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Host Wil Willis who is a special forces operator. He must use his military expertise of over 15 years in special operations with both the U.S. Army Rangers and the U.S. Air Force Pararescuemen to complete a complex series of military objectives while trying to survive, evade and escape an Opposition Force that is determined to stop him.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Special Ops Mission

S01E01 Operation Urban Terror 13/08/2009 Insurgents have taken over a large building, and are using it to hold hostages. Wil's mission is to infiltrate the insurgent stronghold, interrupt the flow of hostages, money and weapons, and rescue the remaining hostages from the insurgents.
S01E02 Operation Frozen Thunder 20/08/2009 Terrorists have dammed up the local water supply, and are hijacking deliveries of humanitarian aid intended for a refuge camp down river. Wil's mission is trek through the snow and blow up the dam that is preventing water from flowing to the refugee camp.
S01E03 Operation Covert Canyon 27/08/2009 A rebel force is acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Their camp is protected by five highly trained and heavily armed operators. Wil's mission is to infiltrate the camp and photograph the weapons and upload them to Central Command.
S01E04 Operation Pirate Guns 03/09/2009 Pirates have captured a Merchant Marine gun ship. Aerial intelligence shows shipments of nuclear material being loaded onto the ship. Wil's job is to infiltrate the ship, and discover where the pirates intend to strike.
S01E05 Operation Freebird Down 10/09/2009 A force antagonistic to the government has set up anti-aircraft systems. Wil's mission is to take direct action against the radar & communication system that allows this anti-government force to track allied planes.
S01E06 Operation One Shot 17/09/2009 A murderous drug lord has established a military training camp along a river, and is rumored to be going to the camp to observe operations. Wil's mission is to enter the heavily guarded camp as a lone sniper, identify the drug lord, and eliminate him.

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