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Sports Gone Wild is a series of quarterly one hour specials featuring bloopers, crazy moments, and incredible plays from the world of sports.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sports Gone Wild

S01E01 Sports Gone Wild 01/01/1995 Horse racing in complete fog, drunk skydiving, paragliding into houses, incredible trick basketball shots, wild headbutting wrestlers, motor-cross wipe outs.
S01E02 Horse Racing, Golf Carting, Motocross 01/01/1995 Horse racing in the fog, golf cart accidents, motor cross aerial landings, amazing trick basketball shots gone wild and more!
S01E03 Monster Trucks, Snowmobiling Fails, Extreme Football 01/01/1995 Monster trucks vs the mud, wakeboarder vs the wind, rodeo rider vs horse, soccer ball on fire and more!
S01E04 Power Boat Racing, Diveboarding Fails, Deep Sea Fishing 01/01/1995 A deep sea fishermen gets thrown from his boat by a shark, stunt bike fails, a poker match with wild bull, office football, and more!
S01E05 A Dynamite 7th Inning Stretch, Skateboard Fails, Harsh Landings 01/01/1995 Motocross kids, auto racing collisions, harsh paragliding landings, sofa/couch sledding on the beach, and more!
S01E06 Octopus vs Snorkeler, Cycle Racer Dominoes, Sky Diving 01/01/1995 Paragliding fails, creek kayaking racers get stuck and abandon ship, rodeo horse jumps the fence, car racer on fire, and more!
S01E07 Streaking Soccer Fan, Freestyle Bike Stunts, Hilarious Horse Racing Names 01/01/1995 A streaker gets taken down by the police, cross pool jumping, freestyle stunts on bikes, hilarious horse racing names, Evil Knievel wannabes, and more!
S01E08 Hockey Fighting Goalies, Bench Clearing Brawls, Jockey-less Horse 01/01/1995 Gymnastic landing fails, hardcore skiing landings, cross country mountain biking in hazardous conditions, hockey fighting goalies, riot police in soccer match, horse nuts from America's Got Talent, and more!
S01E09 College Basketball Brawls, Exploding Car Ramp, Naked Luging 01/01/1995 Pogo stick fails, freestyle skateboarding, hang gliding into trees, a cat interrupts a baseball game, and more!
S01E10 Hardcore Wiffleball, Driver vs Car, Skateboarder vs Railing 01/01/1995 Hardcore wiffleball slingshots, snowobiling through the river, skateboarder vs railing, uphill race course crashes, and more!
S01E11 Skydiving With Snowboards, Souvenir Fan Grabs, Olympic Bike Wipeout 01/01/1995 Skydiving with snowboards, treadmill handstands, biker vs roof, jet boat flys into audience, and more!
S01E12 Fisherman Catches 200 Pound Marlin, Fun With Trampolines, Motocross Accidents 01/01/1995 A 200 pound marlin is caught by an amateur fisherman, off course go karting, fun with trampolines, arena football fans gone wild, and more!
S01E13 Scuba Diver vs Blue Whale, Mascot Brawl, ATV Collisions 01/01/1995 A scuba diver tangles with a rare whale, mascot brawls, ATV collisions, amazing basketball shots from the Dude Perfect team, and more!
S02E01 POV Ice Rally Road Racing; Fish Hooks Man 01/01/1995 Crazy up close and personal footage of Rally Racing. A fish turns the tables on a fisherman. Plus, a big air snowmobiling competition goes wild!
S02E02 Boat Racing Gone Wild; Off Roading Disasters 01/01/1995 High intensity boat racing has its consequences. Plus, off roading accidents, skiing on railings, and coaching outbursts!
S02E03 An 84 Year Old Bungee Jumper; Motorcycles On Ice 01/01/1995 An 84 year old attempts to bungee jump from 250 feet in the air. Plus, motorcycle racing on ice, hot air baloon accident and snowmobiling gone wild!
S02E04 The Paragliding Dog, Swat Team vs Soccer Team 01/01/1995 Witness the coolest dog in the sky. A soccer team gets into such a heated brawl that the cops are called in to break it up. Plus, don't miss the Gravy Wrestling Championship!
S02E05 Drunk Skeet Shooting, High Jump Fails 01/01/1995 A few drunken friends decide to practice their skeet shooting using beer cans and a slingshot. Plus, a white water rafting dog!
S02E06 Body Bowling, Winter Ski Splash Contest 14/05/2014 Who needs a bowling ball when you can use your entire body? Plus, a winter ski splash contest like you've never seen before!
S02E07 Home Fitness Fails; Figure 8 Car Race 14/05/2014 A figure 8 race track causes trouble. Plus, snowmobiling gone wild, epic bike jumping fails, and a police horse on the loose!
S02E08 ATV and BMX Fails; Slide Car World Racing Championship 14/05/2014 ATV and BMX riders test themselves to the limit. Plus, trick basketball shots, side car racing, a bench clearing hockey brawl, and more!
S02E09 Reporter vs Race Horse; Skateboard Fails 14/05/2014 A reporter is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Plus, skateboard tricks gone wild, a flip jumper caught on fire, and more!
S02E10 Cowboy Pinball; Motorized Paraglider Fail 14/05/2014 Crazy cowboys gamble with a wild bull. Plus, a soccer match that involves riot police.
S02E11 Crazy Ping Pong Player; Wii Remote Fail 16/05/2014 This ping pong player has completely lost his mind. A drunk video gamer forgets to hold on to his remote during a game of Wii Bowling. Plus, wacky baseball plays and extreme bmx wipeouts!
S02E12 Martial Arts Fails; Semi Pro Wrestling Gone WIld 16/05/2014 These martial artists are having a tough time breaking bricks. Also, a semi pro wrestling royal rumble and powerboating wrecks.
S02E13 Wild Bull vs Rodeo Fan; Super Car Racing in Extreme Weather 16/05/2014 One unlucky fan tangles with an angry bull and gets the horns. Plus, super car wrecks and more!

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