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    55 minutes
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Un banquier désespéré doit cacher de l'argent volé. Un chef de gang veut passer dans la légalité. Un hacker a une idée qui va révolutionner l'avenir de l'argent. Amenés à travailler ensemble, ils créent leur propre version du rêve américain : le crime organisé 2.0.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de StartUp (2016)

S01E01 Seed Money 06/09/2016 When Miami tech visionary Izzy Morales fails to attract funding for her new cryptocurrency GenCoin, financier Nick Talman funnels dirty money from his embezzling father. Meanwhile, gangster Ronald Dacey finds his money is missing, while cynical FBI agent Phil Rask hunts for Nick’s father.
S01E02 Ground Floor 06/09/2016 After Ronald threatens Nick and Izzy, they scramble to return his money in cash. Agent Rask's new partner Maddie arrives just in time to ramp up efforts to track Nick's father, Andy Talman. With gang violence in Little Haiti bearing down on his family, Ronald rethinks Izzy's GenCoin pitch.
S01E03 Proof of Concept 06/09/2016 Nick, Izzy and Ronald's fundraising is off to a slow start, but Ronald spots an opportunity with a neighborhood VIP. Rask and Maddie catch wind of GenCoin just as Andy tells Nick the truth about Rask. Nick makes a promising business connection.
S01E04 Angel Investor 06/09/2016 Nick makes the pitch of a lifetime, reviving GenCoin. Rask and Maddie’s partnership takes a surprising turn just as Rask forms an unlikely alliance. Ronald gets pulled into a wave of violence with his gang.
S01E05 Buyout 06/09/2016 As Rask slides into a pit of violence and corruption, he fights to regain control. Nick and Izzy absorb a devastating blow to GenCoin. Ronald takes a risk with the company pitch.
S01E06 Bootstrapped 06/09/2016 Rask is forced clean up his mess. Izzy reaches out to an old classmate and finds a promising lead. Taylor’s discovery of Nick’s predicament places GenCoin in serious jeopardy. In the face of disaster, Ronald has a burst of inspiration.
S01E07 Valuation 06/09/2016 A struggling GenCoin finds a way to set up shop, but Ronald’s plan to put some money in their pockets backfires. An anxious Rask must field questions from his fellow agents. Izzy follows up on an ambitious lead.
S01E08 Pro Rata 06/09/2016 GenCoin lands a major investor, Alex Bell, who has sketchy ties. Rask makes an opportune discovery about Nick. As Ronald’s status in the gang changes, his son Touie is faced with an agonizing decision.
S01E09 Hostile Takeover 06/09/2016 Rask hurries to tie up loose ends. Alex drops a bombshell on GenCoin, forcing Izzy into a compromising position. Nick and Ronald bond over their new predicament. Izzy takes a stand, only to find herself on the wrong side.
S01E10 Recapitalization 06/09/2016 In the season finale, Nick and Izzy hash out their differences. Nick has an ace up his sleeve, leading to a shocking new ally for GenCoin. Rask is faced with the brutal truth about Alex. The Morales family is blindsided by tragedy.
S02E01 Disruption 28/09/2017 Nick finds his circumstances vastly changed at the hands of Phil Rask, whose relationship with the Russians has taken a dark turn. In the wake of tragedy, Izzy is pushed to the brink of a reckless decision. As the cops close in on their business, Ronald and Touie contemplate a dangerous idea.
S02E02 Bleeding Edge 28/09/2017 Striking a deal with Rask, Nick sets out on a seek-and-find mission to clear his name. Ronald asks for Izzy’s help with a risky project. Rask finds the Russians even more demanding than he’d feared. Izzy comes to a groundbreaking revelation.
S02E03 Early Adopters 28/09/2017 Nick meets a mysterious old friend of his father’s. Ronald and Izzy put Araknet into action as Nick comes to them with a peculiar proposition. An adrift Rask struggles to repair all that’s broken in his life.
S02E04 Loss 28/09/2017 After a discouraging discovery, the trio forges a new plan. Izzy seeks the help of someone significant from her past. Nick faces a setback while catching a glimpse into the strange world of Wes Chandler. Ronald struggles to get his crew behind the new way of doing business.
S02E05 Pivot 28/09/2017 After a devastating tragedy, Ronald faces a harrowing decision. Izzy finds herself in hot water after a brazen plan lands her in the Russians’ sights. Nick finally grabs Wes’s attention with the help of Wes’s daughter, Mara.
S02E06 Liabilities 28/09/2017 Rask makes a bold move to set things right. After a near-death experience, Izzy reaches out to an old friend. Ronald and Nick rally to Izzy’s defense as they rethink the future of their business. The group fears Araknet’s baggage will scare off Wes.
S02E07 Growth Hacking 28/09/2017 As ArakNet struggles to best their competitor, Izzy butts heads with the team. Rask recovers, but his murderous past threatens to resurface. Wes, Nick and Mara hustle to bring ArakNet street cred against slim odds. Ronald goes down a dangerous road he’s long avoided.
S02E08 Opportunity Cost 28/09/2017 After Ronald suggests a game-changer for Araknet, he struggles to live up to the team’s expectations of him. The Russians hit Araknet hard in an underhanded move, leaving Nick and Izzy to plot swift retaliation.
S02E09 Leverage 28/09/2017 As Araknet celebrates a huge win, Ronald struggles to repair his life before it’s too late. The Russians extend a tainted olive branch, causing dissent within the company and throwing Izzy into inner turmoil. Just as Araknet is poised to make a controversial move, an unforeseen enemy strikes.
S02E10 Soul Proprietor 28/09/2017 Izzy reaches out to Rask with a proposition. Tamara gives Ronald the push he needs to change his life for good. Nick makes a sickening discovery while Izzy executes a devastating plan to decimate Araknet’s enemies.

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Par atlza Le 30/12/2016

Essayée un peu par hasard via amazon Prime Video, cette série est vraie bonne surprise. Alternant avec tact les épisodes construisant l'intrigue de ceux contenant plus d'action, on apprécie ce mélange des genres et milieux sociaux dans le parcours de ces startupeurs en devenir confrontés à la réalité du business. Martin Freeman y est encore une fois très convainquant en agent du FBI cynique et pas très réglo...