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Une douzaine d'années auparavant, l'Aurora Wave (Un bouclier magnétique protégeant la ville) a fait disparaître l'ancien bâtiment du RCU. Cet accident fut appelé le "Blast Fall" provoquant une explosion où plus de 10 000 personnes ont disparu. C'est le cas de la fille de Roy Revant, qui après le décès de sa femme s'occupait d'elle, seul. Il l'a longuement cherché mais ne l'a jamais retrouvé ... Dans ce monde futuriste, les ingénieurs du RCU ont inventé les "Resemble", membres bioniques pour ceux qui en ont perdu lors du Blast Fall. Roy travaille aujourd'hui comme "Hunter", une sorte de chasseur de prime, à la réputation d'être assez violent avec ses proies. Un jour, alors qu'il faisait son travail, et qu'il était plutôt en danger, une fille mystérieuse tombe du ciel et le sauve in extremis. Cette fille est une "Resemble" à part entière c'est à dire une androïde. Au fur et à mesure qu'elle s'accoutume à la vie des Hommes, elle devient de plus en plus humaine, mais elle se rend aussi compte qu'elle ne l'est pas physiquement. Par ailleurs, elle possède des capacités physiques allant bien au-delà de ce que le "Resemble" devrait permettre de faire... Qui est donc cette étrange fille? Et pourquoi le RCU la poursuit-elle?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Solty Rei

S01E05 Waterside Panic 00/00/0000 When Rose breaks into a gallery to steal an emerald worth millions she trips the security alarm and is forced to stash it somewhere and what better place to do it than the local hot spring across the road. She takes up a job there to recover it the next day but unfortunately for her the R.U.C.'s elite team, Sylvia, Celica, and Accela, are taking one of their only days off at the same hot spring where the emerald is being hidden. By coincidence, Roy, Miranda, Kasha, Yuto, and Solty are also there.
S01E06 Favorite Daughter 00/00/0000 Roy receives a job to apprehend a man who's an Unregistered Citizen. This person has stolen very rare P-10 crystals, which are capable of turning light into energy. However Roy receives some news of his own, news that his daughter has been found. Will he finally meet his daughter who has been missing since the Blast Fall disaster?
S01E07 Visit From a Small Demon 00/00/0000 Roy's day doesn't seem to be going well from the very beginning when he gains another unwelcome roommate, and this time it's Rose Anderson. It turns out that the police have found their hideout and she got separated from her brothers, but it may seem that she has an ulterior motive.
S01E08 Revenge 00/00/0000 Rose is still living with Solty and Roy at his apartment, with Roy still unable to get rid of her. While there Rose seems to be scouting Solty to join her and her brothers in their bandit acts and determined as she is, she was given three days, by her older brother Larry, to make Solty into a thief. But plans seem to change when Rose sees a familiar face.
S01E09 The Maidens' Holiday 00/00/0000 All the girls from the R.U.C. government organization seem to have the day off. Meanwhile Rose seems to be bored 'cause everyone else is doing their own thing, so she goes out for a walk only to bump into the same stranger from the park as before, Ashley. They end up going on a date but are spotted and tailed by some familiar faces.
S01E10 Treasure & Rescue 00/00/0000 Roy, Solty, and Rose are pursuing a criminal through some abandoned areas of the city, when all of a sudden the floor collapses trapping Solty and Rose in the underground city complex below. But no need to fret, the Resemble Rescue Team (RRT) has arrived, a special rescue team with each member having a special resemble parts for their role. However things begin to complicate their rescue attempt.
S01E11 Birthday Game 00/00/0000 Roy's birthday is nearing and he is unaware of what the cheerful, excited Solty is planning for him. Meanwhile the PROCEED Team are at the scene of crime where a R.U.C. Resemble researcher was murdered by Hou Chuu, who seems to be committing gruesome crimes involving explosives. It seems that this same person has a grudge on Roy and has begun his sick, twisted game.
S01E12 Toward the Final Conclusion, Tears 00/00/0000 Hou Chuu has captured Rose and wants Roy to come and get her, alone; and sets a multiple bomb traps inside an abandoned building. Also Andy is in hospital after surviving a bomb blast, however he and Larry may have discovered something about Rose during their own private investigation. There seems to be a connection between Roy and Rose, but will Rose live to find out?
S01E13 Distance 00/00/0000 After the major developments on the previous day, things begin very awkwardly at breakfast. Rose is still unable to accept that Roy is most likely her father, even though all the facts point to it being true. Meanwhile Yuto's friend and researcher, Jeremy Kolbel seems to be conducting some experiments to end R.U.C.'s monopoly on energy supply. Roy and Solty are on a pursuit to stop Jeremy performing her experiment. Meanwhile, Rose was on her way to home from shopping when she saw Roy heading towards the tower and chased after him. On the rooftop, Roy talks to his daughter on the ground while Solty tries to stop Jeremy's experiment. But the experiment fails, causing the clock tower to collapse from lightning strike, killing Rose in the process and almost triggering a second Blast Fall.
S01E14 Hidden Heart, for the Sake of Darkness 00/00/0000 The sudden loss of Roy's daughter Rita Revant/Rose Anderson in the clock tower accident, affects everyone, though some more than others. Roy has taken the news the worse and starts to take it out on those around him and himself. Solty is chased off by his anger and runs away. Jeremy, who caused the accident, has managed to survive and is recovering in the hospital, although bad things may happen if Roy finds out.
S01E15 A Safe Haven 00/00/0000 Solty is wandering a desolate environment where she collapses but is found by a young boy, Will. He befriends Solty later and convinces her to help him with a project he's doing, while also trying to help Solty with her problem. Yuto is still struggling to find Solty's whereabouts, but Roy is still in a deep depression over the loss of his daughter.
S01E16 It Was a Joke, Half of It 00/00/0000 Will has died after his poor health caused a terrible plane accident and Joseph finally reveals Will's past to Solty. Roy has finally snapped out of his depressive state after receiving a scolding from Miranda. Meanwhile the girls seem to feel that Ashley's been acting strangely, colder than usual. What is he up to?
S01E17 Lady 00/00/0000 Rose has been revealed to be alive and is now a member of the R.U.C's PROCEED Team - and is now the leader of it; Sylvia cannot accept this and is harboring jealous feelings towards Rose. Roy arrives at the house in the desert looking for Solty. Sylvia gets killed by Ashley then both are witnessed by the other PROCEED members at shock.
S01E18 Welcome Home 00/00/0000 After a long day searching for Solty, Roy returns home only to find that she is already there. While Solty and Roy are getting back to their usual routine, Integra, Accela, and Celica have been framed for the murder of Sylvia. As they try to prove their innocence, Celica has other things on her mind: revenge.
S01E19 Everyone Gather! 00/00/0000 Roy and Solty meet Rose for the first time since the accident and are dumbfounded to see her alive and well and working for the R.U.C. Later everyone gathers at Roy's apartment to search for answers; back in the R.U.C. headquarters, Ashley seems to trust Rose enough to let her in on a very important secret.
S01E20 Visiting Catastrophe 00/00/0000 After hearing the message on the phone from Joseph, Integra heads out to do a little investigation of her own. Meanwhile Miranda goes to visit Rose to convince her to come back home, but all Miranda gets in return is a warning that they are being watched. There also seems to be a connection between Solty and Ashley Lynx, but what could it be?
S01E21 The Time of Truth 00/00/0000 The R.U.C special forces which were stationed outside to watch them are now on the move, about to apprehend them all. Before the special forces reach Roy's apartment they all managed to escape into the underground city, with the help of Joseph. In this time, secrets are revealed about the city's past and the true purpose of the R.U.C. Meanwhile, Ashley Lynx finally reveals the true purpose of PROCEED experiment: to be free from Eunomia's control and take over using Rose as the perfect PROCEED to do the job. In response to the threat, Eunomia used her link to manipulate Resembles under her control, putting the city into a state of panic. Adding to the chaos, Accela's on a rampage piloting Hilga, the gargantuan vessel hovering above R.U.C, firing its powerful beam cannon, destroying everything in her path.
S01E22 Mine, Hers and the Girl's Feelings 00/00/0000 The city is in chaos, Resembles are out of control and Hilga, a gigantic floating vessel is destroying everything in its path; Roy, Andy and Larry are on a race against time to halt Eunomia's activity while Solty, finally gaining the ability to levitate, confronts Accela to stop the destruction. Accela fires her beam cannon, landing a hit on Solty. Rose appears in the nick of time to save Solty from falling. Rose confronts Accela only for Solty to intervene. After realizing Solty's dreams, Accela self-destructs Hilga to stop the beam cannon from firing. Meanwhile, Roy and Andy make it in time to put Eunomia on a stand-by mode only to face-off again with Ashley.
S01E23 Final Message 07/04/2006 The episode begins with a short flashback of Ashley and Illumina but it doesn't take long for it to go back to the events going on between Ashley and Roy. Ashley reveals to Roy, Eunomia and the events that led to the Blast Fall, 12 years ago. Suddenly Rose and Solty crash in from nowhere and confront Ashley. Ashley merges himself with Eunomia and forces Roy to choose which one of the girls will die. Roy refuses and Ashley turns on him. Witnessing their father being pierced by Eunomia's/Ashley's tentacle, they go berserk, causing Eunomia to break free from Ashley.
S01E24 The Future 14/04/2006 With news of Eirene (one of the 3 core computers) and the migration vessel about to destroy the city, everyone on the surface has evacuated to the underground city. The R.U.C is planning some sort of mission to destroy the migration vessel before it falls to the city; Solty is a part of that plan. Just what will become of Solty after this incredibly dangerous mission?
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