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Sonic is washed up and out of work. He needs cash fast and will do anything to pay the rent.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sonic For Hire

S02E01 ExciteBike 26/06/2011 After being turned back to normal in the hospital, Sonic replaces an injured ExciteBiker in a race.
S02E02 Dig Dug 03/07/2011 Taizo Hori hires Sonic to help him kill the monsters, but Sonic thinks that he's just like Kirby.
S02E03 PacMan 10/07/2011 After being "fired" by Pacman, Sonic helps the four ghosts defeat him in order to get revenge.
S02E04 Bomberman 17/07/2011 Sonic visits Tails in the Hospital, takes Sinequa to work with Bomberman.
S02E05 Mortal Kombat 17/07/2011 Sonic gets hired to "help a special needs kid" who turns out to be a nightmarish, retarded monster from another dimension.
S02E06 Ice Hockey 31/07/2011 Sonic gets hired to play for a Russian hockey team, gets thrown in jail and becomes indebted to the Mafia.
S02E07 Toad 07/08/2011 Mario sends Sonic out on his first hit job for the Mafia.
S02E08 Angry Birds 14/08/2011 Sonic's next objective is to kill the Angry Birds when Mario says that they're getting too popular for his taste.
S02E09 Double Dragon 21/08/2011 Mario's next objective for Sonic is to help his goons defeat Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee, but Sonic's plan doesn't seem to work.
S02E10 Frogger 21/08/2011 Sonic and Luigi attempt to kill Frogger, but things go wrong.
S02E11 Donkey Kong Country 04/09/2011 With Luigi dead, Mario wants revenge.
S02E12 The Battle Part 1 11/09/2011 Mario got all his goons and plans to kill Sonic.
S02E13 The Battle Part 2 18/09/2011 Sonic and Mario, and some other weirdos fight to survive. Who will win?
S04E01 Restart 15/04/2012 Sonic gets a job at Burger Time again, and his first customer is Tails, who rubs his success in Sonic's face.
S04E02 Atari 22/04/2012 Sonic works on the Atari games, but fails every time.
S04E03 Final Fantasy 29/04/2012 Sonic and Gilius escape prison and run into the Final Fantasy gang in a rpg style battle.
S04E04 Pokemon 06/05/2012 Sonic and Gilius fight in the underground Pokemon tournament and their first oppenent happens to be Sinequa.
S04E05 Cash Explosion 13/05/2012 Take a look at the life of the new rich jerk, Tails.
S04E06 Scribblenauts 20/05/2012 Maxwell hires Sonic to help him obtain a starite, but Sonic tries to create a way out of his horrible life by using the power of the notebook.
S04E07 MegaMan 27/05/2012 Sonic attempts to rob a gas station as mentioned in the previous episode and runs into Megaman and Co. from Megaman Dies at the End.
S04E08 The New Kirby 13/06/2012 Sonic works with Kirby (who is now a holywood producer) and gives him the offer to star in "Sonic: One bad Character" with Tails as his co-star.
S04E09 Mass Effect 10/06/2012 Sonic gets interviewed about his return to the spotlight and his role in Mass Effect 3 as Commander Shephard's wingman.
S04E10 Two Bad Characters 17/06/2012 Sonic and Kirby discuss their new movie and bump into Knuckles who has to work at the Tre Douche restaurant after Sonic burned Burger Time down. Tails arrives later and Sonic agrees to give him the lead.
S04E11 El Padrino 24/06/2012 Sonic is asked by Kirby to pick up Earthworm Jim & Dr. Eggman from South America for the production of Sonic & Kirby's first movie. A fight to the death ensues in Columbia.
S04E12 Movie Magic 01/07/2012 Two Bad Characters is moving into production. Tails makes changes to the script and humiliates Sonic.
S04E13 The Red Carpet 08/07/2012 Sonic, Tails, Kirby and the rest of the gang attend the premiere of "Two Bad Characters". Sonic's plans for revenge are about to be unleashed.
S06E01 Chrono Trigger 22/02/2013 Sonic must back in time to change his life.
S06E02 Sonic Knuckles 03/03/2013 Now that Sonic is in the right year, he has a chance to get himself back on top.
S06E03 Streets of Rage 10/03/2013 Sonic must find Tails before its to late because the fox is broke.
S06E04 Eggman 17/03/2013 Eggman stole the epoch to undo his failure. Sonic must undo what he has done.
S06E05 Crash Bandicoot 24/03/2013 Crash would never let his future be ruined. Sonic must now get Crash to tell him where the epoch is.
S06E06 Thunderhead 31/03/2013 Gillius Thunderhead has been claimed the real Sonic for years because this was Sonic's time travelling that caused this.
S06E07 The Avengers 07/04/2013 Mario is back and he wants Sonic, but what Sonic doesn't know that he will be face to face with the Avengers.
S06E08 Return of the Plumber 14/04/2013 Sonic is now dead, the world is at total peace and Mario wants to bring chaos to the world. And what about Soniqua?
S06E09 Soniqua Mad 21/04/2013 Mario may had killed Sonic, but it doesn't stop Soniqua killing all of Mario's goons including that mustached asshole.
S06E10 Flaming Bag of Poop 28/04/2013 Tails, Jim, and Eggman are about to do a prank on Mario, and Mario tries to kill Soniqua, and what about Sonic?
S06E11 Things Get Messy 05/05/2013 Tails, Jim and Eggman take three time machines to save Sonic, but messed things up. Now Tails is tall, Jim's a Yoshi, Eggman's a baby and Sonic had became Wario. What's next?
S06E12 This Can´t Be Good 12/05/2013 Now the fate of the world depends on Sonic and the others. They might want to escape before everything gets destroyed, that way the world didn't fall apart.
S06E13 Reset 19/05/2013