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In Florida’s South Beach, it can seem like every day is spring break. The problem? There aren’t nearly enough parking spaces. Even the rich and beautiful can have their cars towed if they park illegally or fail to keep up with their car payments, as truTV reveals in the new original series


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de South Beach Tow

S01E01 A Family Business 20/07/2011 When Christie discovers a dog locked in a hot SUV, she summons Animal Rescue. The repo of a rapper's pimped-out car leads to a high-speed chase. Robbie defends his sister's honor from an angry passenger whose taxi has been towed from a high-end hotel.
S01E02 Tow Wars 20/07/2011 A wedding cake is damaged after Jerome tows a delivery van, and Christie deals with the outraged baker. A boat repo sparks a gun-wielding confrontation on the water. And, Robbie has a violent run-in with a rival towing company.
S01E03 Chaos in the Yard 27/07/2011 Robbie tows an illegally parked rental car from the middle of a music video shoot, with chaotic results. Eddie's bad behavior triggers an ultimatum from Robert Sr.
S01E04 Broken Truce 03/08/2011 A short-staffed Robert Sr. jumps back in the saddle for a routine tow, only to have a hostile encounter with rowdy teenagers. Tremont's truce with the rival towing company ends with another attempted poach, forcing Robbie to turn the tables.
S01E05 Training Day 10/08/2011 Eddie needs back-up when he's threatened by posers trying to stop the tow of their car, the Tremont staff contends with a belligerent backyard wrestler, and Robert hires a driver away from his rival towing company, with disastrous results.
S01E06 Anger Management 17/08/2011 New driver Bernice continues to violate Tremont protocol, forcing a showdown with Robert. Plus, Eddie confronts a larger-than-life couple with a fake handicap placard.
S01E07 Muay Thai Surprise 24/08/2011 A repo from a yoga studio goes awry when father and son tangle with the vehicle owner -- a cage fighter with anger issues. Plus, Eddie has a run-in with the rival towing company, and Bernice makes a surprise appearance.
S01E08 Memorial Day Mayhem 31/08/2011 With Robert in the hospital, Robbie Jr. and Christie must run the company on the busiest towing weekend of the year, and fend off an invasion by their rivals.
S01E09 Growing Pains 15/02/2012 The move to a new facility puts Robert Sr. and his staff to the test; Robert Jr. has a run-in with skater punks; newly rehired Bernice goes rogue on a repo; and Christie is threatened by an ex-con who storms the yard.
S01E10 Taking Out The Trash 22/02/2012 Robert Jr. gets caught with his guard down while repossessing a Porsche, but new driver Perez bails him out; a loudmouthed rich girl sends Bernice over the edge.
S01E11 Assault on Tremont Towing 29/02/2012 Perez tows a custom Chevy and is blitzed by a gang of football fans back at the yard; Bernice and Robert Jr. repossess a Mustang and find themselves in the crosshairs of trigger-happy paintballers.
S01E12 Sand in the Face 07/03/2012 Perez has a brush with a slightly mental dental patient; Bernice and Robert Jr. interrupt a seaside photo shoot, where they encounter an old nemesis. Later, an irate vehicle owner absconds with Robert Jr.'s truck, and Perez rides to the rescue.
S01E13 The Hurricane 21/03/2012 After their RV gets towed, the owners camp out in the company waiting room. Meanwhile, Bernice's former coworkers jump her on a job, so she calls for some backup muscle.
S01E14 Unlicensed to Drive 28/03/2012 Eddie has a run-in with a wealthy young lady in a pink sports car; a lemur gets loose in the waiting room; Robert Jr. and Bernice go on a road trip to repossess a vehicle at an auto show.
S01E15 Stranded 04/04/2012 Robbie and Perez encounter a pair of machete-wielding pot farmers while repossessing an airboat in the Everglades. Meanwhile, Bernice's altercation with a vehicle owner results in a car door getting torn off its hinges.
S01E16 Search and Rescue 18/04/2012 Bernice and Jerome set out on a rescue mission to the Everglades; Christie's solo tow attempt yields destructive results.
S01E17 A Very Tremont Christmas 25/04/2012 The Tremont crew receives a mysterious present; Bernice's tow job at a massage parlor rubs someone the wrong way; Eddie and Perez are confronted by a pugilistic preacher's wife during the repossession of a luxury car.
S01E18 The Dog House 02/05/2012 A life-threatening confrontation results from Bernice towing a car belonging to a guy under house arrest; and an irate dog-walker has a bone to pick with the staff. Later, Tremont is rocked by a surprising revelation.
S01E19 Money All Day 09/05/2012 Bernice gets revenge on Perez during a repo at a custom-auto shop; Eddie gets in a jam at a fast-food drive-through. Later, Robert Sr. discovers a dark side to Perez, and it has an impact on the company.
S01E20 Trouble at Tremont 16/05/2012 With Christie gone, Robert Sr. loses control of the yard, and a mob of irate vehicle owners escape with their cars. Meanwhile, Robbie has a showdown with Perez in hopes of getting Christie to return.
S01E21 Goodfellas 23/05/2012 Robbie attempts to bring Christie back to Tremont; and Bernice has a run-in with a group of pushy frat guys. Later, Robbie and Jerome run into problems while towing a limo from a busy hotel.
S02E01 Bernice Pops Off 14/02/2012 Tremont's move to a new facility tests Robert Sr. and his staff.
S02E02 The Heat Is On 21/02/2012 Robert Jr. lets his guard down while attempting to repo a Porsche, with brutal consequences.
S02E03 Lights Out 28/02/2012 Perez's tow of a custom Chevy leads a pack of rowdy football fans to the tow yard.
S02E04 Perez rentre au bercail 06/03/2012 Perez est réembauché. Eddie et Bernice interrompent le tournage vidéo de twerk.
S02E05 Ruthless 20/03/2012 The tow of an RV leads to an off-the-wall couple taking up residence in the Tremont waiting room.
S02E06 What`s Up With Christie 27/03/2012 Eddie is accosted by a nasty rich girl with a pink BMW - and a secret.
S02E07 The Last To Know 31/10/2012 Jerome does a good deed for disgruntled senior citizens; Larry crashes the party on an Ocean Drive repo; Eddie bags a red-faced spa patron; Christie breaks her secret news to her father...
S02E08 Black Dahlia 07/11/2012 A comely new dispatcher stirs up things at Tremont; Bernice and Perez have a run-in with a passel of partying parolees; and Robbie is fed some misinformation and gets burned.
S02E09 The Inspection 14/11/2012 A surprise inspection puts Tremont's survival in jeopardy. Robbie gets blasted with an earful while locked inside a repo. Bernice saves the day, but more bad news brings big changes.
S02E10 Hit it and Quit it 21/11/2012 Jerome's player ways cause problems on the road; Christie looks for a new dispatcher; and Bernice gets into a sticky situation during a repo.
S02E11 Storm Clouds 28/11/2012 With Larry's loan due in ten days, news of an impending tropical storm throws the Tremont crew into a panic.
S02E12 Go Down Towing 05/12/2012 A delinquent reptile wrangler shoots Robbie with a tranquilizer gun; and Robert Sr. goes missing.
S02E13 Snakes in the Yard 12/12/2012 Robert Sr. still hasn't turned up; and Robbie doesn't have the funds to pay off their loan. Meanwhile, snakes have overrun the yard; and Jerome's stalker is still on the loose.
S02E14 Who's The Boss? 15/05/2013 Christie's due date nears, prompting Robert to contemplate a major decision; a repo involving a hairstylist turns surprisingly profitable for Bernice.
S02E15 Run These Streets 22/05/2013 The family welcome a new member; Christie makes a surprising decision about her future; a new dispatcher struggles at the office; and Tremont's not happy about an old rival's return.
S02E16 Wide Load 29/05/2013 Dave learns a surprising secret about Bernice, which leads to an awkward situation for him; Bernice reluctantly takes on day-care duty.
S02E17 Compromising Positions 05/06/2013 Bernice's big test for her towing license looms; Jerome's girlfriend learns about his playboy reputation; Robbie and Perez have trouble working together, so their repo does not go smoothly.
S02E18 For Love or J-Money 12/06/2013 Jerome uses uncommon tactics to try to win back his ex-girlfriend, causing problems at work; Robbie makes a surprising choice.
S02E19 The In-Laws 19/06/2013 Jerome meets his future in-laws, and it doesn't go well; Bernice helps a rapper with a song; Robbie's latest mistake outshines Perez's error.
S02E20 Everybody Hates Tremont 26/06/2013 The company receives backlash, and Eddie bears the brunt of it; Robbie gets suspended; Christie comes back to work full time; Perez's authority is tested by Bernice.
S02E21 Big and Beautiful 10/07/2013 Perez takes charge of the business, but his management style doesn't sit well with the drivers.
S02E22 Bumps in the Night 17/07/2013 When Perez hires an old friend to replace Eddie, Tremont's new driver violates a major rule of towing; Bernice, Kosgrove, and Jerome try to repo a Bentley from a spooky mansion.
S02E23 Tremont on Wheels 24/07/2013 A dangerous carbon monoxide leak forces Tremont into less than glamorous new digs. Meanwhile, Jerome's engagement to Wanda is in jeopardy when his crazy stalker resurfaces in a big way.
S02E24 Kosgrove Gets Krunk 31/07/2013 When J-Money's past comes back to haunt him, his pending nuptials come to a screeching halt. Meanwhile Bernice crashes a music video set, and Kosgrove's drunken antics force Eddie into a muddy mix-up.
S02E25 Christie's Choice 07/08/2013 Robbie and Perez struggle for control of Tremont, with their fate in Christie's hands. Jerome's in store for a big surprise after long day's work, and Bernice takes an unsuspecting bus tour group on a trip through the hood.
S02E26 A Tremont Wedding 14/08/2013 Jerome's wedding plans are sabotaged, putting his relationship in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Robbie and Perez await Senior's decision about who will be Tremont's next boss.
S03E01 Tremont Got Served 30/10/2013 Three weeks after her promotion to General Manager, Christie is faced with Tremont's biggest crisis yet; Jerome transitions out of his honeymoon phase; Kosgrove faces the consequences of living extravagantly.
S03E02 Caged Heat 06/11/2013 With only 72 hours until Tremont's eviction, Christie scrambles to raise the funds to move the company to a new facility. Meanwhile, Bernice goes after a high-stakes boat repo, and Kosgrove walks into a dangerous trap.
S03E03 Bernice Goes Down 13/11/2013 On the eve of Tremont's eviction, Bernice suffers a shocking injury and Eddie has an office blow-up - leading Christie to make a critical decision about the company's future. Meanwhile, Kosgrove accidentally swallows Jerome's wedding ring.
S03E04 Here Kitty 20/11/2013 Overwhelmed by Tremont's move to a new towyard, Christie considers promoting a driver to Assistant Manager. Meanwhile, Bernice lays the smack down on a celebrity impersonator, and a dangerous run-in with local wildlife reunites Jerome with his ex.
S03E05 Dave's Dance-Battle 27/11/2013 After learning how to Prancercise, Kosgrove puts his new skills to the test during a repo with Bernice. Meanwhile, Perez butts heads with the women of Tremont, and Eddie's anger management therapy takes a bizarre turn.
S03E06 Bernice's Revenge 04/12/2013 After a confrontation with a pair of nasty newlyweds, Bernice drags her unwitting coworkers on a vengeful repo road trip - all the way to Key West. Meanwhile, Robbie loses Kosgrove's beloved dog, and Eddie struggles to keep his cool during a grueling night shift at the office.
S03E07 The Incredible Journey 11/12/2013 Stuck in Key West, Bernice and her crew scramble to locate their missing tow truck, with the wrath of both Christie and Wanda looming overhead. Meanwhile, Robbie races against time to find Kosgrove's lost dog, and things take a turn for the weird between Eddie and his therapist.
S03E08 Roommates 18/12/2013 After Wanda throws him out, Jerome moves in with Bernice and her mom. Meanwhile, Christie helps Kosgrove venture into the world of online dating, and Robbie's illicit repo deal may lead to an unlikely partnership.
S03E09 Bernice Unleashed 25/12/2013 While Christie attends a towing convention in Baltimore, Bernice struggles to maintain order at Tremont. Meanwhile, Kosgrove goes on a disastrous coffee date, and Robbie's illicit repo scheme threatens to unravel.
S03E10 Casanova Kosgrove 01/01/2014 Kosgrove turns to Jerome and Bernice for dating advice, with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Robbie tries for one last score before ending his secret repo side-business.
S03E11 Touchy-Feely 08/01/2014 Tremont threatens to collapse as Christie unravels her employees secrets, with explosive consequences. Meanwhile, Eddie's new age therapist sees an opportunity for healing at the workplace.
S03E12 Fashion Disaster 15/01/2014 Jerome's stalker returns to wreak havoc at Wanda's fashion show. Meanwhile, Perez approaches Robbie with a shady money-making opportunity.
S03E13 The Struggle Is Real 22/01/2014 Kosgrove learns the true identity of his internet romance. Meanwhile, Perez and Robbie's secret partnership takes an explosive turn, and Christie is presented with an opportunity that could change everything at Tremont.
S03E14 Face Plant 26/03/2014 Bernice confronts Christie about a buyout proposal for Tremont while Robbie and Perez find that their side business isn't for the faint of heart. Jerome pines for Wanda while he and Bernice deal with the fallout of a sorority party, and Dave's casino date turns into a swampy struggle for survival.
S03E15 Game Changer 02/04/2014 Jerome and Bernice venture into the Everglades to rescue Kosgrove. Robbie fnds a new employee in an old acquaintance. Eddie learns what life on the farm is really like, and Christie discovers some game-changing information about the possible sale of Tremont.
S03E16 Little Man, Big Donk 09/04/2014 Bernice gives Tremont's new driver, Davy, a towing tutorial. Kosgrove's unusual new car draws some unwanted attention. Eddie returns to find that times are tough at Tremont. Jerome acts on his suspicions toward Wanda. And Perez drops some heavy news on Robbie that turns his world upside down.
S03E17 Take the Money 16/04/2014 Perez offers Robbie a loan to settle up with Christie. Eddie comes back to Tremont on new terms. Jerome gets antsy with his private eye. When Kosgrove's donk is stolen, the Tremont family scrambles to track it down. Christie makes a final decision about the future of Tremont.
S03E18 Spanglish 30/04/2014 Christie faces the repercussions of turning down Felix's offer. Bernice highjacks a test drive. Kosgrove's broken Spanish puts him and Eddie in jeopardy, and arrows fly when Perez and Robbie try to repo a huge RV.
S03E19 Creepin 07/05/2014 Bernice and Davy attempt to repo an elusive yacht. Eddie has a shocking experience with an electronic billboard truck. Kosgrove unwittingly agrees to a drastic life change. Jerome visits Wanda in Atlanta for the first (and last) time.
S03E20 Sink or Swim 14/05/2014 Jerome and Davy encounter a brokedown party bus. Robbie repos a Corvette and comes face to face with a paint sprayer. Bernice goes to new extremes to repossess a yacht. Marielix drops a bomb on Kosgrove.
S03E21 Adios Kosgrove 21/05/2014 The Tremont gang gathers to say goodbye to a Venezuela-bound Kosgrove. Meanwhile, Robbie is forced to infiltrate a chop shop, and Davy squares off against an aggressive 12-year-old.
S03E22 Mystery Date 28/05/2014 Christie unravels the secret of Perez's side-business. Meanwhile, Bernice discovers the identity of her secret admirer, and Eddie dispenses wisdom to an irate vehicle owner.
S03E23 50 Shades of Bernice 04/06/2014 Bernice uses her sex appeal to score a big-money repo. Meanwhile, Jerome declares his love for Brandiss -- and attracts renewed attention from his stalker.
S03E24 Perez Strikes Back 11/06/2014 Perez files a consumer complaint against Tremont, prompting a surprise inspection from Kosgrove's arch-nemesis. Meanwhile, Jerome deals with the fallout from a drunken fling with his crazy sexy stalker, and Bernice goes head-to-head with Robbie on a repo.
S03E25 On the Floor 18/06/2014 Tremont unravels in the wake of failing its county inspection. Meanwhile, Jerome's stalker makes a mess of his tows, and Bernice's mom delivers a shocking ultimatum.
S03E26 Deuces, Tremont 25/06/2014 As both Tremont and R&P unravel, Christie makes a shocking decision. Meanwhile, Bernice prepares to move to Detroit with her mom, while Jerome's stalker hits new levels of craziness.
S04E01 Apocalypse Tow 10/09/2014 The cast of South Beach Tow returns to the streets of Miami and the zaniness continues from the start! Bernice's tow begins alright but turns hairy real fast, and then she and her mom have to bid for a food truck or they'll be moving to Detroit. Over at the new office, Christie and the gang find that fire ants are only one of their problems. Meanwhile, Davy plays cat and mouse with a lady bodybuilder, and Jerome finds himself consoling a rapping mermaid.
S04E02 Flipping Out 17/09/2014 While Christie and Perez scramble to find a new towyard, Eddie and Davy are stuck on the streets with a $600,000 car on the hook. Meanwhile, Bernice loses it on a wannabe rapper, and Jerome plays hero to a distraught young woman with a thirst for revenge.
S04E03 Legend of the Swamp Ape 24/09/2014 Eager for a quick buck, Perez forces Kosgrove to pose as a mythical swamp beast . with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Bernice contends with J-Money and his "Mini-Money" on a repo, and Davy faces the wrath of one of Miami's top models.
S04E04 Pulling the Plug 01/10/2014 Bernice and Reva's food truck has a disastrous opening night. Jerome loses track of Mini-Money during a chaotic tow, and a shocking accident befalls Kosgrove.
S04E05 A Taste of Bernice 08/10/2014 Bernice is forced to stage a marathon dinner party for Inspector Santiago. Jerome and Mini-Money charm the ladies of South Beach, while an understaffed Christie contemplates a surprising new hire.
S04E06 Maximum Power 15/10/2014 Bernice considers an unethical offer to upgrade her food truck. Perez's first repo with new hire Nikki leads to a death-defying chase, and Davy has a terrifying encounter with his 'roid-raging nemesis.
S04E07 Family Therapy 22/10/2014 Bernice, Jerome, and Mini-Money go undercover for an unconventional repo. Meanwhile, Eddie squares off against a nature-hating redneck, and Kosgrove has a run-in with a skunk.
S04E08 Towyard of Terror 29/10/2014 Bernice, Jerome, and Reva explore a haunted hospital. Back at the tow yard, Christie and Perez interrogate Nikki about the missing bank deposit, while Kosgrove is stalked by a sinister clown.
S04E09 The Customer is Always Wrong 05/11/2014 The grand opening of "Hood Tacos" brings mayhem to Miami when Bernice tries her hand - and fist - at "customer service." Meanwhile, Jerome falls for his amnesia-stricken stalker, and Davy has a late-night rendezvous with female body builder Constellation.
S04E10 Crazy in Love 12/11/2014 Jerome's stalker regains her memory, with electrifying consequences. A scheming Perez sees an opportunity in Robbie's return to the company. Bernice and Reva decide to "keep it real" with their customers at Hood Tacos, and the people of Miami are suckers for punishment.
S04E11 South Beach Glo 19/11/2014 After her car gets towed, YouTube sensation GloZell Green works a shift in the dispatch office . with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Bernice rescues Jerome from the clutches of his stalker, and Robbie plays dress-up with a sexy housewife.
S04E12 Pain & Gain 26/11/2014 Davy enters an amateur bodybuilding competition, with humiliating results. Meanwhile, Jerome grapples with the psychological fallout of his kidnapping, and Bernice and Reva's squabbling threatens to unravel Hood Tacos.
S04E13 Checkmate 03/12/2014 Perez manipulates Robbie into handing him control of the company. Meanwhile, Kosgrove endures a plastic surgery disaster, Bernice and Reva's food truck gets stolen, and Jerome's PTSD spirals out of control.
S04E14 South Beach Tow: Bernice's Top Twenty 00/00/0000

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