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Stingers brings to light the life and work of an undercover police unit located in Melbourne. This dangerous work requires complete dedication, one slip can cost an operative their life. When we first meet the team, it is headed by DSS Bernie Rocca (Joe Petruzzi), ably assisted by DS Ellen McKenzie (Anita Hegh). Peter Church (Peter Phelps) is the most experienced officer in the unit, but not one who easily takes direction. Constables Angie PIper (Kate Kendall) and Oscar Stone (Ian Stenlake) round out the team. Jess Napier played Kaye Kelso, a newcomer who dropped out after the the first five episodes. After the second season, Rocca left the unit and McKenzie was promoted to DSS. Soon after Dannie Mayo (Roxane Wilson) joined. Big changes followed the death of Oscar Stone and the departure of Ellen McKenzie at the end of Series 5. The undercover unit became Special Investigations and moved from its 'front' garage back to police HQ. Insp. Luke Harris (Gary Sweet) took command, providing a wavering hand as he struggled to hide his bipolar disorder from his superiors. Chris Dichera (Jacinta Stapleton) and later Leo Flynn (Daniel Frederickson) joined Church and Piper as the undercover team for the later series of the show which had 8 series and 192 episodes in all.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Stingers

S01E01 Rat Catcher 29/09/1998
S01E02 Hit Me 06/10/1998 Church becomes implicated in murder conspiracies when he goes undercover.
S01E03 The Initiation 13/10/1998 When a police officer is shot, Undercover are called to investigate the prime suspects within a Romanian gang.
S01E04 Show the Dead Mouse (1) 20/10/1998 When a serial killer claims a third victim, Undercover are called in to track him down.
S01E05 Show the Dead Mouse (2) 27/10/1998 The unit goes into damage control after Kaye's disappearance.
S01E06 Backlash 03/11/1998 While undercover, Church becomes involved with Cameron Fraser, a brutal and highly skilled mercenary.
S01E07 Innocents Abroad 10/11/1998 Stone goes undercover to crack a large-scale Ecstasy racket.
S01E08 Blind Love 17/11/1998 MacKenzie goes undercover to befriend a women capable of exposing a corrupt politician.
S01E09 Jelly Babies 24/11/1998 Working undercover, Church inadvertently becomes involved in a volatile siege situation instigated by three young delinquents.
S01E10 Nothing Personal 22/02/1999 Internal Affairs raids the Stingers warehouse after receiving a tip-off suggesting corruption. Bernie Rocca becomes the focus of the corruption allegation when he can't explain why some heroin is missing and why there is a spare $40,000 in his safe.
S01E11 Ten Foot Tall and Bulletproof 01/03/1999 Church gives a long-term informant one last chance to prove his worth, while investigating a potential armoured car robbery.
S01E12 Faking It 08/03/1999 Church goes undercover with a bikie gang suspected in producing counterfeit money.
S01E13 Right On Target 15/03/1999 After being shot at a drug deal, Stone remains undercover to crack a gun dealing racket. Mackenzie is concerned about the psychological effects the shooting may have on Stone and his future as an undercover operative.
S01E14 Without Fear or Favour 06/04/1999 The Unit goes undercover to locate a prison escapee and investigate claims that police want him dead, rather than recaptured.
S01E15 Lunatic Fringe (1) 13/04/1999 Stone and Angie go undercover to infiltrate a radical environmental group suspected of stealing explosives to service terrorist activities; Church must overcome a personal vendetta.
S01E16 Lunatic Fringe (2) 20/04/1999 Stone and Angie go undercover to infiltrate a radical environmental group suspected of stealing explosives to service terrorist activities; Church must overcome a personal vendetta.
S01E17 Talker 27/04/1999 Mac and Angie go undercover in a brothel following the murder of a second prostitute.
S01E18 Into the Cold (1) 04/05/1999 While investigating a murder, Church inadvertently becomes involved with a well known crime family.
S01E19 Lone Hand (2) 11/05/1999 As Church works to infiltrate a powerful crime family, he gets more involved than he had ever expected.
S01E20 Proving Ground (3) 18/05/1999 As the Unit slowly gains information to bring about the downfall of a powerful crime family, an unexpected development threatens their progress, and forces Church to remain undercover.
S01E21 Cast Off (4) 25/05/1999 The Unit fears that Church's involvement with an influential crime family may cause him to cross the line, and betray them for a life of crime.
S01E22 Dead Man's Throw (5) 01/06/1999 The Unit discovers that someone has information that could expose Church while he's undercover, and so begins a deadly race against time.
S02E01 Salsa (1) 08/06/1999 Stone and Angie go undercover to investigate a murder believed to be linked to a pornographic film industry. MeanWhile MacKenzie recieves compromising photographs related to her past relationship with Chruch.
S02E02 Salsa (2) 15/06/1999 MacKenzie pushes Angie and Stone to solve the ongoing porn murder case, as the compromising photographs of herself and Church threaten the security of the Unit.
S02E03 Set for Life 22/06/1999 The undercover unit faces a dilemma when the life of Church's informant is threatened. Should they abort the sting?
S02E04 The Big Picture 29/06/1999 Rocca finds himself in unfamiliar territory when he goes undercover with Church on a case involving gold smuggling, political intrigue, and attempted assassination.
S02E05 Rat Trap 06/07/1999 Rocca goes undercover with Church on a case involving goldsmuggling, political intrigue and attempted assassination.
S02E06 Finders Keepers 20/07/1999 Mackenzie goes behind bars to investigate a murderer suspected of grand scale embezzlement.
S02E07 Playing With the Celibate Dead 27/07/1999 The Unit work to protect a coin dealer they believe will be the target of a revenge attack.
S02E08 White Lies 03/08/1999 The Unit discover there is a contract out on Church's life. Someone wants him silenced before he can testify.
S02E09 Mr Right 10/08/1999 Working closely with a psychological profiler, Mackenzie puts her life on the line to trap a serial killer who uses the internet to select his victims.
S02E10 The Favour 17/08/1999 Working undercover in an explosives trading investigation, Stone allows his heart to rule his judgement, putting the operation and his life at risk.
S02E11 Judas Kiss 31/08/1999 During an undercover operation, Church is involved in a shooting accident which brings him under scrutiny from Internal Affairs.
S02E12 Counting the Beat 07/09/1999 Working undercover in the music industry, Angie's life spins out of control as she begins to question her future in Undercover.
S02E13 Just Acting 14/09/1999 When Stone becomes the target of a revenge attack, Angie and his family get caught in the crossfire.
S02E14 Unnatural Justice 21/09/1999 Church must team up with a new recruit to investigate the abduction of the daughter of a Family Court judge.
S02E15 Dance with the Dragon 28/09/1999 Church uses unorthodox methods during a drug investigation when he discovers his nephew, Matt, caught up in the cycle of addiction.
S02E16 The Long Haul 05/10/1999 The Unit investigate a series of truck hi-jackings that have led to murder.
S02E17 The Weight 12/10/1999 Following a car bomb attack, Stone and Angie go undercover to investigate a radical right-wing group suspected of race terrorism.
S02E18 Men in the Dark 19/10/1999 When Church and Mackenzie team up to investigate an illegal adoption racket, Mackenzie's informant decides to take justice into his own hands.
S02E19 Full Term 26/10/1999 A routine drug bust takes a sudden turn forcing Rocca to take the place of the target, while Church faces the challenge of a lifetime as he deals with a pregnant informant.
S02E20 House Rules 02/11/1999 The unit become involved in a robbery and double murder when they go undercover to infiltrate a group of high-rolling gamblers using black money.
S02E21 Signal One 09/11/1999 Church breaks all the rules when he goes after Rocca's attacker and ends up head to head with the new boss of Undercover.
S02E22 The Dingo 16/11/1999 The Final episode of the year for the Melbourne-based cop drama finds undercover operative Church caltivating a new informant. And this man's information is amazingly good. While the future of the undercover operation is under threat, Chruch has serveral meetings with his informant, Dingo. Finally, he extracts details with will enable the Singers group to bust a big-time drug ring. But there's a twist in the tale which makes this one of the most satisfying episodes of the series this year.
S03E01 Brilliant Lies 14/06/2000 A sassy new operative arrives at the unit just as the group go undercover to entrap a group of young theives. But a mistake leads to a kidnapping, placing everyone in danger.
S03E02 Forced Perspective 21/06/2000 Church goes undercover in the world of stolen art, and must grapple with some of the conflicting emotions which have shaped his character and behaviour, when he discovers that the target abuses his son.
S03E03 Which Bank? 28/06/2000 A well planned sting on a group of thieves intent on robbing a very large bank goes horribly wrong when the unit discover that the bank the group is robbing is in a completely different city... and state.
S03E04 Twisted Sister 01/08/2000 Angie's assignment is jeopardised with the unexpected arrival of her sister; and Mac is faced with a dilemma when she discovers that Danni's involved with an associate of an underworld heavy.
S03E05 Unplaced Favourite 08/08/2000 Danni's future at the unit is on the line when her ex-boyfriend becomes the prime suspect in a horse-doping scam.
S03E06 No Way Out 15/08/2000 Hollister asks Mac for help to capture the elusive Marty Stockwell, a master bank robber. He fatally shot one of Hollister's men, and now he wants revenge. So, Church and Danni go undercover to try and bring him to justice.
S03E07 Necessary Force 22/08/2000 In court, things go horribly wrong when the Magistrate dismisses the charges against Tony Howarth for shooting Bernie Rocca.
S03E08 No Pain, No Gain 29/08/2000 Church becomes involved in a young boy's life after he catches him trying to steal his car, and uses him to uncover a car stealing racket. Meanwhile, Angie risks herself, and goes undercover to determine the truth about a dentist who takes advantage of his patients.
S03E09 Heartline 05/09/2000 After three backpackers are murdered, Stone is sent in to investigate Evelyn Leigh, where his emotions almost cost his life.
S03E10 Mob Rules 12/09/2000 Mac and Church must infiltrate a neighbourhood residents group who are protesting the acquittal and return to the neighbourhood of a local teacher recently charged with the murder of a young student.
S03E11 A Marriage to Die For 12/09/2000 When Church conducts a sting on a bikie gang, a simple gun deal becomes complicated when Church is hired to do a hit.
S03E12 In Too Deep 19/09/2000 The undercover unit face a psychological challenge when an operative looses his identity during a long-term assignment.
S03E13 Fine Details 26/09/2000 Danni learns the meaning of betrayal when she is forced to use an innocent to solve a murder.
S03E14 Truly, Madly, Deeply 03/10/2000 Mackenzie faces a dilemma when Detective Inspector Bill Hollister is revealed as a regular client at an illegal brothel which is the subject of a sting.
S03E15 The Last Hit 10/10/2000 When Church strikes up an unlikely friendship with a hitman, after preventing him from killing himself, he is drawn into the middle of a heated triangle with no simple solution.
S03E16 The Good Life 17/10/2000 Danni's life is placed in danger when a well-known career criminal turns Crown witness under unusual circumstances.
S03E17 Second Chance 24/10/2000 Mackenzie's past comes back to haunt her when her adopted brother is released from prison.
S03E18 Every Move You Make 31/10/2000 Angie is stalked by an obsessed admirer as she works undercover to expose an armed robbery ring.
S03E19 A Matter of Trust 07/11/2000 Church must put his career on the line when an old Academy buddy is implicated in a homicide.
S03E20 Spare Parts 14/11/2000 A personal favour from Church becomes a case for Undercover when an illegal organ-trading scam is exposed.
S03E21 Organised Crime (1) 21/11/2000 The Undercover Unit are assigned to investigate a five-year-old unsolved bank robbery with tragic consequences.
S03E22 Something Old, Something New (2) 21/11/2000 Mackenzie and Angie face an Internal Affairs investigation when an informant suicides, while Stone faces some important issues about his future in undercover.
S04E01 Snakehead 14/08/2001 Mackenzie and Hollister are called to investigate a homicide at the docks. Church works undercover as a customs officer when the unit has been called in to investigate the deaths of 11 illegal immigrants found inside a shipping container.
S04E02 Rich Man's World 21/08/2001 Drastic measures are taken to allay the suspicions of a drug syndicate and win their confidence. Meanwhile, Mac has to decide whether to accept a romantic proposition.
S04E03 Beyond Redemption 28/08/2001 With what is feared to be a serial killer at large, the Undercover Unit is asked to gather evidence on a man recently released from prison after serving time for assault.
S04E04 Tell Me You Love Me 11/09/2001 Mackenzie and Church pose as a feuding couple, while investigating the disappearance of a man while visiting a health spa where couples go to heal their ailing marriages.
S04E05 Fool to Want You 18/09/2001 Moonlighting as a Private Eye for an old friend, Tom Barton, Church is labelled a suspect when Tom is found dead. Church ignores all warnings to stay well away from the case, and delves into the complicated world of Tom's clientele, learning a few secrets along the way.
S04E06 Family Values (1) 25/09/2001 Church goes undercover in a bike gang to bust them on drug dealings. However, when the unit realises, after a fight and a murder, that the gang is at war with another bike gang, the pressure is on Church to stop an all out bloodbath.
S04E07 Whatever it Takes (2) 02/10/2001 The future of the unit is brought into question following Oscar's shooting the biker gang leader. Internal Affairs leaves no stone unturned in its investigation of the incident, leaving Church to choose his loyalties when Mackenzie attempts to rally the entire unit together to save Oscar.
S04E08 Into the Darkness (3) 10/10/2001 In the aftermath of Bill Hollister's murder, Church goes on a crusade to catch who he believes is responsible. Angie visits her sister only to discover a tragic secret, and Mackenzie grapples with her feelings and how to face Hollister's family.
S04E09 Foster Cops 16/10/2001 Church and Danni pose as foster parents in an unusual operation to capture Australia's most wanted armed robber.
S04E10 The Whisper Room 23/10/2001 The Undercover Unit investigate a disturbing ring of criminals, who use an internet chat-room to procure their victims.
S04E11 Feud 24/10/2001 The Undercovers find themselves battling a race against time when called in to investigate an extortion attempt against a pharmaceutical company.
S04E12 One of Us (1) 30/10/2001 A geeky inventor is suspected of being involved in credit-card doctoring, internet fraud, and making bombs. When Church is undercover at his house, a raid is carried out by gunnmen he believes are cops. And the cops-against-cops scenario is complicated when it appears the fraud suspect was involved with the death of Bill Hollister, who died in a bomb blast. Meanwhile, Stone finds himself recruited to undertake the most daunting of tasks when he is hired as a sniper by a bent cop.
S04E13 Dog Eat Dog (2) 31/10/2001 In a case that has personal resonance for Mackenzie, the Undercover Unit stage a intensive investigation, determined to nail Bill Hollister's murderer.
S04E14 Slice 06/11/2001 Danni's life and career is threatened when an escaped criminal seeks his revenge.
S04E15 Love Hurts 07/11/2001 A case of mistaken identity results in Stone being recruited to assist with a major armed robbery.
S04E16 Psychotic Episode 20/11/2001 Following a spate of violent robberies, Church and the others are placed undercover as taxi drivers, in hope of catching the offender in the act. Unlike the others, Church actually likes the job, and the stories people have to tell, and when he takes a fare from a highly agitated young man, he hears a story to beat all stories.
S04E17 Closure 21/11/2001 MacKenzie investigates a private detective who specialises in adoption cases with the secret hope of finding her birth mother.
S04E18 True Colours 21/11/2001 Church tags an unconvicted robber/murderer in the hope that he will lead them to unrecovered bank funds, while Angie and Stone try to locate a missing accomplice. Meanwhile, MacKenzie has news on her birth mother.
S04E19 Too Many Cooks 27/11/2001 The Unit works with an undercover operative from Queensland to defeat a gang of amphetamine dealers responsible for a kidnapping.
S04E20 Just Another Day 27/11/2001 Stone is caught in a siege at a hospital when an armed robbery goes horribly wrong.
S04E21 Reunion 28/11/2001 Church's worlds collide when he has to attend his 20 year high school reunion as part of a drug sting.
S04E22 Do the Right Thing 28/11/2001 As Church, Danni, Stone and Angie focus on a drug sting, Mackenzie is distracted by an invitation to apply for Head of Homicide - which would mean leaving the Undercover Unit.
S05E01 Thin Ice 05/02/2002 Mackenzie becomes the victim of a grifter on the eve of her interview for head of homicide, while Church finds his career threatened.
S05E02 An Anonymous Guy 12/02/2002 Angie faces one of her toughest cases yet when she has to develop a romantic relationship with a murder suspect and then coerce him into becoming an informant.
S05E03 Cash on Delivery 19/02/2002 Danni's determination to go it alone with her pregnancy clouds her professional judgement when she stumbles across an illegal adoption racket.
S05E04 What's Love Got to Do With It? 26/02/2002 Mackenzie discovers the grifter who drugged her is linked to a senior colleague - someone who has good reason to want her out of the running for head of Homocide.
S05E05 A Little Crush 05/03/2002 Stone cultivates a live-wire young prostitute named Brittany to get information on a dangerous drug crime.
S05E06 No Promises 12/03/2002 Church is sent undercover to share a cell with a convicted murderer.
S05E07 Mule Train 19/03/2002 Angie is forced to bend the rules as she attempts to prevent her sister Sam from being arrested on drug importation charges.
S05E08 White Ants 26/03/2002 Danni has to protect and help prepare for the court appearance of former undercover cop Gary Edgerton, the reluctant key witness in the trial of a major criminal.
S05E09 In the Gun (1) 02/04/2002 Stone investigates a woman who may just be organising a hit on her husband, while Mackenzie is dealing with hitmen of a different kind.
S05E10 In Plain View (2) 09/04/2002 Angie and the rest of the Undercover Unit rally around Mackenzie, risking their jobs in order to prove her innocence.
S05E11 Fatal Flaw (3) 16/04/2002 With Harry Love in a position to make his final move against Mackenzie, she and the Undercover Unit are forced to take desperate action, with tragic consequences.
S05E12 Trust 23/04/2002 Undercover teams up with Armed Robbery to bust a violent robbery ring. Church infiltrates the group but is forced to bow out when he is given a shotgun and told to rob a convenience store. It looks like Undercover has blown it—until Angie uses her real-life romance with informant Marty Engle to gain access to the ring, a situation that places them both in dangerous territory.
S05E13 Big Fish 30/04/2002 Stone and Church go undercover to investigate a pair of teenage drug manufacturers, with unexpected tragic consequences.
S05E14 DMZ 07/05/2002 Stone is abducted when Undercover's attempt to bust an international arms dealing ring, run by lethal ex SAS officers, fails.
S05E15 Blow Off 14/05/2002 When a failed drug bust leaves the Undercover Unit with a dead dealer high class prostitute holding a couple of bags of cocaine, the Unit undertake an operation inside a busy brothel: Gotham City.
S05E16 Inside Man 21/05/2002 When an undercover operation causes the death of a young woman, Church and Angie are faced with the dilemma of saving one dangerous criminal from another.
S05E17 Mind Games 28/05/2002 The Unit's attempts to trap a serial killer leaves Mackenzie fighting for her and her best friend's life.
S05E18 Disgraceful Conduct 04/06/2002 Stone heads undercover to expose a high powered businessman, but experiences a crisis of conscious when he discovers a young prostitute he has cared for is in danger as a result of his actions.
S05E19 Smoke and Mirrors 02/07/2002 Church becomes convinced he is being stalked by a man who holds him responsible for the murder of his girlfriend, causing him to jeapordise the Unit's current operation: busting an illegal tobacco ring.
S05E20 Too Much Information 09/07/2002 When the Unit try to nab a standover man for murder, Angie's relationship with an informant results in a confrontation within the ranks; the Stingers having to face the fury of one of their own.
S05E21 Pale Horse 16/07/2002 The unit seems on shaky ground when homicide attempt to charge Church with murder, but are devastated when Stone goes beyond the call of duty to save Church.
S05E22 A Girl's Best Friend 23/07/2002 Mackenzie is faced with a choice between her personal happiness and her successful career, when she becomes involved with a charismatic art thief, who entices her into believing that love is more important than the law.
S06E01 Collateral Damage 13/08/2002 Oscar Stone's killer is brought to trial in a situation of high security. The accused is represented by a high profile criminal barrister, Ingrid Burton. That and the presence of a mysterious Mr. Brown in court, has the police on edge.
S06E02 The Last Dance 20/08/2002 When Church goes undercover as an armed robber, he is busted by a young cop, who so impresses Harris, that he arranges for her to join Undercover for a trial period. Meanwhile, the brutal murder of an old woman sees Danni go undercover as a carer in a retirement village.
S06E03 Teamwork 03/09/2002 Church's undercover assignment results in the kidnapping of a drug dealer's son. Meanwhile, Chris finds herself on what appears to be a routine surveillance job at a video store. It proves, however, to be anything but routine.
S06E04 Looking After Number One 10/09/2002 An undercover attempt to sting a drug distributor results in tragedy, with accusations made against an undercover operative.
S06E05 Old Scores 24/09/2002 Harris sends Chris undercover to infiltrate a violent gang of brothers despite Church's reservations about her inexperience. When Church realises that Chris has a longstanding relationship with a street contact who gets her closer to the gang, a window on Chris's former life begins to open.
S06E06 Separation Anxiety 01/10/2002 A middle-aged woman, Helen, brings a cardboard box into police headquarters claiming it contains a bomb. In fact, it contains something even more bizarre, that is determined to belong to her husband, Miles. A series of mishaps prevents Angie from returning the box to Miles, and Ingrid Burton soon complicates matters when she reveals that she will represent Miles in his attempt to sue the police and Angie. Meanwhile, when Harris is forced to submit to a random drug test, another mystery comes to light.
S06E07 Slow Hand, Easy Touch 08/10/2002 Church's hapless persuit of the coke happy Vidarl crew takes a turn for the worst when most of them turn up dead - victims of a bloody armed robbery. There is, however, one survivor, but there's a catch.
S06E08 Scratch Me Lucky 15/10/2002 Church goes undercover on a building site to investigate union corruption and the disappearance of activist Craig Shore. Matters are complicated when Ingrid Burton enters the equation. However, things take a surprising turn when Church and Burton discover they have more in common than they thought.
S06E09 Payback 22/10/2002 Harris puts Church undercover on the construction site where Ingrid Burton's client, Steer, was murdered. Meanwhile, Church is convinced that Harris is corrupt, and goes to extreme lengths hoping to prove it.
S06E10 The Whole Truth 29/10/2002 Church and Angie continue piecing together links between Conrad, suspected drug kingpin Stig Endquist and known union basher Rick Tyson. Church suspects Harris of protecting these men. Harris, for his part, suspects Church of corruption, and assigns Chris to spy on him, in an attempt to bring Church down. But the tables are turned when it is revealed that Chris has her own secret - and Church is the only one who knows the truth.
S06E11 Breakdown 05/11/2002 Harris is clearly losing it and is convinced that his officers are out to get him. In his paranoid state, he decides it's time to do something about Church - kill him. Meanwhile, Angie is having a hard time dealing with the intimacy between Church and Ingrid - the lawyer who got Stone's killer off the hook.
S06E12 Partners in Crime 12/11/2002 The cat is well and truly set among the pigeons when Church and Harris are forced to work together determined to catch two small-time dealers. Things get complicated when Chris, who knows nothing of Harris and Church's dilemma wants to set up a bust of her own.
S06E13 Revenge of the Turtles 19/11/2002 As Harris' mental state continues to deteriorate, Church and Harris find themselves under extreme pressure to clear their names after drug boss, Stig Endquist, calls the Police Integrity Unit in to investigate the duo's involvement in a drug trade.
S06E14 Uriel's Sword (1) 26/11/2002 When drug boss Stig Endquist survives an attempt on his life, Church convinces him that the assailant was Stone's killer, Conrad. Endquist agrees to put out a bounty on Conrad in retaliation, and when Ingrid gets an inkling of what Church is up to, she threatens to expose him. Soon after, though, she is kidnapped by Conrad. The race is on, as Church faces a battle against the clock to find Conrad and discover Ingrid's whereabouts.
S07E01 Lies and Secrets (2) 25/03/2003 With Ingrid missing for seven days, the intensive police search to find her begins to lose momentum with everyone beginning to believe they're looking for a body.
S07E02 Pentimento 01/04/2003 Angie is undercover in an Art Gallery looking for an insider connection to a spate of robberies when a balaclava clad bandit bursts in. The gallery manager is held at gunpoint while the rest of the staff are forced into the storeroom. After being released, the prized Loxton painting is missing and an investigation ensues. Meanwhile, Harris has a copy of the Church/Ingrid sex tape in which Ingrid professionally compromises herself.
S07E03 Cul-De-Sac 08/04/2003 Harris attempts to teach a mate a lesson in crime and punishment, but his plan backfires with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, news of Church's tape implicating Ingrid Burton has been leaked to the papers.
S07E04 Your Cheating Heart 15/04/2003 Angie meets with two brothers, who are looking for a nurse to do a mysterious job. She's amazed when she's quickly hired by the pair and has to accompany them on the job immediately. Without backup, Angie is forced to go with them or miss out entirely on knowing what they're up to.
S07E05 Don't Look Back 22/04/2003 Chris Dichiera's future is jeopardised when she's forced to shoot dead a former squat mate.
S07E06 Snakes in the Grass 29/04/2003 Angie, Harris and Sophie lose a colleague when a siege situation erupts at Police Headquarters.
S07E07 Aftershocks 06/05/2003 While investigating the murder of a friend, Church loses Angie's heart to his boss, Luke Harris.
S07E08 Priapus' Playground 13/05/2003 Church and Angie penetrate the liberated world of swinging couples and find that love really is a drug.
S07E09 The Eighth Day 20/05/2003 Church pushes an unstable informant to take him deeper into the drug trade, unwittingly sparking off a series of murders.
S07E10 Sex & Drugs & Deep House 27/05/2003 Christina's relationship with a lesbian clubber turns to tragedy when she discovers that her lover is a murderer.
S07E11 New Blood 03/06/2003 When the undercover unit investigate a renegade young detective working subversively in a suburban station, they discover he has all the qualities to become the new undercover recruit.
S07E12 Cold War 10/06/2003 New rookie Leo Flynn takes the undercover unit on a wild and merry dance, investigating a drug war between two rival ice cream vendors and ends up biting off more than he can chew.
S07E13 Acts of Love 17/06/2003 Harris takes an impulsive trip to Singapore in an attempt to win Angie's heart and protect her from Internal Affairs. This plan backfires when she and her sister are taken hostage by a drug boss.
S07E14 Heartbeat 24/06/2003 Angie's latent feelings for Church resurface when a young deaf girl arrives at PHQ declaring she's his daughter. When Harris uses her to solve a crime, all hell breaks lose.
S07E15 Sons & Lovers 01/07/2003 The undercover unit simultaneously pursue a European war criminal and her drug dealing son, thwarting Harris and Angie's attempts to consummate their romance.
S07E16 It Started With A Kiss 08/07/2003 A sexual indiscretion of Harris' comes back to bite him on the arse when a demented bunny soldier sets her vengeful sights on Angie.
S07E17 Wild Card 15/07/2003 Church makes a dangerous call when faced with a conflict of loyalty between Harris and his old boss, Bernie Rocca.
S07E18 Practice of Deceit 22/07/2003 Flynn endangers his life and that of his pregnant sister on a deadly assignment with two cop killers.
S07E19 Killing Heidi 29/07/2003 Chris risks her life and puts her sexuality on the line to sting a sadistic chef for murder.
S07E20 Sleeping With the Enemy 05/08/2003 Church goes undercover in a dodgy furniture removal company suspected of being a front for a drug courier business. But his affair with Ava, the former girlfriend of the owner of the company, gets the seasoned operative into a spot of trouble. Meanwhile, Constable Leo Flynn tries to make amends with Constable Chris Dichiera, whom he let down on a previous case.
S07E21 A Horse is a Horse 12/08/2003 Leo goes undercover in order to bust a racehorse stealing, coke dealing porn king. Meanwhile Church has a surprise meeting with prostitute Lauren Davies.
S07E22 Conversations with the Dead 19/08/2003 After Flynn is almost killed in a buy bust gone wrong, Church goes undercover as a spiritual medium to hoodwink an international gun runner.
S07E23 Free Radical 26/08/2003 Sophie takes Church to lunch with two of the state's biggest criminals. But will the meal be Church's last?
S07E24 Daddy's Little Diamond 02/09/2003
S07E25 Time Out 09/09/2003
S07E26 Perfect Match 16/09/2003 Harris is blackmailed by an adversary from his past who threatens to reveal his psychiatric disorder. Meanwhile, Angie receives a proposal of marriage.
S07E27 Boosted (1) 23/09/2003
S07E28 One Perfect Day (2) 30/09/2003 Angie and Harris' wedding day promises to be the happiest day of their lives. There's just one minor hitch...
S07E29 Troppo Fest (3) 07/10/2003 With Harris confined to a psychiatric hospital for ECT treatment, his nemesis, Brett Linton, abducts Angie.
S07E30 Train Wreck 14/10/2003 Disillusioned with her new husband, Angie leaves him and transfers to Homicide.
S07E31 The Thin Blue Line 21/10/2003 Flynn finds himself in a treacherous love triangle when he is seduced by a colleague.
S07E32 Love's Labours Lost 28/10/2003 A teenage love affair involving one of the team's children puts the operatives at risk on a major drug job.
S07E33 Fashion Victim (1) 28/10/2003 Angie faces an enormous decision regarding an aspect of her relationship with Harris and Chris' life is left in the balance when she rekindles an old relationship.
S07E34 Total Recall (2) 09/03/2004 Eight months have passed since we last caught up with the Undercover Unit. Chris has pulled through and almost completed her rehabilitation. She has moved in with Leo, who has helped greatly in getting her back on her feet. She's almost ready to go back to work - until she has a startling revelation of what really happened to her on the night she was shot. Angie gives birth to a healthy baby boy. And Harris makes sure he's present at the birth.
S07E35 The Wrong Man 16/03/2004 In a race against the clock, Church goes undercover as a hitman in a desperate attempt to save a kidnapped girl.
S07E36 The Weakest Link 23/03/2004 Church's efforts to nail a high profile people smuggler are thrown into chaos by a rogue Homicide detective - hell bent on playing undercover cop.
S07E37 Twilight 30/03/2004 After a wild night, Flynn wakes up in bed with a corpse, and has difficulty proving he's not the killer.
S07E38 The Object of My Affection 06/04/2004 Chris becomes emotionally involved with a target who agrees to turn informant in exchange for a date with her.
S07E39 From Russia With Love 13/04/2004 Church's career is on the line when a federal police officer learns of his contrived relationship with the daughter of an illegal immigrant.
S07E40 Cops & Robbers 20/04/2004 Working undercover with armed robber Damien Broadbent, a masked Leo Flynn is forced to steal the proceeds of an illegal poker game at gunpoint – and the main players happen to be none other than Peter Church and Bryan Gray. Back at PHQ, Flynn comes clean to Church and hands back part of the haul (an expensive engagement ring) on one proviso – the cops can't pressure Broadbent for their booty as it could blow his cover and put his life at risk. Church agrees, but when Anna Trukan finds the ring, she believes Church is offering his hand in marriage. Without the heart to tell her otherwise, and with Broadbent demanding that Flynn gets the ring back, Church is pulled from all sides.
S08E01 Hammer Horror 27/04/2004 Flynn's old flame guides him deep into the world of body art, heroin and murder.
S08E02 A Square Inside the Circle 25/05/2004
S08E03 Family Ties 01/06/2004 Angie and Harris face every parent's nightmare when their son Josh falls victim to a child abduction ring.
S08E04 The River of No Return 08/06/2004 Harris goes undercover as a translator for a Malaysian drug cartel and descends into a world of opium smoking and prostitution.
S08E05 Brave New World 15/06/2004 Church risks radiation exposure in a desperate attempt to avert the detonation of a dirty bomb.
S08E06 No Man's Land 22/06/2004
S08E07 One More Chance 29/06/2004
S08E08 Break and Enter 06/07/2004
S08E09 House of Mirrors 13/07/2004
S08E10 Roman Charity 20/07/2004
S08E11 Starlight Hotel 27/07/2004 Three homeless men have been murdered, and Church goes undercover into the homeless community to track down the killer. Without the back-up of weapons or communication, Church submerges himself in this shadow world. But he quickly learns that murder might not be the only thing going on, someone is making what look like snuff movies, featuring the murdered homeless men.
S08E12 The Complete Package 03/08/2004
S08E13 The Contract 10/08/2004 Church and Gray fake the death of two people in order to sting an elusive crook known as the Coyote, only to discover they might have targeted the wrong man.
S08E14 Vanished 17/08/2004
S08E15 Mea Culpa 24/08/2004
S08E16 Past Lives 30/08/2004 After meeting up with an old friend, Chris is horrified when he commits suicide and tries to prove the incident was murder.
S08E17 I am the Walrus 07/09/2004 An investigation of a liquor store robbery takes an unexpected turn when one of the gang members claim they are being protected by ""The Walrus"", a corrupt cop. Harris suspects that the Walrus is the Head of Armed Robbery, Geoff Skinner. When Megan Walsh reveals that Skinner is her old friend and mentor, Harris begins to suspect that she may tip Skinner off, and his suspicions are heightened when Megan starts asking him questions about the case after seducing him. Meanwhile Katherine suffers an extreme bipolar episode and Harris is forced to confront the fact that their relationship is at breaking point. Katherine leaves for a posting in WA, leaving Harris shattered.
S08E18 Dream Machine 14/09/2004 When Harris and Masters locate a massive quantity of cocaine in the boot on an imported U.S. Mustang, it looks like they're on the verge of a huge arrest. But things go haywire when the importer of the vehicle, property developer David Cale, refuses to take possession of the vehicle due to a small rust problem. Suddenly Harris and Masters are left holding a whole lot of coke with no-one to bust. Masters soon pulls the pin on the operation leaving Church undercover in the importer's garage without any back up. When the bad guys come calling looking for their cocaine, Church finds himself in a very sticky situation with no way out.
S08E19 The Good Oil 21/09/2004 Church has established himself as the muscle in a close-knit Italian crime family, prolific producers of methamphetamines. When the head of the family discovers that his son has been seen in the company of a cop, he takes the cop hostage and orders Church to kill him. Church is horrified to discover that the cop is Harris, and that Harris has been buying opium off the son. Church manages to fake the shooting, but the son soon tracks Harris down. As the Undercovers move in to bust the family, Harris is finally forced to make a choice between his addiction on one hand, and his career and family on the other.
S08E20 Dirty Little Secrets 28/09/2004 Chris convinces a young prostitute to give her information about a blackmail scam at a brothel. The client she names refuses to talk, and then the prostitute is found with her tongue cut out. Angie goes undercover in the brothel as a cleaner, and is surprised to discover that Reg Masters sees a dominatrix who works there. A mortified Masters agrees to go in wired and use his relationship to set up a cocaine buy with the owner, who is none other than Steve Wylie. Wylie is brought down, which leads Harris to consider the recent events surrounding the death of Wylie's brother, who undercover believed to be a major player in the criminal world. Harris enlists Angie's help to investigate his theory that Megan Walsh is corrupt. Church refuses to consider the possibility, and it soon becomes clear why – he and Megan are lovers. Harris is forced to offer proof of Megan's treachery – she slept with him for information.
S08E21 Being Josh Brisbane 05/10/2004 While on a deep cover operation, Church is intercepted by a couple of thugs and thrown off a building. Waking in hospital with minor fractures and head trauma, Church discovers his memory has been completely wiped. He can't remember his name, how he came to fall from the roof, or anything of his past. The only clue is his driver's license, which names him as Josh Brisbane. Church soon learns Josh Brisbane is a gun for hire, contracted to take out underworld crime figure Nick Tascone. While his instincts tell him to cut and run, a confrontation with his target becomes inevitable as Tascone moves to finish the job of terminating his would-be assassin.
S08E22 End Game 19/10/2004 When Church misbehaves on a drug bust and is accused of corruption by an unnamed informant, he is investigated by Internal Affairs. The Undercover team unearth evidence that an IA cop is framing Church, but Harris orders them to draw a line under the investigation. Instead, he sends Megan to search Church's house, where she finds stolen goods - damning evidence that Church is corrupt. Church admits his corruption to her and in turn she admits her own. Together, they devise a plan to rip off the drug bust cocaine and escape. When Church is arrested for possession of stolen goods he and Megan are forced to bring the coke deal forward. It is only when Harris arrives at the scene of the deal that Megan realises it's a sting, and that Church is wearing a wire. She stares at Church in disbelief as she is arrested and taken away.
S08E23 Random Harvest 26/10/2004 The city erupts into violence as underworld gang members start knocking each other off - but with Flynn and Church undercover in the rival gangs, how long before one of them becomes a target?
S08E24 Hunting Ground 02/11/2004 Angie goes undercover as the long lost daughter of contract killer William Franks. A notorious assassin, Franks hasn't seen his daughter since she was a three year old and he was imprisoned for the murder of his wife. Though Angie initially has no qualms about such a deception, as she comes to know Franks she comes to believe that he's not the monster she first thought. When evidence comes to light suggesting Undercover has been wrongly targeting Franks for an intended hit on anti-Islamic pop philosopher, it appears that Angie's suspicions of Franks' innocence may be true. It's only at the eleventh hour, in a hostage situation, that Angie discovers Franks' true, heartfelt purpose.
S08E25 The Year of the Snake 09/11/2004 The murder of an illegal immigrant leads to an undercover brothel trading in sex slaves and a missing girl suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
S08E26 Head On 30/11/2004 When Chris is involved in a car accident after a night on the town she is horrified to discover a nine year-old boy was seriously injured. Chris questions her own culpability given that she hadn't slept and her reaction times were down. Her problems escalate when the boy's mother claims Chris was in the wrong and she intends to sue. Chris doggedly pursues every lead to prove her innocence, and in the process discovers evidence that the boy's doctor may be faking medical records in order to fraudulently claim accident compensation. When Harris shuts down the investigation Sophie takes matters into her own hands and goes undercover as a patient. Fortunately her audacious move pays off and the doctor is brought to justice. Meanwhile, Harris starts to feel threatened as Angie and Sean Hunter take their relationship to the next level.
S08E27 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1) 07/12/2004 Harris' obsession with Angie's new partner spirals out of control when one of the Undercover unit falls victim to the serial killer.
S08E28 After the Fact (2) 14/12/2004 Angie frantically tries to clear her lover's name while Harris works equally hard to convict him as the serial killer. Convinced Sean Hunter is innocent of the attack on Sophie, Angie sets out to exonerate the man she loves and catch the real serial killer. She suspects Richard Kline, who blames Hunter for the suicide of his wife, a former patient of Hunter's. Chris goes undercover on Kline, which leads to the discovery of trophies from the previous killings on Kline's premises. Hunter is freed and an already off-centre Harris, realising he has lost the battle, slips into bipolar meltdown and is forcefully taken into emergency psychiatric care. As the current is administered to his temples we go out on Angie and Hunter happily making their wedding plans. As they tenderly embrace, the cold disregard on Hunter's face tells us that Angie has become victim of a very lethal deception.