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The year is 2977. mankind has become complacent and stagnant. All work is done by machines, while humans spend all their time on entertainment. But when a mysterious invader from the stars catches Earth unawares, only the legendary space pirate Captain Harlock and the crew of the Arcadia have the will to stand against them.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Space Pirate Captain Harlock

S01E01 The Jolly Roger of Space 14/03/1978 2977 A.D. Mankind has developed the technology to head into space. They've created robots to cultivate foodstuffs on other planets and live in an age of unprecedented gluttony. Mankind receives all its food from the government and is kept in check by the government's use of hypnotic signals emitted from the television. Even high-ranking government officials have tossed their duties to the road and live a life of horse-racing and other indulgences. Captain Harlock, a space pirate known throughout Earth, is the only man who sees the impending crisis approaching. The only men who heed Harlock's words are the members of his crew on the space ship Arcadia.
S01E02 Message From the Unknown 21/03/1978 A transport ship unit is attacked by an unidentified flying object as it exits Planet No.7. Believing Harlock is behind this attack, they decide to use Mayu, a girl entrusted to Harlock by his dear friend, to lure him out. Harlock and his crew experience the first aggressive attack by a mysterious enemy known as the Mazone. Realizing they are under attack, Dr. Daiba and his son, Tadashi, go to the Prime Minister's residence to plead with the Prime Minster.
S01E03 Women Who Burn Like Paper 28/03/1978 The town is sent into panic by a sphere that landed. A man, who inspects the orb along with Dr. Daiba and his son Tadashi, named Professor Kusko suspects that the writing on the "Pennant" is laying claim to Earth. However, the Prime Minister continues to ignore their warnings. Then, the leader of the invading Mazone orders a subordinate to kill anyone who realizes the meaning of the pennant.
S01E04 Under the Flag of Freedom 11/04/1978 After being invited to be a pirate by Harlock, Tadashi exits the Arcadia. At the same time, Professor Kusko deciphers the characters written on the pennant and informs the people in the Prime Minister's cabinet that the Mazone plan to make Earth their second homeland. However, the government men do not show even the slightest bit of interest in the news.
S01E05 To Reach the Shores of Distant Stars.... 18/04/1978 Harlock tells Tadashi, upon joining his crew, to "just loiter around and enjoy it," leaving Tadashi confused. Also seeing all the crewmen merely doing as they fit and slacking off goes completely against the image he had of the Arcadia. Being stuck in such a confined space causes some mental effects on Tadashi. In that state, he sees visions of his mother who died on Neptune's satellite, Triton.
S01E06 The Phantom Mazone 25/04/1978 The Mazone soldier mentioned the name Queen Lafresia. Sensing the need to gather more information and wanting to test Tadashi's skills, Harlock sends the crew out to gather pieces of the wreckage from the attacked Mazone battleship. From the analysis of the wreckage, they see the Mazone may have had interactions with ancient Earth. Taking a moment's respite, Harlock sends a letter to Mayu, who is under federal governmental care.
S01E07 The Pyramid on the Sea Floor 02/05/1978 Upon seeing an odd looking formation from space, Harlock's crew heads to the Bermuda area. Upon investigating a pyramid built by the Mazone on the ocean floor, they learn that the Mazone are actually a form of plant life. Learning that the Mazone are hidden across the globe and that the government has not heeded their warnings, the crew sets off on a search and destroy mission.
S01E08 The Queen's Space Fleet 09/05/1978 There are signals being emitted from the pennant and the pyramid. These are homing signals to guide the Mazone to Earth. Sensing the direct confrontation and feeling his duty to protect Mayu, the daughter of his best friend, Harlock heads back to Earth. As they then set off for outer space, a high-ranking official is captured and gives a warning. When Harlock lets her go, Tadashi sets out after her in a fit of vengeful rage.
S01E09 The Fearsome Plant Lifeform 16/05/1978 Dr. Zero analyzes the hair from the captured Mazone and sees their make-up is identical to sap found in plant life surrounding ancient ruins. Feeling the need to investigate this association, Harlock sends out Tadashi and First mate Yattaran to retrieve the Flame Vessel.
S01E10 Approaching the Mystery Planet 30/05/1978 Believing that all the jungles of Earth are inhabited by the Mazone, Harlock decides to return to the Pirate Island again. There, after a subordinate of hers was killed in South America, Alergias wages an attack on Harlock.
S01E11 When Lola Shines Golden 06/06/1978 The Arcadia successfully makes its way to Venus. Along the way, they capture a Mazone pilot from a wrecked ship, Lola. Instead of detonating herself like the others, she just gives an ominous smile.
S01E12 Mother is Eternal 13/06/1978 Tadashi is upset at himself for talking about the Arcadia to Lola. Then he begins practicing like mad so he can shoot in time next battle. Examining Venus, they spot formations on a fossilized continent that look like Nazca drawings. They follow it onwards to the base and find drawings about Earth from over 180,000,000 years ago.
S01E13 The Witch's Ocean Castle of Death 20/06/1978 The Arcadia heads back to Earth to investigate a third signal being emitted from the Sargasso Sea. There, the witch Aman, who was waiting for the Arcadia, wages an attack using a 1945 Imperial Japanese naval ship. Harlock, curious as to how this phenomenon occurred, sets off to investigate at the bottom of the sea.
S01E14 The Sphinx's Gravestone 27/06/1978 Commander Kiruta takes Mayu with him. Desperate to find her, Harlock receives a message from Commander Kiruta. "Fly to Cairo, Egypt.", "Board a Cessna.", "The Arcadia is to wait in the Valley of the Dead."
S01E15 Unrequited Love! The Northern Aurora 04/07/1978 The Arcadia is at the north pole after spotting an aurora that closely resembles a runway. While landing, Harlock and Miime spots a person. They encounter a Mazone soldier named Aurora, who has been waiting for over ten years to kill Harlock.
S01E16 Kei - The Farewell Song 11/07/1978 The operator, Kei Yuki, goes to visit her parents' grave. There, her father's ex-pupil, Kazuya, shows up. They had attempted to make a space colony not out of machines, but with nature exactly akin to Earth's. However, the experiment failed and Kazuya, the lone survivor, returned to blame her father.
S01E17 The Skeletal Hero 18/07/1978 Upon finding a message in a bottle floating in space that contains an SOS message from Captain Yamanaka of the Braves ship, the Arcadia sets off for the Horsehead Nebula.
S01E18 The Evil Shadow Soldiers 25/07/1978 A group of Mazone suddenly appear in the ship. They carelessly assume they must be holographs, but soon real Mazone appear and they begin fighting.
S01E19 Queen Rafflesia's Trap 01/08/1978 There are supposed to be forty-two crewman aboard the Arcadia. Searching their true colors, they try to read the minds of all at the Horsehead Nebula. After reading them all, they decide to take the next measures.
S01E20 The Dead Planet Jura 08/08/1978 Miime's old planet is named Jura, and it was once devastated by a nuclear attack. Making one of her occasional visits to her hometown, Miime and Harlock are once again ensnared in a Mazone trap.
S01E21 Gohrum! The Tragic Soldier 15/08/1978
S01E22 Space Graveyard Deathshadow 22/08/1978
S01E23 Yattaran: Song of the Model Lover 29/08/1978
S01E24 The Shooting Star of Virgin Love 05/09/1978
S01E25 Doctor Zero and Mi 12/09/1978
S01E26 The Long Journey From Afar 26/09/1978
S01E27 The Will of the Arcadia 03/10/1978
S01E28 The Ulysses Nebula 10/10/1978
S01E29 Life-and-Death Struggle on the Rainbow Planet 17/10/1978
S01E30 My Friend, My Youth 24/10/1978
S01E31 The Arcadia's Secret History 31/10/1978
S01E32 Call of the Star Flute 07/11/1978
S01E33 The Lone Man's Charge 14/11/1978
S01E34 The Galactic Lullaby 21/11/1978
S01E35 The Beautiful Mystery Woman 28/11/1978
S01E36 The Eve of the Showdown 05/12/1978
S01E37 Tears on a Red Sweater 19/12/1978
S01E38 Farewell, Mayu 09/01/1979
S01E39 Courage: The Death of the Commander 16/01/1979
S01E40 And Then the Angels Sang 23/01/1979
S01E41 Duel! The Queen Versus Harlock 30/01/1979
S01E42 Farewell, Cosmic Corsair 13/02/1979

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