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The murder of a former government official in front of their very eyes (in a broken elevator) drives five people to start trying to solve the mystery of the murder. Dalia, is a very (very, very) wealthy heir who, in her own words "could live without all that money", Zoumboulia, a kind-hearted woman from a village in northern Greece who should come to terms with her daughter leaving with her husband to the U.S. for studies and letting her take care of her son. Also, Spyros, a college student patiently surviving the wackiness of his grandmother and her close friend Theopoula, Fotis, a multi-host of a local TV network (he presents half the network's shows) in competition with his cousin Fridda, and Aggela, a woman having no trouble saying what she believes (which often gets her into trouble). Their bond grows strong, but a lot of obstacles arise when they decide to solve the mystery. It's up to them to overcome them and find out why the official was murdered that day in that elevator.


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S01E01 Episode 1 26/09/2005 Five people, unknown to each other, find themselves stuck in the same elevator of a luxurious hotel, alongside with a former minister who, being gradually poisoned, dies in front of their eyes. In his final words, he asks them to prevent his murderers from getting away and gives them the first clue of the mystery: in his office they have to look for a "paa...". Just before that, the narrator presents us the five heroes of our story (Dalia, Zouboulia, Spiros, Fotis and Aggela) as well as the mysterious "bad guys" (who planned the minister 's murder) and she leaves us wondering about her own identity with the words "and as for who I am, lets just say its too soon for you to find out"
S01E02 Episode 2 03/10/2005 Dalia, Spyros, Zoumboulia, Aggela and Fotis have their own reasons they want to solve the mystery, even though they don't admit it. The team is finally created. However, the bad guys find out there were witnesses and decide to hunt them down. Finally, the team pays a visit to the dead minister's secretary.
S01E03 Episode 3 10/10/2005 The team gets away literally in the nick of time from the hands of the murderers. Dalia and Zoumboulia are too scared and decide to stop their search. As everything shows that the team is falling apart, an unexpected event brings them back together. Meanwhile, the bad guys are getting very close to the five. They 've already spotted Aggela.
S01E04 Episode 4 17/10/2005 At Fotis' house the five watch the video tape from the reception. Aggela decides to stay with Fotis, so the bad guys will lose her trail. Their first clue appears, the waiter of the reception, who apparently did not serve just a drink... The bad guys visit the late minister's secretary and trap her into betraying the five. Helena's rescue operation is now a priority to the team.
S01E05 Episode 5 24/10/2005 Just like Indiana Jones, the five finally free Helena. Gradually, each one's personal reason for participating on the quest, comes to the surface. The trails of the mysterious waiter are finally found in a distant camping site.
S01E06 Episode 6 31/10/2005 The adventure at the camping begins, placing our spies in all sorts of wacky conditions. They will participate at the camping's beach volley tournament under fake identities and Dalia will shop at a grocery store for the very first time in her life, thus meeting Lefteris, the owner of the store. A love is born, that draws her attention from the search, making everybody else jumpy. The surprise for Spyros will be the arrival of his grandmother and her wacky friend Theopoula at the camping, whom he will desperately try to send away, unsuccessfully. They will also meet the waiter, without him suspecting anything. The bad guys arrive at the camping...
S01E07 Episode 7 07/11/2005 In a tavern by the beach, the romantic lunch with the fish, between Lefteris and Dalia will be cut short by the arrival of the bad guys. Fotis and Spyros retrieve all evidence that prove that the team was at the camping, as soon as they find out they are in danger. The waiter finds out through his conversations with the bad guys, that he served the fatal drink at the reception without knowing it was poisonous. But until then, Fotis, Spyros, Aggela, Dalia and Zoumboulia have already packed up and are heading to Athens.
S01E08 Episode 8 14/11/2005 The five friends are surprised to discover another possibly deeply involved in the case, person. The famous fashion designer Zanna Ioannou, will become their new subject of search. Zoumboulia will try to learn more for Zanna from her high-society relative. They decide to throw a bait at Zanna, so they can learn everything they possibly can. After a long but fruitless talent search, the solution comes in the form of Amalia, their very beautiful Peloponnesian neighbor, whom they will train to participate on this year's beauty pageant. Of course, the main judge of the ...
S01E09 Episode 9 28/11/2005 Dalia prepares to meet the bad guys at her own house, thinking it's a business meeting. How is she gonna get away? Amalia is intensely trained by the five, so she can cover up her weird accent, in order to qualify for the finals of the pageant. Fotis is preparing a demo for her at the studio, Spyros finally writes the text Amalia has to learn which doesn't contain any n or l. Their efforts seem to be in vain, since Amalia hesitates to go to the pageant interview the last minute. Meanwhile, sparks seem to be flying between Zoumboulia and Fotis' father, Thomas. Thomas ...
S01E10 Episode 10 05/12/2005 Amalia makes it to the beauty pageant semifinals and Zanna seems to like her. Meanwhile, Theopoula and Sofia will play (through telephone) to the morning TV Show, "Omorfos Kosmos to Proi" (presented by Grigoris Arnaoutoglou) to win their long - awaited trip to Paris. As for Zoumboulia and Marilena, they keep fighting each other to win Thomas' heart. Now, the gang will try to break in Zanna's atelier by stealing her keys with the help of Amalia.
S01E11 Episode 11 12/12/2005 The five are in a very difficult position. After many setbacks and expenses they will manage to get into Zanna's atelier. But this mysterious character seems to be waiting for them and turns them over to the bad guys. Their life is now hanging from a thread. They are locked up in a deserted warehouse along with a bomb set to explode in one hour. Just before the fatal moment they decide to confess their deepest secrets. Will they escape the bad guys' trap?
S01E12 Episode 12 19/12/2005 Just before the Christmas holidays, Amalia says "goodbye" with a sweet letter. The bad guys' chief is not convinced of the gang's demise since no bodies were found after the explosion. An extremely weird coincidence makes the team completely fall apart. And they will spend Christmas all alone. What did happen between them?
S01E13 Episode 13 23/01/2006 Dalia, Zoumboulia, Spyros, Fotis and Aggela are back at their lives. They are together again, but not like before. Their search has stopped and no one wants to talk about the strange twist of fate that brought their lives together suddenly two times within 15 years. No one dares to bring up this subject. All except one: Fotis decides to search the clues they 've found so far and goes to the newspaper archives with his father. That day, everyone will wake up with a bad feeling...
S01E14 Episode 14 30/01/2006 And as Fotis and Spyros get home upset after their findings at the newspaper archives, some other people live their own drama. Trapped in a boutique changing room, Dalia, Zoumboulia and Aggela use the most incredible ways so the bad guy (who suddenly decided to go shopping like a normal person) won't find them. A video club subscription card will lead them to a close surveillance outside a video club, so he can lead them to his house. Who is this persistent villain?
S01E15 Episode 15 06/02/2006 The evening will find the five following the bad guy closely and he leads them to his house. A combination of courage and nerve will make them enter the building and at his doorstep, where they 'll be in danger. Zoumboulia's kidnapping will be terrifying to the remaining four, who, in their need to save her, enlist the help of all their beloved but so far, ignorant, friends and family.
S01E16 Episode 16 13/02/2006 Since Zoumboulia can no longer talk because of the shock, using the sign language between Zoumboulia and Amalia results in just one phone call at Dalia's house. The Chief calls the bad guy to announce that he knows everything and that he 'll be in charge from now on. The rest of the team, now with even more members, has created a weird but theoretically effective plan to rescue Zoumboulia, that now sets in motion.
S01E17 Episode 17 20/02/2006 Now, Candy-Candy (Dalia), Niels Holgerson (Spyros), Tintin (Fotis) and Frou Frou (Aggela) set in motion the plan to save Clarabelle (Zoumboulia) from the Dalton Brothers (bad guys) at the Smurf Village (hospital). Along with them, there will be Papa Smurf (Thomas), Gargamel (Marilena), Tom (Sofia), Jerry (Theopoula), Maya the Bee (Ritsa), My Little Pony (Alexis), Donald (Abraham) and Daisy (Frida).
S01E18 Episode 18 06/03/2006 And as Sofia and Theopoula decide to attend school lessons and Alexis gets a clear view of Stavrianidis' archives, a new bad guy appears. One that seems extremely bright, experienced and able to get the five out of the way.
S01E19 Episode 19 13/03/2006 The bad guys are very close to the five, while they unsuspectingly continue to live their lives. One by one are finally identified and tracked by their new foe. Alexis' info on the company involved in the fraud case lead the five to the company's headquarters, now property of a dentist. And as the five show up for a dentist appointment to try to figure some things out, Theopoula is the second victim to the bad guys...
S01E20 Episode 20 20/03/2006 Theopoula is abducted by the "new" bad guy. At first she 's just driving him crazy but soon things start getting nasty: the 5 have to give 20 million euros as a ransom and, of course, paying a 4 million share each is not an option! While the 5 are waiting to meet Theopoulas kidnapper, the "old" bad guy (the man in black) takes action, giving the plot an unexpected twist. The 5, will then have to deal with the police and a crazy corpse identification procedure.
S01E21 Episode 21 03/04/2006 Dalia welcomes her friends to her new, humble hotel in the center of Athens. Knowing the name of the man who was renting the office of the illegal company "Exitair", they start looking for him in a quite unorthodox way (using some pasta and cooking sets). At the same time, Fotis and Spiros find out about a man who was convicted for Eleftheria 's (the girl in Thessaloniki) murder. Just when Dalia, Aggela and Zouboulia decide to quit their tiring and fruitless "tracking method" a surprising discovery makes them change their plans...
S01E22 Episode 22 17/04/2006 The secret of the upper floor is finally revealed. Someone is going to alert the bad guys and the five will try to escape using various wacky ways. A windy ride on a truck, a water polo match and a fever contest... A very complex situation featuring a lot of adventure, danger and humor.
S01E23 Episode 23 24/04/2006 The double murder at Kastellis' house is now at the news. The authorities announce the name of the prime suspect, who unfortunately is one of the five and ask that she shows up at the police station. The bad guys watch the moves of the police closely, hoping they would lead them to the five. Who is the prime suspect? A betrayal by mistake, based on naive motives will expose her. Will she be able to get away?
S01E24 Episode 24 08/05/2006 Stavrianidis' connection to Eleftheria's murder case is finally revealed to the five, confirming the final words of the poisoned politician. The key they found, will now open an old trunk, filled with the minister's mail, which will shed some light on the case.
S01E25 Episode 25 22/05/2006 Zoumboulia recovers after she's diagnosed with excess fatigue... The five must now wait for a month. That means that their plans to visit Venetopoulos' house are now postponed dangerously. Meanwhile, Dalia's violent dreams about the five being tied by the bad guys to the train tracks and run over by a train, don't stop and every one of her attempts to convince the rest of the gang are quickly dismissed. While everyone is waiting for Zoumboulia to recover, love finally makes his way just in the nick of time...
S01E26 Episode 26 05/06/2006 The four of the five friends (Zouboulia, Fotis, Dalia, Aggela), arrive at the village where Venetopoulos is hiding. They separate into teams and the person who finds him is Fotis, who hears a part of the truth. But Venetopoulos doesn't have enough time to say to Fotis all he knows, as he is murdered in by the bad guy. At the same time the three women try to escape from a man who is quarreling with his sister. When they all manage to escape and they are about to leave, the bad guys catch Spiros, who in the meantime has arrived to the village too, and they bind them on ...
S02E01 Episode 27 02/10/2006
S02E02 Episode 28 09/10/2006
S02E03 Episode 29 16/10/2006
S02E04 Episode 30 23/10/2006
S02E05 Episode 31 30/10/2006
S02E06 Episode 32 13/11/2006
S02E07 Episode 33 20/11/2006
S02E08 Episode 34 04/12/2006
S02E09 Episode 35 11/12/2006
S02E10 Episode 36 25/12/2006
S02E11 Episode 37 22/01/2007
S02E12 Episode 38 29/01/2007
S02E13 Episode 39 12/02/2007
S02E14 Episode 40 26/02/2007
S02E15 Episode 41 05/03/2007
S02E16 Episode 42 19/03/2007
S02E17 Episode 43 02/04/2007
S02E18 Episode 44 16/04/2007
S02E19 Episode 45 23/04/2007
S02E20 Episode 46 14/05/2007
S02E21 Episode 47 21/05/2007
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S02E23 Episode 49 18/06/2007 ?? ?????? ??? ?????????? ?????? ???? ???, ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ???????? ???????? ?????, ????????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ????? ???... ???? ?? ????? ???? ????;
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