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Space Island One was a short lived sci-fi show produced by a conglomerate of european companies. The series is set on a station in Earths orbit named Unity and follows the crew as they live and work for the ever demanding needs of the company. Unity Station is a subsection of a large research company on Earth and houses a crew of seven dedicated scientists.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Space Island One

S01E01 Message from Keeler 07/01/1998 Newly arrived environmental specialist Paula Hernandez finds slotting into place with the rest of the Unity team is harder than she expected after her over-curiosity triggers a bomb left behind by her mysterious predecessor.
S01E02 All the News that Fits 14/01/1998 A visiting journalist uncovers the background to an aborted space mission, as Paula begins her sexual pursuit of Dusan, and Harry has some startling news.
S01E03 Quarantine 21/01/1998 A primitive Martian life-form demonstrates lethal characteristics when taken aboard Unity. It manifests itself as an acrylic-eating virus and threatens the very structure of the station.
S01E04 Rogue Satellite 21/01/1998 Harry's cat seems to have disappeared, and while she is searching for it, she experiences some difficulties surrounding her pregnancy.
S01E05 Dangerous Liaison 04/02/1998 A visitor has a personal agenda, which involves the destruction of Unity when his child prodigy, a member of the crew, appears to have turned against him.
S01E06 Crew Test 11/02/1998 A group dynamics expert exposes cracks and resentments in the crew by purposely digging into their privacy and provoking arguments and confrontations.
S01E07 The Barrier of Second Attention 18/02/1998 A wandering space object creates a supernatural environment when it enters the station. The crew are faced with a First Contact situation of the most unorthodox kind as they suffer bizarre dreams which force them to relive elements of their respective pasts.
S01E08 Sarcophagus 25/02/1998 A devious entrepreneur utilises Unity as a platform from which to perform somewhat questionable space burials for the benefit of new television audiences.
S01E09 Spring Fever 04/03/1998 Crew discipline slides when Kathryn takes ground leave and Shannon is left in charge. An experiment in pheromones results in Paula attempting the seduction of an increasingly distant Dusan.
S01E10 The Third Man 11/03/1998 Desperate circumstances aboard a stricken mining vessel result in madness and cannibalism to stay alive after being lost for three years. The survivors are rescued by Unity and attempts must be made to uncover the truth.
S01E11 Awakening 18/03/1998 A laser, designed to zap space junk, malfunctions resulting in chaos aboard Unity. Shannon's poor health raises concerns with Paula. While tensions aboard Unity climb, Harry, Lyle and Commander McTiernan are unable to be awakened from an induced sleep experiment. Kaveh and Dusan ignore Paula's concerns, and as a result Shannon's health deteriorates resulting in a stroke.
S01E12 Nemesis 25/03/1998 Abandoned stealth armoury is accidentally reactivated by one of Shannon's probes and it identifies the space station as a hostile entity.
S01E13 A Child is Born 01/04/1998 The various personal problems of Unity's crew have been driving them apart, but the occasion of the first child to be born in space brings a return to harmony...eventually.
S01E14 Edge of Night 00/00/0000 A solar flare results in chaos aboard Unity as Paula’s relationship with Dusan continues unabated, and Shannon’s poor health raises concerns with the commander. While Unity breaks down around them, Harry and Lyle are unable to be awakened from an induced sleep experiment.
S02E01 Unfinished Business 17/08/1998 The arrival of a maintenace shuttle brings an unexpected visitor, Anderson from the failed Clementine mission. Commander McTiernan is concerned as the details surrounding Anderson's mission are vague and his shuttle is registered to a nonexistent company.
S02E02 Split Allegiances 24/08/1998 Harry returns to the station around ten months after her departure with her baby, Miranda.
S02E03 Winter Kills 31/08/1998 Harry and Lyle come to terms with the new hierarchy in the science section. Meanwhile, the lives of the Unity crew are put in danger.
S02E04 A Place in the Sun 07/09/1998 Solar flares are casing havoc aboard Unity. A cargo freighter docks with Unity and has two stowaways aboard.
S02E05 Lost Property 14/09/1998 A shuttle hit by a meteor crashes into Unity. While crew of Unity have the grim job of recovering the corpses and their personal effects from the shuttle, strange and unexplained events begin happening around the space station.
S02E06 Mayfly 21/09/1998 CALUM is brought to Unity by Professor Jarvis to replace the station's mainframe. In control of the station, CALUM suddenly becomes sentient. Just as quickly, however, it begins to break down, jeopardizing the safety of the station.
S02E07 Not in My Back Yard 28/09/1998 The world's last live specimen of the smallpox virus is being transferred to Unity for ""safe"" keeping. Lyle has an crisis of ethics on whether to let such a deadly thing survive. Meanwhile the crew begin to fall ill and it seems their worst fears have come to life.
S02E08 Abandoned 05/10/1998 Walter, Kaveh, Paula and Dusan discover an orphan, Orla, aboard an abandoned space platform.
S02E09 Silver Bullet 12/10/1998 Silver Bullet, a project that gives hope for a cure to leukemia. The project is placed in danger, primarily due to Harry's cat and a hybrid plant.
S02E10 Anniversary 19/10/1998 It is the Unity's fifteenth anniversary, and the crew are given a day off to celebrate.
S02E11 Love Lines 26/10/1998 Earth is devastated after a nuclear explosion causing a deadly disease break-out. The crew of Unity begin to experience friction among themselves as a result.
S02E12 Money Makes the World Go Round 02/11/1998 The future of Unity station looks bleak, due to a soon-to-be launched new space platform, named Hyperion.
S02E13 Trouble in Paradise 09/11/1998 Unity's fate has been decided, it will be turned into a hotel/casino facility. Tempers flare among the crew as they contemplate their uncertain futures.