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John Barrowman meets pets struggling with an array of ailments and shows how a team of specialists come to their rescue


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Small Animal Hospital

S01E01 Shadow the Labrador and Dudley the Pig 03/11/2014
S01E02 Max, Lardy Labs and Rebellious Reptiles 04/11/2014
S01E03 Nico the Japanese Akita and Oscar the Cat 05/11/2014
S01E04 Cara the Collie and Mischief the Cat 06/11/2014
S01E05 Hooligan Jack and Milly the Collie 07/11/2014
S01E06 A Westie and Angus the Sheepdog 10/11/2014
S01E07 German Shepherd Puppies and Alfie 11/11/2014
S01E08 Rocky the Rebel and Percy 12/11/2014
S01E09 Toby the Poodle and a Snake 13/11/2014
S01E10 Bailey the Boxer and Honey the Golden Retriever 17/11/2014
S01E11 Molly the Collie and Cheeky Boy the Yorkshire Terrier 18/11/2014
S01E12 Kodi the Spaniel and Benson the Cat 19/11/2014
S01E13 First Aid Training and Bailey the Beagle 20/11/2014
S01E14 Ellie the Horse and Cleo the Cat 21/11/2014
S01E15 Callie the Collie 07/12/2014

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