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Since 1995, Arjan Roskam and his head breeder, Franco Loja, have been producing some of the most well-known strains of marijuana out of their sophisticated lab in Amsterdam. Arjan has won 38 Cannabis Cups and dubs himself the “King of Cannabis.” Along with his crew, he now travels all over the world searching for rare, untouched cannabis strains.


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S01E01 Africa Expedition - Malawi 01/01/2008 Strain Hunters first mission, back in 2008, had a special destination as target: Malawi. Malawi is a very special African country: it is one of the poorest and has one of the highest child and infant mortality rates, but it's also one of the most hospitable and less war-thorn states of the whole continent. It is scarcely populated, and just in the recent years it's starting to open to tourism. There are no guns around, except for those of soldiers and police (a rare case in this part of Africa), and most people are extremely friendly. Lake Malawi is the main attraction of the country and the third largest lake in Africa. Malawi is also the second largest producer of cannabis on the African continent, after South Africa. Last year Malawi produced just short of 12500 tons of cannabis (source: United Nations), most of which destined for export to other African countries or Europe.
S01E02 India Expedition 01/01/2009 After completing the Malawi expedition in 2008, Arjan and myself began to think about the next mission. We had many destinations in mind, because the list of places where amazing landraces are awaiting is a long one. After much thinking and talking we selected a few top-spots on our list, and started gathering information and ideas. It became very clear that there was one place that could not be overlooked: the region of the Himalayas, particularly the Indian side, where the best charras and creams are from.
S01E03 Morocco Expedition 01/01/2010 The Strain Hunters are back! In 2008 we explored the jungles of Malawi to retrieve the genetics of the original Malawi Gold, in 2009 we climbed the steep valleys of Hymachal Pradesh, India, to document the production of the finest black hashish in the world. And in 2010 we decided to continue on our quest to find the best hashish and the landraces it comes from, this time in Morocco.
S01E04 Jamaica - Caribbean Expedition 01/01/2011 Here we go again! We board a flight from Amsterdam and in 9 hours we are in the Caribbean. After a layover of just a couple of hours on Curacao, we fly on to Jamaica. We land in Kingston around 11 am local time. The air is hot, but not too humid. We have a 3 hours layover, so we decide to get out of the airport and go have lunch in Port Royal, half an hour away on the coast. It's a bit of a ghost-town, once a very rich merchant harbor, destroyed at the end of the seventeenth century by a powerful earthquake.
S01E05 Trinidad and St Vincent - Caribbean Expedition 01/01/2012 It's hard to describe the feelings: another Strain Hunters adventure begins today, a very special one. For the first time, we are going live from the trip. Arjan and myself have been waiting for Simon to arrive from Africa, and also for Mister-X, our new brave photographer that follow us for the first time, documenting the trip with lots of images.Our local contact, Dr. Green, is waiting for us outside the airport with 2 cars, and we immediately drive away. I drive one of the jeeps, a dark-red Land Rover, while Dr. Green drives the other one. As I start driving, I force myself to quickly get used to sticking on the left side of the road and to operating the gear with my left hand. This is the way on most caribbean islands, which are ex-English colonies. Time to get high on some really strong imported weed, after all that time spent in the airplane. It tastes sweet and fruity, it reminds me of Bubba Kush; after a few minutes I am totally stoned, and loving it.
S01E06 Swaziland Expedition 01/02/2012 Strain Hunters Swaziland Expedition
S01E07 Colombia: Kings of Cannabis 01/01/2013 Strain Hunters take on a trip with them to Colombia in Kings of Cannabis.

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