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Starship Farragut is an independent film series based on the original series of Star Trek. Starship Farragut is based on the crew of the U.S.S. Farragut, a Constitution Class Starship (NCC-1647) commanded by Captain John T. Carter, and takes place during the time of legendary Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701).


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Starship Farragut

S01E01 The Captaincy 23/02/2007 Shortly after Captain Carter arrives on board his new command, he is ordered to the planet Diotama III near the Klingon border. His mission is to investigate the disappearance of a missing starship and its rogue Commodore, as well as determine the possibility of a secret and devastating Klingon weapon. Join the crew on their first adventure onboard Starship Farragut!
S01E02 For Want of a Nail 13/10/2007 The Starship Farragut has been dispatched on a diplomatic mission to Solon Prime to make first contact with a race of ancient scholars. What could possibly go wrong? Shortly after entering the transporter room and beaming down, the landing party finds itself not in the Solonai Council chambers, but in America's past.
S01E03 The Price of Anything 12/08/2012 Captain Carter has a chance meeting with his ailing, estranged father. After crash landing a shuttlecraft on a mission to save a rare plant, they discover a rogue Romulan and a failed experiment involving a Romulan super soldier they must fight to stay alive!
S01E04 Conspiracy of Innocence 05/07/2014 While on a mission to a strange new world, Captain Carter and crew face the ultimate challenge as a close friend gives their life to save the others. Trapped in a world below the surface of a dying planet, the inhabitants share a secret which could change the galaxy forever. While Captain Carter and the crew grieve, a threat emerges which could mean the end of the Farragut.
S01E05 The Crossing 13/02/2016 The Farragut receives a distress call coming from an apparently damaged USS Potemkin only to find it carrying the sword and Earth markings of the Terran Empire. The after-effects of the events in Mirror, Mirror has resulted in the Empire falling into civil war with the various alien races, led by the Vulcans, have chosen to break away. The Potemkin, led by Captain Wilcox, has come through a rift between the universes to seek the Federation’s aid in restoring the stability of the Empire. While Wilcox has an approach of negotiations and mediation, other members of the Potemkin’s crew plot to take a more direct route to securing the assistance of the Farragut.
S01E06 Homecoming 19/12/2018