2015
S06E10 Pastel HELL 13/02/2015
S06E11 Licking Saadia 18/02/2015
S06E12 Tittlywinks 07/03/2015
S06E13 Crazed Courier 12/03/2015
S06E14 Werewolf Drug Addict 22/03/2015
S06E15 Horse Thief 03/04/2015
S06E16 SExpress Mail 11/04/2015
S06E17 Erik The Cabbage Slayer 29/04/2015
S06E18 The Real Slim Nibbler 08/05/2015
S06E19 Naked Cave People 01/06/2015
S06E20 The Spy Who Bugged Me 20/06/2015
S06E21 The Cook Did It 03/07/2015
S06E22 Club Hobos 21/07/2015
S06E23 The Lich Dome 11/08/2015
S06E24 Flying in Skyrim 05/09/2015
S06E25 Drag 'N Rend 09/09/2015
S06E26 Giant Chicken Army 23/09/2015
S06E27 Venison, King of Dinner 16/10/2015
S06E28 Fellowship of the C**k Ring 28/10/2015
S06E29 Immortal Kombat 04/11/2015
S06E30 Heavy Metal Musical 30/11/2015
S06E31 Main Quest Completed 14/01/2016
S06E32 Dark Sisterhood 14/02/2016
S06E33 How To Detect Virgins 21/02/2016
S06E34 Fresh, Unviolated Slaves 08/03/2016
S06E35 Stabby White & the 7 Corpses 31/03/2016
S06E36 Apple Assassin 05/04/2016
S06E37 Dead Kid 03/05/2016
S06E38 Demonic Penetration 25/05/2016
S06E39 Quest For Skin 26/07/2016
S06E40 Fear and Loathing in Skyrim 23/10/2016

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