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Srugim (Hebrew, סרוגים; lit., "knitted") is an Israeli television drama that deals with the lives of Modern Orthodox Jewish young professional singles in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem. The series highlights their struggles with relationships, their struggles with religious expectations and obligations that exerts a pull even in their modern lives. Although it is regarded as a drama, it is leavened with many poignant comic touches. The series won the 2009 Israeli TV Academy Award for best original drama series. The title comes from the type of "kippah" (skullcap) often worn by members of the religious zionist group the series depicts, the "kippa sruga" — the knitted kippah.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Srugim

S01E01 Episode 1 23/06/2008 Meet roommates Yifat and Hodaya, and their friends Reut, Nati and Amir — five modern-Orthodox singles looking for love in Jerusalem as they approach the big 3-0. Captivating and alive with characters and story, this episode is what starts off the entire series.
S01E02 Episode 2 30/06/2008 Relationships get more complicated on Israel’s hit dramatic series! Nati seeks refuge from bachelorhood at Yifat’s place, but will she get the wrong idea? Hodaya faces a religious crisis, while Amir reads into Reut’s request that he fix her bed. It is an episode of mis-interpretations in the name of love.
S01E03 Episode 3 07/07/2008 The plots thicken and boundaries are tested. Hodaya meets a handsome stranger on the bus — will she cave in to curiosity? Yifat finds a way to confess her feelings for Nati…if he’s open enough to see it. Amir needs a huge favor, but will Reut come through?
S01E04 Episode 4 14/07/2008 Kosher observance is tested in more ways than one. Hodaya starts dating her non-religious crush, which puts her into some compromising situations. Nati suspects the hospital cafeteria’s kosher certification, and Yifat pursues a date with one of her clients.
S01E05 Episode 5 21/07/2008 Dating starts to get really confusing when Amir asks out Reut’s younger sister, Nati hijacks Amir’s internet dating account and gets into a pickle, and Yifat goes on a blind date with a not-so-mysterious stranger. Hodaya gets in trouble, will she go too far this time?
S01E06 Episode 6 28/07/2008 Things start to get complicated between Amir and his ex-wife; Reut absolutely refuses to take no for an answer from a reluctant Torah reading tutor; and Nati reconnects with an old flame, causing Yifat to rethink her feelings, but will he make a terrible mistake?
S01E07 Episode 7 04/08/2008 Sparks start to fly between Reut and her initially resistant Torah tutor, Hodaya’s religious conflict finally erupts into a fight with her friends at Shabbat dinner, and will Yifat work up the courage to tell Nati how she really feels once and for all?
S01E08 Episode 8 11/08/2008 Hodaya takes a dip into dangerous waters, will she finally find herself in too deep? Reut is stunned by her Torah tutor’s behavior and Nati’s true colors come shining through.
S01E09 Episode 9 18/08/2008 In a mix-up, Reut ends up with two dates at Shabbat dinner, Nati injures himself trying to escape the tension between he and Yifat, while Yifat is looking for an escape of her own with a move to an area away from Jerusalem and the pain of having been rejected.
S01E10 Episode 10 25/08/2008 Hodaya bathes in the mikveh, even though she is an unmarried woman and she continues to question her relationship; Yifat takes a leap of faith and moves away from Jerusalem to Ma’ale Elisha, and Nati tries to make different plans for Shabbat.
S01E11 Episode 11 01/09/2008 Reut and Amir visit Yifat at her new home, and Amir can’t stop coming back, while Reut’s boyfriend Yochai tries to prove himself to her, and Hodaya searches for answers regarding her forbidden love for Avri.
S01E12 Episode 12 08/09/2008 The bond builds between Amir and Yifat; Reut’s boyfriend tries to get a job, he’s still insecure about her career; Nati connects with a stranger at a hospital fundraiser; and Shabbat dinner is almost back to normal, except for the tension in the air.
S01E13 Episode 13 15/09/2008 Yifat is riddled with mixed emotions, in love with two different men – one who loves her and one who rejected her; sparks fly between Nati and Nitzan but will it last? And Hodaya’s niece comes to visit, creating a world of trouble for her aunt.
S01E14 Episode 14 22/09/2008 Reut discovers that her sister is getting married which causes an unexpected stir of her emotions; Nitzan throws Nati a surprise birthday party much to his dismay as the distance builds between them; Amir and Yifat grow even closer, but is Amir being completely honest?
S01E15 Episode 15 06/10/2008 Season One comes to a close when Reut makes some serious changes in her life to regroup; Amir pursues Yifat seriously but might have made a mistake along the way; Hodaya swears to become “unreligious”; and Nati opens his eyes to an overdue realization.
S02E01 Time Of Will 10/01/2010 Find out what happens in the Yifat-Amir-Nati love triangle. Is Hodaya really ready to be unreligious? And what does that even mean? This season is sure to be not one you are going to want to miss! Tune in and find out what happens in this season opener.
S02E02 New Face 17/01/2010 Nati deals with the heartache of losing his mom. Everyone is trying to help him out, but they still have their own problems to deal with. Reut returns from India, and it’s not what you expect. Yifat is still learning about married life, and Hodaya is beginning to discover herself.
S02E03 Like Then 24/01/2010 Nati is still not coping well. Reut is the only one who seems to be finding some stability in her life, and maybe a new love? Let’s hope for the best for our friends as they try to bring back days of yore with a good ol’ fashioned Shabbat dinner! Just make sure you know who’s bringing the wine.
S02E04 Anonymous Donation 31/01/2010 First comes love, then comes marriage…we all know what happens next. It’s a baby-filled episode of Srugim! Meanwhile, Reut is finally getting back in the game, but Nati is still having trouble finding someone to date. What will happen? Watch and find out.
S02E05 Third Of Heaven 07/02/2010 Hodaya gets an outside perspective, Yifat plays matchmaker, Reut is still pursuing Roi, and Nati meets his soul mate. But don’t get too excited! Some big surprises are in the air.
S02E06 Wrong Bargain 14/02/2010 Hodaya has a birthday…twice. Amir hides an egg to try to make a point. Reut keeps trying, but can Roi keep lying?
S02E07 Modest 21/02/2010 Amir gets stuck with a field trip, Hodaya looks for a new job, Yifat has a chance to do something other than Bar Mitzvah invitations, and Assaf dreams of being a journalist.
S02E08 The City In Gray 28/02/2010 Hodaya takes a major leap, Amir and Yifat get into their biggest fight to date, Nati is learning how to deal with his Dad, and Reut and Roi are still figuring things out.
S02E09 Intervention By God 07/03/2010 Assaf has to deal with a family emergency, and Hodaya is not invited. Amir and Yifat are trying to get pregnant no matter what it takes! Nati is still being Nati. I mean, who is mean to a clown?!
S02E10 Seven Clean Days 14/03/2010 So Nati decides to step up and show his self worth, at the mall. Yifat needs to take a chill pill, or maybe she needs to stop taking pills, you decide. Hodaya’s relationship is headed for disaster, but who is to blame, and why? And as for Roi and Reut, all we can say is, WOW.
S02E11 A World Of Grace 21/03/2010 Hodaya gets a visit from her mother and becomes paranoid about everything, but is she wrong to do so? Yifat tries to help, but what can you do? Reut is apparently no good with kids, but Roi is. Too bad he’s not so great with adults. Speaking of kids, Nati is starting to get very close to Evyatar, but Dafna is still keeping a close eye on him.
S02E12 Reserve Duty 28/03/2010 In this episode, everyone gives us a glimpse of their true character. Hodaya tries to balance her choices and her family, Yifat gets a breath of fresh air, and Amir has to decide what’s more important – his country or his wife.
S02E13 The Wandering Amnesia 25/04/2010 Yifat tries to figure out what she wants – a baby or her dream job. Hodaya tries her hand at writing and sends us all for trip. Nati is the most eligible religious bachelor in Jerusalem. Okay, fourth most eligible, but who’s counting?
S02E14 Shakshuka 02/05/2010 In the penultimate episode of the season, things get tense! Roi and Reut have a lot to work out, Nati actually does something decent for a change, Hodaya moves back in with Yifat, oh and Amir, too. He won’t mind, right?
S02E15 Road Signs 09/05/2010 It’s the season finale, and what a way to end! We began with a wedding, and we end with a wedding! This time feelings among our friends are much different though. Things are about to change, and how does the season end? Watch and find out more.
S03E01 ???? ???????, ???? ?????? ????? 23/10/2011 Nati finds new romance and a new roommate- both with extreme tastes. Amir and Yifat get more than they bargained for when they go car shopping. Hodaya and Avri meet again and old wounds are opened.
S03E02 ???? ????? ??? ????? ?? ????? 30/10/2011 Nati meets Azaria’s ex (Tehila) and likes what he sees. Hodaya meets up again with her ex not-so-kosher boyfriend.
S03E03 ??? ????? ??????? ????? 06/11/2011 Nati finds a reason to see Tehila again. The job market doesn’t look good for Amir. Ruet is swept off her feet by Azaria’s poetry.
S03E04 ????? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??? 13/11/2011 Amir gets a serious job offer… with strings attached. Ruet makes time to see Azaria and Nati makes time for Tehila.
S03E05 ??? ??????? ?? ????? ????? 20/11/2011 A prank at work leaves Nati conflicted. Hodaya shares some big news with Yifat. Ruet helps Azaria with some finances.
S03E06 ??? ???? ????? ?? ????? 27/11/2011 Nati finds himself under serious scrutiny by his superiors. Amir and Ruet clash at work. With marriage on the horizon, Hodaya becomes overwhelmed.
S03E07 ???? ?????? 04/12/2011 With his hours cut, Nati finds himself with too much time on his hands. Ruet makes an odd request to Nati after they go to Azaria’s poetry reading.
S03E08 ???? ???? ???? ????? 11/12/2011 Hodaya feels rebellious at work. Nati scares Tehila with an unwelcome medical opinion. Yifat feels the pressure of being the breadwinner.
S03E09 ????? ???? ????? ??? 18/12/2011 Yifat’s brother comes to visit- and complicates things for Hodaya. Ruet once again finds herself helping Azaria on the financial front.
S03E10 ???? ?????, ???? ??????? 25/12/2011 Yifat and Amir get a first look at their baby and Yifat gets a makeover. Nati takes issue with Azaria’s poetry, and the gloves drop during a public reading. Ruet and Azaria’s relationship takes a turn.
S03E11 ????? ?????? ??????? ????? ?? ????? 01/01/2012 Azaria presents Hodaya with an opportunity. Amir tries to find himself and Yifat experiences independence. Roi has a life-changing experience.
S03E12 ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ????? 08/01/2012 Reut finds herself on a blind date. Yifat and Amir spend some time on the country. Nati’s relationship with Tehila deepens.
S03E13 ????? ?? ??? ????? ???? 15/01/2012 Nati faces temptation, then makes quite the proposal. Things get complicated between Hodaya and Avri. Ruet experiences aunt-hood.
S03E14 ???? ????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ?????? 22/01/2012 Hodaya gets the offer of a lifetime. Amir and Yifat’s baby makes a move. Tehila confronts Nati with some complicated news.
S03E15 ????? ?????? ??? ???? ???? 29/01/2012 Finale