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Speakeasy features Hollywood's most iconic men chatting over drinks with host and comedian Paul F. Tompkins to offer viewers a unique glimpse into their lives—and spirits.


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S01E01 Ty Burrell 12/05/2012 In the premiere episode of Made Man's new series, Speakeasy, Paul F. Tompkins sits down with Modern Family's Ty Burrell to talk about the benefits of alcoholic consumption, his Big Love bar, and the secret sauce of sitcom success.
S01E02 Weird Al Yankovic 21/05/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with the legendary Weird Al Yankovic to talk about humorless weasels, Lady Gaga, and performing at the Super Bowl.
S01E03 Andy Richter 29/05/2012 Andy Richter drains a Bloody Mary while talking frankly with Paul F. Tompkins about coming back to Conan, life as a halfway failure and, yes, disrobing uncomfortable puppies. Join us next week, Monday, June 4th for Speakeasy with Special Guest and True Blood star Sam Trammell.
S01E04 Sam Trammell 04/06/2012 True Blood's Sam Trammell tells Speakeasy host Paul F. Tompkins about fighting through his first drink (straight vermouth!), on stage vs. on screen nudity and the truth about cats and dogs.
S01E05 Nathan Fillion 11/06/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with Castle's Nathan Fillion to talk about soap opera acting, Firefly and Band-Aid flavored Scotch.
S01E06 Max Greenfield 18/06/2012 Speakeasy host Paul F. Tompkins talks with New Girl's Max Greenfield about stripping down, standing up and being "adorkable."
S01E07 Oscar Nunez 25/06/2012 The Office's Oscar Nunez sits down with Paul F. Tompkins to talk about his life as a dental technologist, stand-up comedy, and trippin' balls.
S01E08 Clark Gregg 02/07/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with Clark Gregg to talk the Marvel universe, Joss Whedon, Comic-Con, and floating restaurants.
S01E09 Chris Hardwick 09/07/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with The Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick to talk Course of the Force, being a nerd, and insect collecting.
S01E10 7 Years Bad Sex with Homeland's Damian Lewis 16/07/2012 Paul F. Tompkins has a Bloody Mary with Homeland's Damian Lewis to talk about playing crazy people, his meeting with the President, Warren Buffett, and 7 years of bad sex. Make your own Bloody Mary! 1.5 oz Vodka 3 oz Tomato Juice 2oz red hot sauce 2 oz green hot sauce 1 dash Worcestershire sauce .5 oz lemon juice
S01E11 Jason Ritter Gets Hammered! 23/07/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with Jason Ritter to talk awkward karaoke songs, gummy lifesavers, and disturbing hospital stories. Catch all of Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins at Jason Morgan Ritter is an American actor, son of actor John Ritter and actress Nancy Morgan. Ritter is probably best known for his role as Kevin Girardi in the television series Joan of Arcadia and as Sean Walker in the NBC series The Event. Most recently he has provided the voice to Mario/ The Dark Knight/ and Tomato on The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange and starred as Jack Malloy in the TV movie County.
S01E12 Zach Galifianakis Goes To Broadway 30/07/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with Zach Galifianakis to talk Broadway Musicals, Shakespeare, being Presidential, the importance of bees, and encouraging friends. Make your own Mojito 10 fresh mint leaves 1/2 lime, cut into 4 wedges 2 tablespoons white sugar, or to taste 1 cup ice cubes 1 1/2 fluid ounces white rum 1/2 cup club soda Zach Galifianakis is an American stand-up comedian and actor known for his numerous film and television appearances including his own Comedy Central Presents special. He garnered attention for his role as Alan Garner in the comedy film The Hangover and its sequel The Hangover Part II.
S01E13 Zach Galifianakis Part 2 06/08/2012 Zach continues to talk preparation as an actor, eating out, his svelte levels, platonic sleepovers, and Abercrombie models.
S01E14 Paul Scheer, Fantasy Action Star 08/10/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with everyone's favorite fantasy football star Paul Scheer, to discuss the two most important new seasons - the NFL and The League! To celebrate Octoberfest the funniest Paul's around talk fantasy football, improv, and Paul's new hit Adult Swim show, NTSF:SD:SUV.
S01E15 Jesse Tyler Ferguson Flirts With Bryan Cranston 15/10/2012 Paul F. Tompkins sits down with the very classy Jesse Tyler Ferguson to talk about So You Think You Can Dance, flirting with Bryan Cranston, bow-ties, and his on set relationship with Eric Stonestreet.
S01E16 Seth Green on Stand Up Trauma, Child Actors, and Star Wars 22/10/2012 Paul F. Tompkins and Robot Chicken's Seth Green get wasted as they talk about their hometown, desolate open mic nights, Seth's teenage failures, and the unpredictable Harrison Ford.
S01E17 Patton Oswalt talks Standup, Airport Diets & Family 29/10/2012 Paul F. Tompkins and Patton Oswalt sit down to discuss healthy airport options, bed flavored cupcakes, stand up comedy and metal-core music.
S01E18 Nat Faxon 26/11/2012 Paul F. Tompkins and Nat Faxon sit down to discuss surfing, his new show, "Ben and Kate," improvisational comedy and winning an Academy Award.
S01E19 Aziz Ansari 04/12/2012 Aziz Ansari talks about his Southern roots, the start of his stand up career and his new-found passion for cooking at home.
S01E20 Rich Sommer of AMC's Mad Men 10/12/2012 Rich Sommer, aka: Harry Crane of AMC's "Mad Men" dishes secrets about his fellow Mad Men cast-members, his reaction to being parodied on Saturday Night Live, and his strong obsession for board games.
S01E21 Doug Benson 17/12/2012 Doug Benson talks smack about movies, stand-up comedy and his experience being a background dancer in Michael Jackson's Captain EO.
S01E22 Tom Arnold 04/02/2013 Tom Arnold discusses touring, low sperm counts, and rifling through a stranger's luggage to meet Daniel Day-Lewis.
S01E23 Dominic Monaghan 11/02/2013 Dominic Monaghan talks drinking culture, going green, and his Star Wars ink.
S01E24 Michael Rooker of AMC's The Walking Dead 18/02/2013 Michael Rooker talks shaving his head for Mallrats, his Call of Duty voiceover, and the "Skunk-cident."
S01E25 Nick Kroll 25/02/2013 Nick Kroll talks his new show, comedic beginnings, and the hate for Cavemen.
S01E26 Julia Stiles 04/03/2013 Julia Stiles talks Blue, her New York upbringing, and throwing out the first pitch at a Mets game.
S01E27 Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Nerds Out 11/03/2013 Steven talks Glenn's trademark cap, improv, and the awesomely strange fan mail Norman Reedus receives.
S01E28 Russell Peters is a Renaissance Man 18/03/2013 Russell Peters talks hanging with the King of Jordan, how boxing compares to stand-up, and his experience on Source Code.
S01E29 William Fichtner Has a Man Cave 25/03/2013 William Fichtner talks his movie roles, voicing video game characters, and racing in the Grand Prix of Long Beach.
S01E30 Rob Delaney: Comedian 08/04/2013 Rob Delaney talks Twitter, family, and catching Hepatitis A from a baked good.
S01E31 Mad Men's Alison Brie is Awesome 15/04/2013 Alison Brie talks Dungeons & Dragons, watching her own work, and Nathan Fillion's visits to the set of Community.
S01E32 New Girl's Jake Johnson Loves Drunk Acting 22/04/2013 Jake Johnson talks his new movie Drinking Buddies, auditioning for New Girl, and having fun on the job.
S01E33 Aaron Eckhart Is An Old Pro 13/05/2013 Aaron talks his new movie Erased, Heath Ledger as The Joker, and joining Twitter.
S01E34 The Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg Is Versatile 20/05/2013 Simon Helberg talks getting beat up in his black belt initiation, high school and college plays, and Studio 60.
S01E35 Donald Faison Gets The Last Laugh 27/05/2013 Donald talks his new prank show Who Gets The Last Laugh?, Kickass 2, and becoming an actor.
S01E36 Arrested Development's Tony Hale on the Evolution of Buster 03/06/2013 Arrested Development's Tony Hale drops by Speakeasy to remember his times on the set, and his thoughts on the new season on Netflix.
S01E37 Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk is a Jack of All Trades 10/06/2013 Bob talks his book of screenplays, Saul Goodman, and a Mr. Show reunion.
S01E38 Michelle Rodriguez Goes Turbo 01/07/2013 Michelle Rodriguez talks growing up in a multicultural environment, her first animated film Turbo, and training for Girlfight.
S01E39 'Parks and Rec' Ben Schwartz Can't Stop 08/07/2013 Ben Schwartz talks Rejected Jokes, House of Lies, and his new College Humor movie Coffee Town.
S01E40 Archer's Judy Greer Doesn't Know What You Know Her From 15/07/2013 Judy Greer talks her first book 'I Don't Know What You Know Me From,' voicing Cheryl on Archer, and acting with motion capture in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
S01E41 The Heat's Nate Corddry is a Delight 22/07/2013 Nate Corddry talks cold weather and comedy, Studio 60, and his new Chuck Lorre produced show: Mom.
S01E42 SNL's Bill Hader is a Natural 26/08/2013 Bill Hader talks his dad trying out stand-up, SNL, Emmy Nominations, South Park and his new movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.
S01E43 Orange Is the New Black's Pablo Schreiber is Old School 02/09/2013 Pablo Schreiber talks his Broadway roots, his experience on Orange Is the New Black, and sets the record for most drinks consumed on Speakeasy.
S01E44 Franklin & Bash's Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a Great Sport 09/09/2013 Mark-Paul Gosselaar talks working with Breckin Meyer, playing Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell, and getting advice from Alan Arkin.
S01E45 Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks is a Badass 16/09/2013 Jonathan Banks talks Breaking Bad, doing comedic roles on Parks & Rec, and performing his own stunts with Ed O'Neill on Modern Family.
S01E46 The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Tells His Story 14/10/2013 The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman talks Marvel Zombies, the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead comics, his struggle to survive while creating his project.
S01E47 Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff Has Made It 28/10/2013 Katee Sackhoff talks about how she got the role of Starbuck, her new show Longmire, and her brother seeing her boob at the Riddick premiere.
S01E48 The Venture Bros.' James Urbaniak 11/11/2013 James Urbaniak discusses his East Coast roots, theater upbringing, and his role as Dr. Venture on The Venture Bros.
S01E49 It's Always Sunny in Kaitlin Olson's World 25/11/2013 Kaitlin Olson talks The Groundlings, being a mother in Hollywood, and voicing a character in Finding Nemo 2.
S01E50 Key & Peele Push the Limits 09/12/2013 Key & Peele discuss how they met, handling controversy, and pushing forward in future seasons.
S01E51 Masters of Sex's Lizzy Caplan Commands Respect 23/12/2013 Lizzy Caplan discusses her experiences on Freaks and Geeks, Party Down, and Masters of Sex.
S01E52 Saving Mr. Banks' B.J. Novak is Multifaceted 06/01/2014 B.J. Novak talks Saving Mr. Banks, his new book 'One More Thing,' and his experience writing and acting on The Office.
S01E53 Dexter's Yvonne Strahovski: It's Tough to Play a Murderer 20/01/2014 Yvonne Strahovski talks arriving from Australia, long work hours in television, and her new movie I, Frankenstein.
S01E54 My Drinks with Eric André 03/02/2014 Eric André talks getting shoved on a bicycle in New York, working with Hannibal Buress, and rubber escalators.
S01E55 Thomas Lennon Has Fresh Eyes 17/02/2014 Thomas Lennon talks how he got cut out of Hancock, writing for a studio, and why you should never ask Tom Waits for his autograph.
S01E56 Community's Gillian Jacobs Sets the Bar High 03/03/2014 Gillian Jacobs (Britta on Community) dishes on her education at Julliard, her experiences with Communists, and being on the set of Community.
S01E57 Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer Has a Classic Hollywood Story 10/03/2014 Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) talks about growing up on a farm, her modeling career, and experiences on Battlestar Galactica.
S01E58 Haley Joel Osment Thinks Talking About Acting is Weird 17/03/2014 Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense, Alpha House) sits down with Paul to talk about childhood stardom, Amazon's "Alpha House," and the benefits of new media.
S01E63 Comedian Kevin Nealon Never Bombs 21/04/2014 Comedian Kevin Nealon (SNL, Weeds) sits down with Paul F Tompkins to dish on terrible lyrics, stand-up comedy, Saturday Night Live, the difficulty of acting, and the art of never admitting defeat.
S01E64 American Horror Story's Evan Peters Has Some Secrets 28/04/2014 Actor Evan Peters (American Horror Story) chats about the upcoming season of American Horror Story, ghosts, Sir Ian McKellen, and playing Quicksilver in X-Men with Paul F. Tompkins.
S01E68 Edge of Tomorrow's Bill Paxton Has Big Love for Hollywood 23/06/2014 Bill Paxton (Big Love, Edge of Tomorrow) sits down with Paul F. Tompkins to chat about his early appreciation of Hollywood, his father John Lane Paxton, getting started in show business, directing feature films, and working on Big Love.
S01E69 The Daily Show's John Hodgman Makes His Dreams Come True 07/07/2014 Author/actor/comedian John Hodgman (The Areas of My Expertise, More Information Than You Require, That Is All) sits down with Paul F. Tompkins to talk about making drinks, becoming a literary agent, cheesemongering, working on McSweeney's, being on The Daily Show, and preparing for the Apocalypse.
S01E70 Community's Dan Harmon Is Just a Guy That Makes a Show 21/07/2014 Dan Harmon (Community, Channel 101) sits down with Paul F. Tompkins to chat about getting started in comedy, the creation of Channel 101 and Acceptable TV, his experience with The Sarah Silverman Program, mainstream television, and working on Community.
S01E71 Comedian Marc Maron Goes From Groggy to Hostile 04/08/2014 Comedian Marc Maron (The Marc Maron Show, Maron, WTF with Marc Maron Podcast) chats with Paul F. Tompkins about coffee, IFC's Maron, taking a stab at acting, getting started in comedy, and his podcast.
S01E72 Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte Isn't Cooling Down 18/08/2014 RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad) chats with Paul F. Tompkins about getting started in acting, moving to Los Angeles, working with non-profits, the success of Breaking Bad, taking a stab at music, and his upcoming role in Who's Driving Doug.
S01E73 Bob Saget Has Gone in a Strange Direction 00/00/0000
S01E74 Veep's Gary Cole is a Busy Gentleman 00/00/0000
S01E75 Master of Sex's Michael Sheen is His Own Raw Material 00/00/0000
S01E76 Comedian John Mulaney Was Always Weird 00/00/0000
S01E77 The Office's Ed Helms Wants to Disarm You 00/00/0000
S01E78 Selfie's John Cho Wants All the Bumps, Bruises, and Blood 20/10/2014 John Cho (Selfie, Harold & Kumar) sits down with Paul F. Tompkins to talk about growing up in the south, working on Selfie, the implications of social media, bringing "MILF" to pop culture, the legacy of Harold & Kumar, and the evolution of more colorblind media.
S01E79 Dumb and Dumber To's Rob Riggle Gave Up Flying For This? 27/10/2014 Rob Riggle (Dumb and Dumber To, The Daily Show) sits down with Paul F. Tompkins to talk about serving in the Marine Corps, getting into stand up, having a life changing experience with Upright Citizen's Brigade, working his way onto Saturday Night Live, bad auditions, and playing twins in Dumb and Dumber To.
S01E80 Comedian Sarah Silverman is Absolutely Thriving 00/00/0000
S01E81 Comedian Marc Evan Jackson Thinks Failure is a Gift 00/00/0000
S01E82 Two and a Half Men's Clark Duke Has an Existential Crisis 00/00/0000
S01E83 Mark & Jay Duplass Follow Their Stupid Dream 00/00/0000
S01E84 Firefly's Summer Glau was Shaped by Sci-Fi 00/00/0000
S01E85 Parks and Rec's Jim O'Heir Isn't Always Sweet Lovable Jerry 00/00/0000
S01E86 John C. McGinley: Every Week on Scrubs Was an Adventure 00/00/0000
S01E87 Rainn Wilson Discusses His Acting Roots 00/00/0000
S01E88 Randall Park Discusses Fresh Off The Boat 00/00/0000
S01E89 William H. Macy talks about Shameless and 30 Rock 00/00/0000
S01E90 Cameron Esposito says "Don't touch my Butt!" 00/00/0000
S01E91 Comedian Andy Daly Reviews Your Life 00/00/0000
S01E92 Comedian Reggie Watts Rocks Fake Talk Shows 00/00/0000
S01E93 SNL Alum Jerry Minor is Unbreakable! 00/00/0000
S01E94 Magic Mike's Joe Manganiello, Stripper with a Heart of Gold 00/00/0000
S01E95 Comedian Hannibal Buress: The Next Action Hero 00/00/0000
S00E01 Series Trailer 30/04/2012 Made Man's new series, Speakeasy, features Hollywood's most iconic men chatting over drinks with host and comedian Paul F. Tompkins to offer viewers a unique glimpse into their lives—and spirits. Enjoy the trailer, and stay tuned for guests like Weird Al Yankovic and Zach Galifianakis.
S00E02 Mean Ty Burrell and The Hunger Games 14/05/2012 We want to know what's on your mind! Every other week, Paul F. Tompkins will answer your questions about the previous week's episode, drinks, and life in general. This week - what's the side of Ty Burrell we don't see, and how does Paul's real life relate to the Hunger Games?
S00E03 Grammar Rules and Steampunk Times 25/05/2012 This week, Paul speaks out on the rules of grammar, his best week ever, and favorite decade.
S00E04 Judging Idol and Comedy Fights 31/05/2012 This week, Paul F. Tompkins speaks out against reality shows and tells us who would win in a comedy fight.
S00E05 Beards 07/06/2012 This week, Paul F. Tompkins reflects on beard etiquette and what's wrong with them in general.
S00E06 Suits 14/06/2012 In this weeks episode of Paul F. Tompkins answers your questions, Paul addresses why he wears suits all the time, and who was really "The Boss".
S00E07 Cologne and Racism 21/06/2012 Paul F. Tompkins answers your questions about the worst thing in the world and how we should smell.
S00E08 Paul F. Tompkins Answers More Questions 28/06/2012 As part of the ongoing series, Speakeasy, comedian Paul F. Tompkins answers questions from the YouTube community.
S00E09 'Never Gonna Give You Up' 05/07/2012 Paul F. Tompkins answers your questions about interviews and commitment.
S00E10 Comic Idols and Mr. Holland's Opus 12/07/2012 Paul F. Tompkins answers more of your questions - this week coving what movie makes him cry and who his comic idols are.
S00E11 'What Does The F Stand For?' 19/07/2012 Find out what the F. Stands for in Paul's name and discover the secret to good joke telling.
S00E12 How Much For The Moustache? 25/07/2012 Paul once again takes your questions and reveals how much it would take to shave his moustache.
S00E13 Drinking Games with Nat Faxon 26/11/2012 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Word Association" with Academy Award winner Nat Faxon... things are about to get revealing!
S00E14 Drinking Games with Aziz Ansari 03/12/2012 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Word Association" with Park's and Recreation star, Comedian, and R. Kelly enthusiast Aziz Ansari... things are about to get crazy!
S00E15 Drinking Games with Rich Sommer 10/12/2012 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with AMC's "Mad Men" star Rich Sommer, aka: Harry Crane... Jon Hamm's gonna be mad about this.
S00E16 Drinking Games with Doug Benson 17/12/2012 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Word Association" with Super-High Me Comedian and Movie enthusiast Doug Benson ... things are about to get smokey!
S00E17 Drinking Games with Tom Arnold 04/02/2013 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with comedian Tom Arnold ... Meg Ryan will continue to hate him.
S00E18 Drinking Games with Dominic Monaghan 11/02/2013 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with actor Dominic Monaghan who has a soft spot for redheads.
S00E19 Drinking Games with Michael Rooker of AMC's The Walking Dead 18/02/2013 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with actor Michael Rooker who plays by his own rules.
S00E20 Drinking Games with Nick Kroll 25/02/2013 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with comedian Nick Kroll who wastes no time trying to hug Zooey Deschanel.
S00E21 Drinking Games with Julia Stiles 04/03/2013 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with actress Julia Stiles who plays by her own rules.
S00E22 Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Plays a Drinking Game 11/03/2013 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with actor Steven Yeun who must choose between The Walking Dead women.
S00E23 Russell Peters Plays a Drinking Game 18/03/2013 Paul F. Tompkins plays a drunk game of "Hug, Marry, Kill" with comedian Russell Peters who kills a fellow Canadian.
S00E24 Rob Delaney Making Wholesome GIFs 08/04/2013 Rob Delaney uses common objects for you to create wholesome .gifs.
S00E25 Alison Brie Creates Unsexy .Gifs 15/04/2013 Alison Brie stems the tide of sexy .gifs by creating some of her own.
S00E26 Alison Brie Imitates Popular Internet Memes 15/04/2013 Alison Brie takes on Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Ermahgerd, and Unflattering Beyonce. Her Hadouken pose didn't end quite as successfully as it started, however.
S00E27 Jake Johnson Imitates Popular Internet Memes 22/04/2013 Jake takes on Strutting Leo, You Don't Say?, Trollface, and Grumpy Cat.
S00E28 Aaron Eckhart Creates His Own Memes 13/05/2013 Aaron strikes a pose with his best impressions of the president, himself, and Two-Face.
S00E29 Simon Helberg Plays 'How Well Do You Know Howard?' 20/05/2013 Simon plays 'How well do you know Howard?' Trivia questions based on his character on The Big Bang Theory.
S00E30 Donald Faison Plays Internet Games 27/05/2013 Donald Faison tries to diagnose common diseases based on their obscure medical names.
S00E31 Tony Hale Plays Creepy Mother's Game as Buster Bluth 03/06/2013 Arrested Development's Tony Hale does some role-playing with Paul F.Tompklins gives off some serious Norman Bates.
S00E32 Bob Odenkirk Reinterprets Alvin and the Chipmunks 10/06/2013 Bob reinterprets Ian, the role his Mr. Show castmate played in Alvin and the Chipmunks.
S00E33 Modern Day 'Saved by the Bell' Scenarios with Zack Morris Himself! 09/09/2013 How does Zack Morris deal with modern day problems involving Cross-Fit, iPhone Apps, and Gluten-Free Pizza? Mark-Paul Gosselaar delves deep into his character to come up with the solutions.
S00E34 Fairy Tales from Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmantraut 16/09/2013 Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmantraut is a tough guy. He's also a grandfather with a heart of gold. So how else would Mike Ehrmantraut put his grand daughter to bed but to read her fairy tales in his own way?
S00E35 Robert Kirkman Plays Zombify This! 14/10/2013 The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman incorporates a zombie apocalypse into normal non-zombie shows and movies like Sesame Street, Indiana Jones, and Mad Men!
S00E36 Katee Sackhoff Imitates Sci-Fi Memes 28/10/2013 Katee Sackhoff does her best to imitate including Annoyed Picard, Zoidberg, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and the aliens guy from the History Channel.
S00E37 Key & Peele Attempt World Record for Impressions 09/12/2013 Key & Peele attempt 34 impressions in one minute or less.
S00E38 Key & Peele Play 'Racist or Really Need to Tell You Something' 09/12/2013 Key & Peele look at current events to determine whether a celebrity was actually racist or woefully unaware.
S00E39 Lizzy Caplan Imitates Rage Faces 23/12/2013 Lizzy Caplan does her best to mimic rage faces.
S00E40 Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer Creates Unsexy .GIFs 10/03/2014 Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) uses some common items to make the most unsexy.GIFs on the Internet.
S00E41 Haley Joel Osment Plays 'I Hear About Dead People' 17/03/2014 Haley Joel Osment saw dead people in The Sixth Sense; now watch him play "I Hear About Dead People" with Paul.

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