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Featuring light entertainment legend Bruce Forsyth in his only sitcom role, Slinger's Day charts the trials and tribulations of the beleaguered manager of a London supermarket. This hilarious Thames series boasts scripts by veteran comedy writers Brian Cooke and Vince Powell, Sorry creators Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent, and novelist Alex Shearer. This set contains both series. Environmental protesters, a shoplifting epidemic, a burgeoning butter mountain and largely incompetent staff are just a few of the problems facing Cecil Slinger, the new manager of Supafare. And just how is he supposed to offload 560 packets of Jacobson's Savoury Fishcakes when no-one wants to buy them? Slinger has to concede that the public doesn't respond to lying, cheating and deception any more. Whatever happened to the old values?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Slinger's Day

S01E01 New Management 00/00/0000 New manager Cecil Slinger arrives for his first day in charge of the dysfunctional Supafare branch. But confusion with a visitor means welcome celebrations have already begun, and they don't get off to the best start...
S01E02 Going Bananas 00/00/0000 Dottie comes into work sporting a set of new, ridiculously long fake eyelashes, causing much chatter amongst the staff. Meanwhile, Mr Christian is keen on re-arranging the fruit displays - until he spots a large spider in a box of African bananas.
S01E03 Butter Wouldn't Melt 00/00/0000 Cecil gets in touch with an old flame, but after 20 years apart will they recognise each other? Meanwhile, a large delivery of EEC surplus butter has arrived; but Slinger's main concern is an orphan caught shoplifting...
S01E04 A RIght Royal Mix-Up 00/00/0000 Another frustrating week for Cecil Stringer is given an unexpected boost when he learns that the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, will be in the area the following day and wish to pay his store a visit.
S01E05 Black Letter Day 00/00/0000 As if his ex-wife's demands for more money weren't bad enough, Slinger's boss decides to drop in - and he could have news on the Watford hypermarket role. Of course, if Sylvia doesn't start paying attention, Cecil won't have a job to be promoted from!
S01E06 The Night Shift 00/00/0000 With cut-price competition newly opened across the road, Slinger is forced to try late night opening hours in order to attract customers back to Supafare. Unfortunately he only has limited success, and it's not long before head office are on the phone.
S02E01 Lost and Found 00/00/0000 Sylvia's now left Supafare, and Slinger's on the search for a new secretary. Her departure appears to have played heavily on Fred, who announces he feels it's time to return to Ireland. Slinger, meanwhile, is thrown into disarray during his lunch break.
S02E02 Whose Baby? 00/00/0000 Slinger's discovery of a baby in the storeroom brings out his more caring side - but only for the infant! Fred, meanwhile, is nursing the hangover from Hell.
S02E03 Taken for a Ride 00/00/0000 Mr Christian's back from holiday, but an extra pair of hands don't stop Slinger from making a big mistake with the previous day's takings. And all after warning the staff of falling for obvious scams! Wilkins, meanwhile, is rather worse for wear - not helped by being force-fed a new mushroom yoghurt.
S02E04 Initiative 00/00/0000 After accidentally ordering 560 packets of fish cakes, Slinger sets the staff the task of flogging every last pack by any means necessary. Poor Fred is thrown right in at the deep end.
S02E05 The Stocktake 00/00/0000 Slinger and Mr. Christian have a stocktake planned for Bank Holiday Monday. Eventually, and rather reluctantly, the full crew ensemble as ordered on Monday morning - but havoc is soon wrought when the stock room appears to contain one case of whisky too many!
S02E06 A Pane in the Neck 00/00/0000 When one of the windows at the front of the store is smashed by Hardie's over-enthusiastic 'slinging', Cecil finds himself ordered by the new company chairman to personally stay in the building overnight until the pane can be replaced...