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Two one-hour specials which chart the highs and lows of Steve Coogan's 2009 tour across Australia and New Zealand. Featuring exclusive footage from his live shows as well as unrestricted backstage access, this is a warts-and-all documentary charting the highs and lows of the comedian's trip Down Under. For the tour, Steve brought back four of his bestloved characters: Mancunian wastrel Paul Calf; Paul's foul-mouthed sister Pauline; Portuguese singer and self-proclaimed lady's man Tony Ferrino; and inimitable local broadcaster Alan Partridge. Footage of Steve's performances throughout the tour gives an illuminating insight into how he brought these characters back to life, honing and perfecting them for his Antipodean audience. The documentary lays bare the pressures of touring as Steve and his skeleton production crew battle nerves, stress, jetlag and homesickness off-stage while coping with inevitable on-stage mishaps, from rogue microphones and troublesome faux facial hair to drunken hecklers. As the relentless touring schedule and demanding media commitments begin to take their toll, a disillusioned Coogan declares he's fallen out of love with performing. But despite the strains, the elation that comes from bringing down a packed theatre is plain to see, and there are some genuinely touching moments.


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S01E01 Part 1 06/08/2013
S01E02 Part 2 07/08/2013