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A group of friends resides in rural Alaska.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Slednecks

S01E01 Wash Away Your Sins 30/10/2014 Kelly and Sierra have hostility over Kelly's bad behavior; the gang does outdoor activities in extreme temperatures.
S01E02 Turn Down for Zeke 30/10/2014 Zeke seeks financial advice from Dylan; Trevor challenges Dylan in Alaskan tug o' war; Sierra gets physical with Kelly and Tosca.
S01E03 Operation Revenge 30/10/2014 Sierra steals Kelly's shoes, forcing him to retaliate; Tosca defends Trevor; the ladies participate in a "Wild Women of Alaska" photoshoot.
S01E04 Roommate Romp 06/11/2014 Amber and Zeke fight their mutual attraction; Kelly and Dylan use "Alaskan Roulette" to determine who gets the better bedroom.
S01E05 Breakup Season Party 06/11/2014 Dylan encourages Kelly to return to MMA fighting; cast members have a party to celebrate Spring; Zeke rescues Amber from a fight.
S01E06 Thrilla in Wasilla 13/11/2014 Kelly participates in an MMA fight; things heat up between Kelly and Sierra at an after party; a wager results in naked snowboarding.
S01E07 Hell Week 13/11/2014 Tosca tries to move on; Trevor and Kelly must endure Hell Week at the shop in order to borrow airboats.
S01E08 Raft'N Romance 20/11/2014 The awkwardness between Tosca and Trevor turns romantic on a group camping trip, when Trevor is heroic. The gang has fun celebrating Amber's birthday, enjoying all that the Alaskan wilderness has to offer.
S01E09 Arctic Adventure 20/11/2014 Jackie takes Dylan, Zeke, Amber and Sierra up to visit her hometown fishing village, Kotzebue. City boy, Dylan uses the trip to the Arctic as an opportunity to prove that he is just as Alaskan as Zeke
S01E10 Girl Fight! 20/11/2014 When Kelly and Sam get comfortable in a homemade hot tub, then later Sierra discovers them in a compromising situation, Sierra's emotions come out, and the two girls get physical over Kelly.
S01E11 Party Island 04/12/2014 Dylan persuades Zeke to join him in dancing for a cougar-filled bachelorette party. Trevor puts his fungineering skills to work turning living room furniture into floatation devices for fun times at Party Island .
S01E12 Glacial Facial 04/12/2014 Amber, Sierra and Jackie go to a glacier for a girls' spa day before Jackie's boyfriend, Michael arrives. Trevor, Kelly and Zeke give Michael a warm welcome to Wasilla, but first impressions aren't great and things go bad.
S01E13 You've Been Chili'd 11/12/2014 Trevor and Zeke construct a catapult to fling food at their friends; Big Mike is pushed to the edge. And when Trevor won't let it go, tempers flare and fists fly.
S01E14 That's My Bitch 11/12/2014 The gang joins together for a skirmish on the slopes; the prize is electing a "bitch for a week". While on the slope, Zeke pushes the limits with an insane snow machine jump.
S01E15 Roommate From Hell 18/12/2014 When Tosca moves in with Trevor, he builds a special housewarming gift for her, but tensions rise with the other roommates when things get out of control at a party Tosca throws.
S01E16 Body Shots and a Bear Job 18/12/2014 Zeke introduces Amber to his mom but things get tense when he won't call Amber his girlfriend. And when Zeke goes out with the boys he discovers that Amber is getting into body shot trouble with the girls
S01E17 Gears, Sparkles & Broken Hearts 18/12/2014 Kelly and Trevor go head to head for a promotion, and Tosca is hesitant to tell Trevor she's leaving to pursue her dream.
S01E18 Longest Party Ever! 18/12/2014 The crew makes the most of the Summer Solstice.

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