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A series featuring Super Sonico, the mascot girl of Nitroplus.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation

S01E01 Faisons de notre mieux 06/01/2014 Entre la fac, son travail de mannequinat, son groupe de musique et le restaurant de sa grand-mère, la vie de Sonico n’est pas de tout repos. Mais elle se donne à fond, et fait de son mieux quoi qu’il arrive...
S01E02 First Astronomical Velocity 13/01/2014 Les First Astronomical Velocity vont bientôt donner un concert à Akihabara. Sonico va faire de son mieux pour assurer, mais elle n’est pas au bout de ses peines...
S01E03 Sonico va à Okinawa 20/01/2014 Sonico se rend à Okinawa pour son travail de mannequinat. Son manager lui a décroché un gros contrat, mais qui sait ce qui l’attend sur cette île tant prisée par les gens ce milieu...
S01E04 Daydream 27/01/2014 Sonico reçoit une carte postale d’une ancienne amie du collège. C’est avec elle qu’elle avait fait ses premiers pas dans le rock. Et ça, elle ne l’oubliera jamais...
S01E05 New World 03/02/2014 Suite à son travail à Okinawa, Sonico gagne en popularité et un journal local veut réaliser un reportage sur elle. Mais Sonico n’est pas un mannequin comme les autres...
S01E06 Cruising of the Dead 10/02/2014 Ôka, une collègue de travail de Sonico, participe à un séminaire sur un paquebot de luxe. Sonico et ses amies seront de la partie. Mais la croisière va tourner au vinaigre...
S01E07 Star Rain 17/02/2014 Sonico goes on a trip for some lyrical inspiration, conversing another woman on the way to her stopover in Niigata. Whilst stopping over in Tainai City, Sonico comes across a glassmaker, who teaches her to make a little accessory. The next day, Sonico heads towards the local hot springs, meeting people and encountering many sights along the way. After checking into the hot springs and taking a dip, she tries to find her way to an observatory but gets lost in the woods. However, she manages to follow a raccoon to where the observatory is, becoming awed by the starlit sky.
S01E08 Qui a tué Super Sonico ? 24/02/2014 As First Astronomical Velocity get together at the Supernova studio to rehearse for an upcoming concert, Sonico is found allegedly 'murdered' inside a locked waiting room, though are relieved to find she had only fallen unconscious. Just then, Suzu's younger sister, Ena, appears, deciding she wants to investigate the mystery, coming up with ludicrous theories over who Sonico's 'murderer' is. They soon discover that Sonico's guitar has gone missing, which soon leads to Ena becoming implicated for the crime herself. In the end, they find the guitar on the stage and Sonico's fall was simply an accident. Later, after Sonico and the others take their leave, Ena confronts Supernova's maid, Miina, who had locked Sonico in her room to keep the others from discovering she had broken an amp.
S01E09 Le jour le plus long de Sonico 03/03/2014 Sonico and her classmates participate in a college fair, starting off by helping out at a sailor maid café. Her schedule soon becomes busier when she is asked to fill in for both the Light Music Club's guitarist and Ouka's modelling work, due to both of them falling ill. She soon learns she has been entered into a beauty contest, which coincides with her mini-concert, whilst the café suddenly requests her help at the same time. With Sonico torn between the three jobs, Suzu and Fuuri disguise themselves as Sonico to fill in for her at the café and contest, whilst Sonico herself performs in the concert. With all the commotion settled, Sonico holds her marine biology exhibit for all the children.
S01E10 La résidence pour chats 10/03/2014 Sonico takes in a stray Munchkin cat, which she names Rice, to join her five other cats; Cha, Shu, Men, Naruto, and Ajitama. However, Rice doesn't seem to get along well with the other cats, and seems more interested in escaping Sonico's apartment. One day, Rice makes a break out of the apartment in search of its owner, so Sonico and the other cats head off in search for him. Rice is soon cornered by a hostile dog, but the other cats soon come to his rescue, getting him safely to Sonico, who returns him to his owner's house to reunite with his mother. Afterwards, Rice pays a visit to Sonic's apartment to spend some time with his new cat friends.
S01E11 A Saint Comes to Town 17/03/2014
S01E12 We're Right Here 24/03/2014

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