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Vanda, an evil alien witch, is earth's greatest enemy. The only one to oppose her and her minions is Sport Billy, a boy who has a magic bag from which he can get whatever sports equipment he wishes. With the help of his friends Lilly and Willy and a spaceship that is also a time machine, he travels wherever and whenever he is needed to stop Vanda.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sport Billy

S01E01 Suspense 00/00/0000 The mascot of an interplanetary sports team comes to Earth to teach people how to play fair in sports. His name is Billy, and he came from the planet Olympus (whose god-like populace was largely given, naturally, to good sportsmanship and fair play). Together with his pals Lilly and Willy, Billy travelled the globe in their timeship in sports-focused stories, which emphasized values and fair play.
S01E02 Mésaventures à Tokyo 23/09/1979
S01E03 Vacances au Mexique 30/09/1979
S01E04 Retour à Olympus 07/10/1979
S01E05 Casse-tête chinois 14/10/1979
S01E06 Un travail d'équipe 21/10/1979
S01E07 Mauvais temps 28/10/1979
S01E08 En perdition 04/11/1979
S01E09 La roue de la fortune 11/11/1979
S01E10 Cache-cache 18/11/1979
S01E11 Le sac de sport magique 25/11/1979
S01E12 La course dans l'espace 02/12/1979
S01E13 Le jugement 09/12/1979
S01E14 Tournoi de golf au Texas 16/12/1979
S01E15 La course dans le désert 23/12/1979
S02E01 Le viking 00/00/0000
S02E02 Le monstre du Loch Ness 21/09/1980
S02E03 La caverne 28/09/1980
S02E04 Viva Billy 05/10/1980
S02E05 Péril au Pérou 12/10/1980
S02E06 Aventures en Grèce 19/10/1980
S02E07 Match sur glace 26/10/1980
S02E08 Le mystère du Taj Mahal 02/11/1980
S02E09 Aventures en Australie 09/11/1980
S02E10 Billy et Billy 00/00/0000

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