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Space Runaway Ideon begins in 2300, far enough in the future that mankind has begun colonizing other planets. On the planet Solo in the Andromeda Galaxy, a group of archaeologists had come across the mysterious remains of the Ideon—three large armored trucks with the ability to transform into a godlike mecha. They also come across a large spaceship, known as the Solo Ship. For six months they had diligently restored the machines but failed to get the giant tanks to move. Suddenly, a humanoid alien civilization known as the Buff Clan comes across Solo. A long death ritual begins.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Space Runaway Ideon

S01E01 Resurrection of Ideon 08/05/1980 Humanoid aliens known as the Buff Clan discover the Earth colony planet Solo, where archeologists have found 3 large armored trucks from the 'Sixth Civilization' a long extinct alien civilization. Karala Ajiba, daughter of the Buff Clan military commander heads down to Solo along with her assistant Mayaya and is pursued by her colleagues Gije Zaral and Damido Pechi. A panicked Buff Clan soldier attacks one of the Solo excavation sites, triggering an interstellar war. Seeking cover, some of the colonists including Cosmo Yuki, Kasha Imhof, Bes Jordan and Sheryl Formosa board the armored trucks, which combine to form the god-like mecha, Ideon, which fights off the enemy.
S01E02 Destruction of New Lopia 15/05/1980 The Ideon's 3 vessels revert to their normal forms after the battle is over and are equipped with powerful weapons under the direction of Bes. Bes later runs into Karala in the woods, mistaking her for a colonist. Gije leads an attack on Solo to rescue Karala, and totally destroys Solo's capital, New Lopia. Fleeing from the attack, a group of children including a baby, Piper Lou, board the Ideon, which finds the strength to fight off the Buff Clan once again. Sheryl meanwhile heads to the second excavation site, where a giant spaceship has been discovered.
S01E03 Bursting Earth 22/05/1980 Karala is reunited with Mayaya aboard the Solo Ship. Gije and Damido request help from their commander, Abadede, and launch yet another attack on Solo in order to rescue Karala. Bes discovers that Karala and Mayaya are actually Buff Clan aliens. During the ensuing battle with the Buff Clan, the Solo Ship rises from out of the ground.
S01E04 Escape from Planet Solo 29/05/1980
S01E05 Infinite Power: Legendary Ide 05/06/1980
S01E06 White Flag of Betrayal 12/06/1980
S01E07 Escape from Null-Space 19/06/1980
S01E08 Battle in the Sandstorm 26/06/1980
S01E09 Burning Null-Space 03/07/1980
S01E10 Suprise Attack of the Bajin 10/07/1980
S01E11 Pursuit to the Ruined Planet 17/07/1980
S01E12 Break Through the Enemy's Front 24/07/1980
S01E13 Attack on the Alien 31/07/1980
S01E14 Doku's Attack Strategy 07/08/1980
S01E15 Plan for Retrieving Ideon 14/08/1980
S01E16 Damido's Lethal Strategy 21/08/1980
S01E17 Battle on the Ape Planet 28/08/1980
S01E18 Betrayal on Ajian 04/09/1980
S01E19 Gyamose's Special Command 11/09/1980
S01E20 Battle the Devil Twins 18/09/1980
S01E21 Sink the Enemy's Battleship 25/09/1980
S01E22 The Legend Lives Again 01/10/1980
S01E23 The Shocking Decoy Planet 08/10/1980
S01E24 Strike the Infiltrating Guerillas 15/10/1980
S01E25 Ideon's Counterattack 22/10/1980
S01E26 Deadly Fight - Fear of Gel 29/10/1980
S01E27 Infiltrate the Lunar Base 05/11/1980
S01E28 Wrath of the Wave Gun 12/11/1980
S01E29 Sparkling Sword 19/11/1980
S01E30 Desperate Sniper 26/11/1980
S01E31 Home Aflame 03/12/1980
S01E32 Amidst the Flames of Fate 10/12/1980
S01E33 Waft Area Gamble 17/12/1980
S01E34 After the Meteors Fall 24/12/1980
S01E35 Surfacing from Darkness 31/12/1980
S01E36 Farewell, Solo Ship 07/01/1981 The crew of the Solo Ship decide to abandon it and make a deal with Marshall Franklin such that they can take refuge and the Solo Ship will be destroyed. However shortly after departing, Franklin betrays them and sends his troops to recover the Solo Ship and disarm the bombs on board. As the Solo Ship's crew rushes back to it, a Buff Clan fleet also arrives and a three way battle ensues, in which Franklin is killed. The Solo Ship's crew fails to disarms the bombs in time, but the Ide creates a protective barrier that prevents it from being destroyed.
S01E37 Colony of Hatred 14/01/1981 The Solo Ship returns to the planet Ajian seeking refuge from the Buff Clan. Bes makes a deal with Ajian's leader, Commodore, such that the civilians of the Solo Ship will be allowed to remain on Ajian. Commodore conspires with a Buff Clan officer and instead ends up taking all of the civilians hostage, killing Sheryl's sister, Lin. Bes, Gije and the others rush back to save them and Sheryl ends up killing Commodore. Doba, unsatisfied with the performance of his officers, personally starts heading out to take on the Solo Ship and Ideon.
S01E38 The Space Runaway 21/01/1981 The Solo Ship lands on the planet Steckin Star in order to rest before yet another battle. Harulu sends her forces there and a battle ensues. During the fighting Gije is killed and the Ideon goes berserk, slicing the entire planet in half with the Ideon swords.
S01E39 In the Cosmos With You 28/01/1981 Karala and Joliver are transported to the Buff Clan flagship, the Bairal Jin. There, Karala encounters her father Doba, and reveals to him that she is pregnant with Bes's child. The Solo Ship and Ideon rush to the Bairal Jin to rescue Karala and Joliver. Although their shuttle is destroyed in the battle, Karala and Joliver are protected by the Ide and make it out alive. As the Solo Ship escapes, Doba demands his army to follow them. With the meeting between Doba and Karala ending up as a failure to reconcile the differences between humanity and the Buff Clan, the Ide wipes out both races.

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