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People are fascinated with how things work. From incredibly high-tech items like plasma TV's to remarkably mundane objects that we use every day - toilets, Kleenex, toothpaste - every object has a story and an incredible process behind it. Some Assembly Required will take our host on a worldwide journey to participate in the process of making and manufacturing the items that makeup our everyday life. Along the way we will learn the little known facts about what it takes to design and mass-produce products and get insights into how these things work. And through our host and his interactions with people behind the building process, we'll see the often dramatic, funny, ingenious solutions people come up with to make products bigger, better, cheaper, or quicker.


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S01E01 Moonbounce; Zamboni; Wind-Resistant Windows 27/12/2007 Brian Unger and Lou Bloomfield try their luck at sewing together a moonbounce. Later, they head to a Zamboni manufacturing plant in order to see how ice resurfacers are pieced together. Finally, they head out in order to see just how sand is turned into wind-resistant windows.
S01E02 Les Paul Electric Guitar; Batesville Casket; Burt's Bees Lip Balm 08/01/2008 Hosts Brian Unger and Louis Bloomfield travel to the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville, Tennessee to handcraft a classic six-string Les Paul electric guitar, a high-voltage work of art. Then, they head for the Batesville Casket Company in Indiana to discover the secret ingredient built into caskets to make them last. Finally, the duo heads to Burt's Bees in Durham, North Carolina to find out why the company's amazingly popular lip balm melts on your lips and not in your pocket.
S01E03 Ebonite Bowling Ball; Jelly Bellies; Kohler Toilets 15/01/2008 In this episode, hosts Brian and Lou find themselves at the Ebonite bowling ball factory in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where they discover the centre of bowling ball isn't round. It's specially designed to improve the odds of bowling a strike... every time. Next, they meet Herm Roland, the Willy Wonka of jellybeans, to find out why Jelly Bellies aren't your basic bean. Finally, our duo ends up making an environmentally compliant toilet at Kohler in Wisconsin.
S01E04 Cheddar Cheese; New Balance Shoes; Steinway Piano 22/01/2008 Lou and Brian travel to Wisconsin's Henning's Cheese Factory to understand how cheddar cheese gets its distinctive flavour. There, they find a microscopic world of enzymes and bacteria. Then the guys run over to New Balance in Lawrence, Massachusetts to get a custom-fit running shoe that perfectly balances cushioning and stability. Finally, our hosts build a Steinway piano on Long Island, doing everything from shaping the wood to helping rig the piano's 230 strings
S01E05 Steel Knife; John Deere Lawnmowers; Chocolate Factory 29/01/2008 Brian heads to Japan to make the perfect steel knife with the descendants of Samurai sword masters, while back home Lou reveals the molecular properties of steel. Then the duo lands at the John Deere factory in Wisconsin, where they assemble a lawnmower. Finally, Brian and Lou travel to the country's oldest chocolate factory in San Francisco to find out how a bitter bean becomes a scrumptious treat.
S01E06 High-tech Golf Clubs; BMW Diesel Engine; Salt Mines 05/02/2008 Brian and Lou take a swing at making high-tech golf clubs engineered to improve a player's shot every swing. Then they cross the pond to Austria to build a redesigned BMW diesel engine that's no longer slow, noisy or dirty. Back on U.S. soil, the duo goes underground to blast salt out of the mines.
S01E07 Jack Daniels; Cat's Eye Marble, Boston Whaler Motor Boat 12/02/2008 Hosts Brian and Lou travel to Kentucky, Brian and Lou's activities in this episode include distilling whiskey, creating a cat's eye marble, and building a boat that cannot sink.
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S02E01 Crash Test Dummies; Kettle Chips 07/08/2008 Join Brian as he learns the painstaking process in which crash-test dummies are assembled. Next, Brian travels to a company that make old-fashioned kettle chips.
S02E02 Fire Engines; Refined Sugar 07/08/2008 Brian travels to Dublin Ohio, home of Sutphen fire engines to learn how to build one. Then, Brian travels to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to see how pure, white, refined sugar is made.
S02E03 Skeletool; Beautyrest 14/08/2008 Join Brian at the Leatherman factory, where they make their cool new tool-the Skeletool. Then, Brian heads to Simmons in Charlotte, North Carolina to uncover the science of how they make the Simmons Beautyrest.
S02E04 Compound Bow; Drums 14/08/2008 Brian travels to Eugene, Oregon to work with the Bow-Tech craftsman to create a state-of-the-art compound bow. Next, he goes to Monrovia, North Carolina where the legendary Ludwig drums are pounded out for rock stars & wannabes all over the world.
S02E05 Washable Crayons; Pipe Organs 21/08/2008 Brian Unger travels to Easton, Pennsylvania to make...washable crayons, the much-loved tool of young artists. Then, he heads to Orrville, Ohio to build the breath-taking pipe organs that Schantz installs in churches nationwide.
S02E06 Cast Iron Cookware; Canoes 21/08/2008 Brian travels to South Pittsburg, Tennessee to the Lodge Cast Iron Cookware to learn how to make cast-iron cookware. Then, on to Old Town, Maine where for the last 100 years the craftsmen of Old Town Canoes have made some of the world's finest watercraft.
S02E07 Newspaper; Pool Table 28/09/2008 Brian Unger heads to the home of country music, Nashville Tennessee to assemble the city's 100-year old newspaper. Join Brian Unger as he heads to Portland, Tennessee to learn how to build a world-class pool table.
S02E08 Semi Tractor Trailer; Shotgun 28/09/2008 How do you build a semi tractor-trailer capable of pulling up to 80,000 tons and make it fuel efficient? Brian Unger finds out at the Peterbilt factory. Then, he heads to Upper Sandusky, Ohio to make a shotgun that's been around since 1937.
S02E09 Sourdough Bread; Rigid Inflatable Boat 04/09/2008 Brian tries his hand at making bread in San Francisco, and then hops over to the East Coast to take a look at a rigid-inflatable boat.
S02E10 ATV; Aluminum Foil 04/09/2008 In this episode Brian visits Honda ATV factory to see how an ATV is manufactured Also a look round the Alcoa Aluminum plant to observe the making of aluminum foil.
S02E11 Tennis Balls; Silly Putty 11/09/2008 Brian examines tennis balls in Arizona, and then heads to Maine to look at some kayaks. Also: silly putty.
S02E12 Golf Balls; Panty Hose; Tape Measure 11/09/2008 Included in this episode Titleist golf balls; panty hose at Holt Hosiery. Also: a segment on the tape measure.
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