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Jimmy Nail plays tough cop Spender, forced to return to his native Newcastle after a failed undercover operation in London. He uses tough and unconventional methods to tackle the criminal underworld, but he must also deal with the friends, enemies and family he left behind, and never expected to return to. Sammy Johnson played Spender's sidekick Stick, while Denise Welch played Spender's wife.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Spender

S01E01 Homecoming 08/01/1991 D.S. Freddie Spender is an undercover Geordie cop but has been in London for the last 15 years. He and his partner D.S. Colin Driver are on an undercover operation which goes horribly wrong and Spender is transferred back to his native Newcastle, much to his disgust. Upon his return, he must confront an ex-wife and kids, a murky past and some local villains. His boss, Supt. Yelland also dislikes Spender, and thinks he's a pain in the arse. Yelland assigns Spender to a case involving Raymond Price.
S01E02 Half a Ton of Heartaches 15/01/1991 After Yelland tells Spender that he wants him to stick around for a while, he goes undercover on the oil-rigs following the suspicious death of Mr. Patel, an oil-rig worker.
S01E03 Double Jeopardy 22/01/1991 Following a tip-off, Spender and Stick tail the glamorous Lorraine Hope. She's up to something, but what? Then Dan asks Spender to assist another undercover detective (Terry Knowle), who doesn't want his help.
S01E04 The Candidate 29/01/1991 Spender is assigned to look after a female Conservative politician named Bobby Montgomery. However, he is angered when Yelland teams up with him. However, Spender is injured when he is run down by a lorry whilst saving Bobby from being run over herself. After his spell in the hospital, Yelland has Spender put on the sick list and his car taken away. However, determined to do his job, he gets a job working for Iain Rutherford, the owner of the lorry which ran him over. Whilst driving for Rutherford he ends up being involved in a robbery!
S01E05 Iced 05/02/1991 Spender's god-daughter's boyfriend is killed in a motorbike accident and he poses as an ex army buddy of a drug courier.
S01E06 Dance Girl Dance 12/02/1991 Spender poses as an ex-shipyard worker with a load of redundancy money wanting to open a nightclub with local villain, Palmer. Spender also investigates a number of disappearances.
S01E07 Tough 19/02/1991 Stick is in court and Spender goes with him as support. After the hearing, Spender befriends Mal Balmer, an ex-boxer. As he gets to know Balmer, he realises that Mal is now a fist fighter.
S01E08 Well Well Well 26/02/1991 Spender travels to London after he is summoned back by Inspector Greaves. And when he returns he's faced with the task of clearing Stick's name after he is arrested on suspicion of murder.
S03E01 The More Things Change 05/01/1993 Spender is dating a new girlfriend, called Sandy. Whilst in the park with Laura and Kate, Spender comes across a dangerous rapist; he gives chase but loses him. Keith reveals to Spender that he is being bootlegged by a guy at the train station. Spender promises to investigate for him. Later, whilst in the same place that the rapes have been taking place, an undercover officer is about to be attacked, but Spender intervenes and gives chase. He ends up chasing a train down the track! Meanwhile, Frances tells Spender that she's going to marry Eric and they both agree to sign the divorce papers. Stick takes Eileen to dinner to celebrate his deal. He also invites Spender and Sandy and Keith and Emily. Sandy's husband turns up and informs Spender that he's dating his wife!
S03E02 Kid 12/01/1993 Dan isn't getting much sleep as he is wanting to win first prize for his flowers, so he and his friend are doing shifts keeping guard. Spender takes Laura and Kate out for the day. Whilst out on the hills Kate witnesses an attempted murder. A young boy called Jason Bamford is pushed off a cliff. Spender sends Stick out looking for the boy's attackers. He comes across a doss-house where free meals are being handed out. However, nobody will reveal anything about Jason Bamford, who has run away from home.
S03E03 Puck 19/01/1993 Spender digs up some dirt on Tommy Thornton.
S03E04 Bad Company 26/01/1993 Spender's affair with Janet Thornton deepens.
S03E05 Best Friends 02/02/1993 Spender is assigned to investigate a series of car thefts.
S03E06 Retreat 09/02/1993 A local businessman and property developer is in Spender's sights.

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