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This animated series was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, with the character of Spider-Woman being specifically created in order for Marvel Comics to have a female counterpart to Spider-Man before any other comics company thought of the idea. She first appeared in the comic "Marvel Spotlight #32" in February 1977 and was originally intended to actually be a genetically altered spider, having been evolved into human form, named Arachne. This story was changed for her next appearance in "Spider-Woman #1" in April 1978, where it was said that spider powers were granted to Jessica Drew by the character of the High Evolutionary (later a regular character in the Spider-Man Unlimited TV show). For the TV show, only Spider-Woman's real name and powers were kept intact from the comicbook. Everything else about the show's setup was created specifically for the television series. Her origin for the TV show was that as a child she was bitten by a poisonous spider. Her father, Dr. Alexander Drew saved her life by using an untested spider serum that inadvertently gave her spider powers. And now, with Jessica as the head of Justice Magazine, she battles evil as Spider-Woman, with the help of photographer Jeff Hunt, and her nephew Billy Drew. Spider-Man also guest stars in two episodes of the series. The Spider-Woman cartoon should not be confused with Web Woman, a Filmation superheroine cartoon launched at around the same time, which reportedly prompted Marvel Comics into creating a Spider-Woman character to secure the copyright.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Spider-Woman

S01E01 Pyramids of Terror 22/09/1979 Guest stars Spider-Man. The Justice Magazine crew investigate an alien invasion in Egypt led by the Mummy Khufu.
S01E02 Realm of Darkness 29/09/1979 The powerful demon Dormammu emerges on a Pacific island, threatening to enslave mankind.
S01E03 Les Amazones 06/10/1979 Stolen gold from Fort Knox leads the Justice Magazine team into the Amazon, where they uncover a plot by the Amazon leader Shanna to take over the world.
S01E04 The Ghost Vikings 13/10/1979 A 'ghost' Viking ship emerges off the coast of Norway. The crew plan to steal the riches of the world, before returning to their own time. Spider-Woman travels back to 952 A.D. to defeat them.
S01E05 The Kingpin Strikes Again 20/10/1979 Spider-woman confronts Kingpin and his henchmen as they rob a bank, but after taking out two of his men, one of Kingpin's minions manages to turn the tables and locked Spider-woman up, allowing Kingpin to get the loot. Humiliated, Spider-woman, as Jessica Drew tries to get back at the Kingpin by writing up a maligning news article about him Angered by her recent Justice Magazine article, the Kingpin steals an experimental invisibility ray and seeks revenge on its editor Jessica Drew. However, while invisible, he witnesses her transform into Spider-Woman, and opts for a blackmail plot instead.
S01E06 The Lost Continent 27/10/1979 After US Air Force planes vanish in the Bermuda Triangle, the team from Justice Magazine investigate. They soon find themselves thrown into a hidden dimension, where dinosaurs roam the Earth.
S01E07 The Kongo Spider 03/11/1979 Guest stars Spider-Man. While covering the filming of a movie, the Justice Magazine team encounter a giant spider (in a plot inspired by King Kong).
S01E08 Games of Doom 10/11/1979 Athletes in the World Athletic Games in Moscow are being kidnapped and replaced by android doubles. Jessica Drew goes undercover as a Long Jumper to investigate.
S01E09 Shuttle to Disaster 17/11/1979 The Justice Magazine team find themselves on a hijacked space shuttle, heading towards the moon, where the villain Steeljaw intends to enslave mankind and put it to work digging for valuable gems.
S01E10 La Revanche de Dracula 24/11/1979 The world's population are threatened with being turned into vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein's Monster. Spider-Woman discovers that Dracula is behind this.
S01E11 The Spider-Woman and the Fly 01/12/1979 Jessica confronts a former research assistant to her father, who has been mutated into a human fly after a lab accident. Deducing her secret identity, he creates a formula which will rob Jessica of her spider powers.
S01E12 Invasion 08/12/1979 A UFO attempts to swallow the Earth in a black hole, in readiness for an invasion by aliens from the planet Graviton.
S01E13 The Great Magini 15/12/1979 Magician, the Great Magini, attempts to steal the World's most famous landmarks.
S01E14 A Crime in Time 22/12/1979 An experimental time machine unleashes an invasion of Wookiee-like creatures. Jessica is forced to reveal her secret identity to her fellow magazine crew, in order to save mankind.
S01E16 A Deadly Dream 05/01/1980 An alien threatens the World with her sleep inducing powers.
S01E17 Return of the Spider Queen 29/12/1979 Spider-Woman is brainwashed by an alien race of human spider creatures, who believe she is their long lost queen.