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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Skysurfer Strike Force

S01E01 City of Terror 10/09/1995 Trying to learn the secret behind the mysterious death of Jack's father, scientist Abraham Holister, the team finds an experimental VR memory helmet that could reveal the villainous Cybron's real identity.
S01E02 Alien Attack 17/09/1995 Cybron steals a DNA disk from a space prison, intending to reconstitute the aliens back on Earth. And the Strike Force may be powerless to stop him -- Skysurfer look-alikes have staged a raid so as to discredit the heroes.
S01E03 Cyber-magic 24/09/1995
S01E04 Death Paint 01/10/1995 Cybron's latest scheme involves three kidnapped scientists and a satellite designed to control the skies. It's up to the Strike Force to stop him again.
S01E05 Titan of Terror 08/10/1995 Cybron combines his DNA Matrix with a Human Growth Formula and transforms Sliced Ice into a Bio-Borg 50 feet tall, putting in motion his plan to have her kidnap the President of the United States from an upcoming peace conference on board a train. Can the Strike Force save their friend and stop Cybron?
S01E06 Time Storm 15/10/1995
S01E07 Mountain of Fear 22/10/1995
S01E08 Voodoo Master 05/11/1995 Crazy Stunts stumbles upon Cybron's latest scheme: to use a sleeping gas to send the entire city into dreamland. Meanwhile, Air Enforcer travels to New Orleans to save his nephew from a villainous street gang, but he learns that all the criminals in the city are ruled by the dangerous Bio-Borgs.
S01E09 The Ancient City 12/11/1995 In Hawaii, Air Enforcer and Crazy Stunts must prevent Cybron and his Bio-Borgs from causing a huge tidal wave by releasing a lava flow. The Strike Force must also save Air Enforcer's mother, who has been kidnapped.
S01E10 The Dogs of Doom 19/11/1995
S01E11 Life Force 26/11/1995
S01E12 Killer Ants 03/12/1995
S01E13 Terror Toons 10/12/1995
S02E01 The Black Box 07/09/1996
S02E02 Terror in the Jungle 14/09/1996
S02E03 The Crawling Horror 21/09/1996
S02E04 Crime City 28/09/1996
S02E05 The Water Beast 30/09/1996
S02E06 The Price of Freedom 01/10/1996
S02E07 Two Minute Warning 02/10/1996
S02E08 Island of Fear 03/10/1996
S02E09 Diamonds of Death 04/10/1996
S02E10 Attack of the Slitha Monsters (1) 05/10/1996
S02E11 Attack of the Slitha Monsters (2) 12/10/1996
S02E12 Sword of Power 19/10/1996
S02E13 Danger in Space 26/10/1996