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Executive produced by Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver, "Small Town Security" (formerly "JJK Security") focuses on a small, family-owned private security company located in rural Georgia.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Small Town Security

S02E01 The Wicked Witch of Georgia 09/05/2013 The gang at JJK deals with the fallout of having a TV series. Meanwhile, Irwin recruits Christa to help bring in new accounts, and the Chief tries to redeem herself with a gift to help the Lt. with his transition.
S02E02 Elite Force! 16/05/2013 Lt. Croft aims to turn the guards of JJK into an elite force by putting them through a rigorous set of training exercises. Meanwhile, the Chief has fallen off her diet in a big way, so Irwin and her doctor come up with some surprising ways to get her moving again.
S02E03 JJK for Sale 23/05/2013 Captain schemes to sell Chief’s Mustang behind her back. Brian takes Christa on a P.I. stakeout. Lieutenant helps Chief manage her anger.
S02E04 A Starr Is Born 30/05/2013 Lt. Croft petitions for a legal name change against Chief’s wishes. Captain loses a good friend. Christa and Lt. try to cut back on smoking.
S02E05 Old Family, New Member 06/06/2013 Captain Starr taunts the easily aroused Chief with a new, ultra-realistic prosthetic, while Irwin reconnects with his estranged brother.
S02E06 Inipi 13/06/2013 Brian organizes a boys’ trip: Captain’s first male-only outing and Major’s first camping trip in decades. Meanwhile, Christa tries to entertain Chief.
S02E07 All Hands on Deck 20/06/2013 Capt. Starr and his force work a rave, Irwin overhauls Joan’s local show, and the Chief adds a new dimension to the office love triangle.
S02E08 The Man Makes the Suit 27/06/2013 In the Season 2 finale, Chief struggles with her feelings when Capt. Starr undergoes surgery. Meanwhile, Christa recruits a goat to trim the office's lawn.