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Set in 1965 this comedy/drama follows the adventures of a 12 year old Jewish girl named Hannah who is best friends with Grace, a 12 year old Catholic girl. They both attend the local Catholic school. This show follows their adventures of growing up in the 1960's.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de State Of Grace

S01E01 Love, Love Me Do 25/06/2001
S01E02 Homeward Bound 25/06/2001
S01E03 Perfect Day 02/07/2001
S01E04 We Gotta Get Outta This Place 02/07/2001
S01E05 Time in a Bottle 09/07/2001
S01E06 Crime and Self-Punishment 09/07/2001
S01E07 Eve of Distruction 16/07/2001
S01E08 The Force of Fun 16/07/2001
S01E09 A Book by Its Cover 30/07/2001
S01E10 Saving Grace 06/08/2001
S01E11 Looking for God in All the Right Places 13/08/2001
S01E12 Happy Together 20/08/2001
S01E13 Diamond Ring 27/08/2001
S02E01 Get Me to the Church on Time 01/03/2002
S02E02 Of Diamonds and Deli Meats 08/03/2002
S02E03 For the Birds 15/03/2002
S02E04 All That Jazz 22/03/2002
S02E05 It's a Wonderful Heschie 22/03/2002
S02E06 All Kinds of Heroes 29/03/2002
S02E07 The Expanding Universe 29/03/2002
S02E08 Fortunate Son 05/04/2002
S02E09 Hello Goodbye 12/04/2002
S02E10 The Name Game 19/04/2002
S02E11 The Way We Weren't 26/04/2002
S02E12 Take Good Care of My Baby 03/05/2002
S02E13 Where the Boys Are 10/05/2002
S02E14 Smoke, Mirrors, and Chicken Fat 03/06/2002
S02E15 Scandalous Behaviour 03/06/2002
S02E16 Dating Games 10/06/2002
S02E17 Driving Miss Ida 17/06/2002
S02E18 Spy Games 24/06/2002
S02E19 Monkey Business 08/07/2002
S02E20 To Be Young at Heart 15/07/2002
S02E21 Sophisticated Ladies 22/07/2002
S02E22 A Taste of Money 29/07/2002
S02E23 Great Wall of Rayburn 05/08/2002
S02E24 Someone To Watch Over You 00/00/0000
S02E25 Legacy 19/08/2002 Tattie tries to hide the truth about an ancestor from an author (Fred Savage) who writes a book on southern families. Hannah thinks that her dad is getting too close to a young employee.
S02E26 Holiday on Ice 00/00/0000 We spend the holidays with the Rayburns in Ashmore as they have their first Chanukah. Tattie, who hates the holidays, tries to celebrate Christmas.

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