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Meet the Barks family, homesteaders who have rejected modern living in favor of living off the grid and maintaining a prairie lifestyle in Northern Saskatchewan, a remote province in Canada. This winter, their entire world is about to change. The two eldest sons, 20-year-old Dale and 19-year-old Shane, will embark on an epic, 90-day journey hundreds of miles away from home in order to survive the unforgiving wilderness on their own.


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S01E01 Rite of Passage 28/04/2015 In northern Saskatchewan, the Barks have been trapping as a family for years, but now, the two oldest sons are heading off into the wild on their own, splitting up their family for the first time and tackling the wilderness' many obstacles separately.
S01E02 The Coldest Night 05/05/2015 Dale and Shane face a decision: find heat and eat later or go hunt risking another frigid night in the wild. Kole struggles to step into his new role as Randy's right hand. A fallen tree on the Barks' skinning shed raises concerns for the whole family.
S01E03 The Freeze 12/05/2015 The boys go ice fishing for bait, but it quickly takes an unexpected and potentially fatal turn, while the Barks' help Grandma and Grandpa Griz avoid having their cabin flooded by clearing out a beaver dam, bush style - with some dynamite.
S01E04 Lost Boys 19/05/2015 Randy and Kole check their line in the bog hoping to get done in time for Kole's birthday party, but Kole ends up lost and at risk of having to spend the night in the freezing cold. Dale and Shane also become stranded on the way home for Kole's birthday.
S01E05 Thief in the Night 26/05/2015 Dale and Shane's meat is taken by wolves in the winter; Randy and Kole have a wolf problem too.
S01E06 Stranded 02/06/2015 To avoid over-trapping their area, Randy and Kole go north to set up a new trapline. The boys also explore north of their cabin, but after a snowmobile wreck, they must decide whether to take a 4-day walk home or press forward in search of Randy and Kole.
S01E07 The Flare 09/06/2015 A fluke accident with their gas can sends Randy and Kole into civilization to replenish. Dale and Shane stumble upon evidence of a wolverine, the highest prize a trapper can get. While on the hunt, they spot a signal flare and try to track its source.
S01E08 End of Days 16/06/2015 With Dale and Shane nearing the end their 90 days in the wild, Randy begins having second thoughts about calling his sons back home, but health concerns with a family member force the boys to make a painful decision.

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