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Once upon a time, there was a country known as Märchenland where fairy tales mingled together. However, the Evil Emperor Pierrot has invaded the country and sealed away its Queen. In order for the Queen to be revived, the Cure Décor, tokens of happiness, must be gathered. To gather them, the fairy Candy came to Earth to search for the next Pretty Cures. It's there that Candy meets Hoshizora Miyuki and the two of them decide to gather the Cure Décor together. * Ninth installment in Toei's long-running popular Pretty Cure franchise for girls.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Smile Precure!

S01E01 She's Born! The Perfect Smile, Cure Happy!! 05/02/2012 Whilst running to the first day of her new school, the happy-go-lucky Miyuki Hoshizora encounters a fairy named Candy, who leaves behind a pink book. As Miyuki has trouble introducing herself to the class, her classmate Akane Hino helps her to break the ice. As Miyuki checks out the library later that day, she discovers a mysterious entrance, taking her to a strange place where she learns Candy is being chased by a wolf named Wolfrun, who starts making the people in the town fall into despair and steals their 'bad energy' with a goal of ressurecting someone named Pierrot. As Miyuki strives to protect Candy, she is given a magical item known as the Smile Pact, using it to transform into a PreCure named Cure Happy. As Miyuki becomes reluctant to fight, Wolfrun summons a monster known as an Akanbe to fight against her, but with help from Candy, Miyuki manages to realise her power and defeat it, receiving an item known as a Cure Decor. As Wolfrun retreats and happiness returns to the townspeople, Miyuki decides to help Candy in her quest to recover Cure Decors and save her kingdom.
S01E02 On Fire! The Hot-Blooded Cure Sunny is Here!! 12/02/2012
S01E03 Rock-Paper-Scissors? Cure Peace!! 19/02/2012
S01E04 Clean-cut Match! Cure March of the Wind!! 26/02/2012
S01E05 A Beautiful Heart! Cure Beauty!! 04/03/2012
S01E06 The Team is Complete! Smile PreCure!! 11/03/2012
S01E07 Where is it? Our Secret Base!? 18/03/2012
S01E08 Miyuki and Candy Switched!? 25/03/2012
S01E09 No Way! Yayoi's Being Transferred!? 01/04/2012
S01E10 Hot-Blooded! Akane's Okonomiyaki Life!! 08/04/2012
S01E11 The PreCure Have Shrunk!? 15/04/2012
S01E12 The Awakening Power! Rainbow Healing!! 22/04/2012 As the girls prepare to go on a school trip to Kyoto, Candy becomes upset when she isn't invited. Meanwhile, Pierrot's right hand man, Joker, gives Wolfrun, Red Ogre and Majorina special blue noses which doesn't require Cure Decors to summon Akanbe. Candy tries her hardest to help the girls plan their trip, only to make things worse. She runs off, feeling she is unwanted, and gets captured by Wolfrun. Wolfrun then confronts the girls and uses the blue nose to summon a Gumball Akanbe, which proves resilient against the Cures' attacks. As the Cures find themselves helpless, Candy breaks free and, upon hearing the kind words of the Cures, brings forth new Decors which allow the Cures to perform a new attack, Rainbow Healing, to defeat the Akanbe. With their team powered up, the girls decide to take Candy along with them on their trip.
S01E13 School Trip! Miyuki, Happy in the Depths of Kyoto!? 29/04/2012
S01E14 School Trip! We're lost in Osaka!? 06/05/2012
S01E15 Slapstick! Miyuki's Great Mother's Day Plan!! 13/05/2012
S01E16 Reika's Anguish! Why Study!? 20/05/2012
S01E17 Hot-Blooded! Akane's Comedy Life!! 27/05/2012
S01E18 Nao's Feelings! The Baton that Connects Everyone's Bonds!! 03/06/2012
S01E19 Thank you, Papa! Yayoi's Treasure 10/06/2012
S01E20 Invisible Person? Miyuki and Akane Become Invisible!? 24/06/2012
S01E21 Wish to the Stars! Everyone Together Forever!! 01/07/2012
S01E22 What's the Most Important Thing? 08/07/2012
S01E23 Pierrot is Revival! PreCure's Super Crisis!! 15/07/2012
S01E24 The PreCures Have Become Fairies, miyu~!? 22/07/2012
S01E25 The Summer! The Sea! Akane and Nao's Stubborn Showdown!! 05/08/2012
S01E26 Summer Festival! The Night Sky Blooms A Massive Flower! 12/08/2012
S01E27 Mysterious Summer!? Grandma's Treasure 19/08/2012
S01E28 Lies? Truths? We Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts! 26/08/2012
S01E29 The PreCures Are Sucked Into a Game!? 02/09/2012
S01E30 An Around-the-World Trip through the Book Door!! 09/09/2012
S01E31 Royal Clock and Candy's Secret!! 16/09/2012
S01E32 All Hearts as One! The PreCures' New Power!! 23/09/2012
S01E33 History Drama in a Movie Studio!?'s Tactics! 30/09/2012
S01E34 United as One! Miracle Fashion Show at the Culture Festival!! 07/10/2012
S01E35 Yayoi, Protect the Earth! The PreCures Become Robots!? 14/10/2012
S01E36 Hot-blooded!? Akane's First Love Life 21/10/2012
S01E37 Reika's Worries! A Noble Heart and a Noble Vote!! 28/10/2012
S01E38 Hustling Nao! The PreCures Become Kids!? 11/11/2012
S01E39 What Happened!? Miyuki's Nonsensical Cinderella 18/11/2012
S01E40 Hot-Blooded! Akane's Treasure Hunting Life!! 25/11/2012
S01E41 I'm a Manga Artist!? Yayoi has Illustrated Future Dreams!! 02/12/2012
S01E42 Protect it! Nao and her Family's Precious Bonds!! 09/12/2012
S01E43 Reika's Way! I am Going to Studying Overseas!! 16/12/2012
S01E44 Secrets of a Smile! Miyuki and the Real Ultra Happy!! 23/12/2012
S01E45 The Start of End! PreCure VS Three Subordinates!! 06/01/2013
S01E46 The Worst Possible Ending!? Bad End PreCure!! 13/01/2013
S01E47 The advent of the strongest Pierrot! Persevering power and the light of hope!! 20/01/2013
S01E48 The Lights Shining To the Future! Deliver it! The Greatest Smile!! 27/01/2013
S00E01 Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Friends of the Future 07/03/2012