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A comedy drama about Matt, an estate agent, who inherits another branch and in turn Danny, who is an estate agent like no other. This is because he likes to find the buyers the perfect home rather than making a profit much to the dislike of Matt, who along with his team are used to playing dirty to make sure they get what they want.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sold

S01E01 Episode One 15/11/2007 In the first episode we get to meet the estate agents and find out about Danny's unique approach to the business. Today Danny's clients are a couple who aren't what they seem on face value and Danny picks up on this.
S01E02 Episode Two 22/11/2007 Matt and Mel are told to get properties on the company's radar by any means possible. Also Danny discovers some hidden problems with his latest clients that are more involved than just buying a property. Phoebe meets her perfect man whilst being undercover at another estate agency.
S01E03 Episode Three 29/11/2007 Mel's attraction to a future buyer is more than she bargained for, Jonty gets bullied by a newcomer, and Matt bites off more than he can chew but isn't the one who is punished for it.
S01E04 Episode Four 06/12/2007 Matt, ever the opportunist sees the chance to make some quick cash much to his delight and an old Gothic house gives Phoebe and Jonty an unsual experience. For Danny, he has to relive some past horrors from his childhood when he tries to sell the home he grew up in.
S01E05 Episode Five 13/12/2007 With time running out the team must secure some critical buyers otherwise the developers may look elsewhere. Danny on the other hand reunites a father and son and helps a computer programmer to find a new home.
S01E06 Episode Six 20/12/2007 Mr Colubrine announces that he is opening a branch in Spain so they all compete to get the manager position. Also they have to deal with a customer who won't leave the shop and it's time to come to terms with their feelings for Danny and Mel.