Affiche Sooty (2011)

Sooty, also referred to as The Sooty Show, aired throught September and October 2011 on the CITV channel. It was filmed largely at Richard Cadell's theme park in Somerset, also the location of the feature-length direct-to-DVD special, The Big Day Out which also acted as a pilot for this series. It also saw the return of the miniature bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen sets as well as the camper-van. Scampi, Butch and Ramsbottom will made a few background roles. A variety of celebrity guest stars include former presenter Matthew Corbett, Frank Bruno, Justin Lee Collins, Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Keith Chegwin, Ann Widdecome, Ken Morley, Norman Barrett, Stacey Solomon, Brendan Cole, and Nicola Marie Bloor. Co-writers Wink Taylor and Alex Skerratt, as well as Richard's brother, David Cadell and Soo's voice artist, Brenda Longman, make a few uncredited cameo appearances.

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