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Adam Strange, a retired Home Office criminologist, solves bizarre cases – which had been marked "Open File" by various government departments – with the help of Hamlyn Gynt (Kaz Garas), Evelyn (Anneke Wills) and Professor Marks (Charles Lloyd-Pack). He employed the latest techniques in forensic investigation, which he undertook in his own laboratory in his flat in Warwick Crescent in the Maida Vale/Little Venice area of Paddington.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Strange Report

S01E01 REPORT 5055: CULT - 'Murder Shrieks Out' 21/09/1969 Notes plucked from a guitar spell death for a young man who suspects the truth about a fund-raising religious sect.
S01E02 REPORT 0649: SKELETON - 'Let Sleeping Heroes Lie' 28/09/1969 Workmen clearing a London bomb site find the skeleton of a man whose death was caused by shooting, not bombs. Can a key in his possession unlock the mystery and identify the killer?
S01E03 REPORT 2641: HOSTAGE - 'If You Won't Learn, Die!' 05/10/1969 A dangerous diplomatic situation calls for the utmost diplomacy from Adam Strange if an international showdown is to be averted.
S01E04 REPORT 0846: LONELY HEARTS - 'Who Killed Dan Cupid?' 12/10/1969 Cupid's arrows have a poison tip when wedding bells turn into a death toll after a young couple meet at a Lonely Hearts club.
S01E05 REPORT 8319: GRENADE - 'What Price Change?' 19/10/1969 Ham Gynt goes back to university to study the roots of a potentially explosive situation on the campus.
S01E06 REPORT 3906: COVER GIRLS - 'Last Year's Model' 26/10/1969 Adam Strange finds himself entangled in the world of fashion when his glamorous assistant Evelyn is modelling for a designer whose collection is stolen.
S01E07 REPORT 3424: EPIDEMIC - 'A Most Curious Crime' 02/11/1969 Adam Strange encounters the men who turn blood into gold - the smugglers of illegal immigrants into Britain. And death stalks when an immigrant introduces cholera into the country, bringing with it heartbreak, disillusion and murder.
S01E08 REPORT 2475: REVENGE - 'When A Man Hates' 08/11/1969 Hatred for the men responsible for sending him to prison leads a man to a bitter campaign of revenge and murder - with Adam Strange as the last on his list.
S01E09 REPORT 1021: SHRAPNEL - 'The Wish In The Dream' 23/11/1969 A piece of shrapnel in a dead man's body reveals an unexpected twist to the drama of an eternal triangle in which Adam strange is personally involved.
S01E10 REPORT 8944: HAND - 'A Matter Of Witchcraft' 30/11/1969 Adam Strange finds himself in the chilling world of witchcraft when a beautiful young office girl is murdered.
S01E11 REPORT 1553: RACIST - 'A Most Dangerous Proposal' 07/12/1969 A girl's ambition for racial integration are tested to the limit when her racist father is suspected of murder.
S01E12 REPORT 7931: SNIPER - 'When Is Your Cousin Not?' 14/12/1969 Student demonstrations in an Eastern European country present Adam Strange with a search for truth as well as a killer.
S01E13 REPORT 4821: X-RAY - 'Who Weeps For The Doctor?' 21/12/1969 Has anyone the right to help a man take his own life even though lingering death would otherwise await him? Adam Strange finds himself involved in the tragedies of two women and the men they loved.
S01E14 REPORT 2493: KIDNAP - 'Whose Pretty Girl Are You?' 28/12/1969 A girl becomes a voluntary "kidnap" victim - but the fake becomes terrifyingly real.
S01E15 REPORT 4407: HEART - 'No Choice For The Donor' 04/01/1970 The mystery of a missing surgeon unveils the stark drama of a plot to use a live donor for a heart-transplant operation.
S01E16 REPORT 4977: SWINDLE - 'Square Root Of Evil' 11/01/1970 Adam Strange dabbles in the money market when the printers of genuine bank notes are tricked into carrying out a massive order for a gang of swindlers.
S00E01 Interviews With Anneke Wills & Kaz Garas 00/00/0000 Interview with Anneke Wills
S00E02 ITC Colour Stills 00/00/0000 A vast selection of mostly unseen ITC stills set to Roger Webbís original music score for Strange Report (from the recently discovered studio tapes)
S00E03 Kaz Garas' On-Set Gallery 00/00/0000 Kaz Garas' on-set gallery
S00E04 Introduction By Robert Hardy - REPORT 4407: HEART - 'No Choice For The Donor' 00/00/0000 Introduction by Robert Hardy - REPORT 4407: HEART - 'No Choice For The Donor'
S00E05 Introduction By Martin Shaw - REPORT 7931: SNIPER - 'When Is Your Cousin Not?' 00/00/0000 Introduction by Martin Shaw - REPORT 7931: SNIPER - 'When Is Your Cousin Not?
S00E06 Introduction By Zienia Merton - REPORT 3424: EPIDEMIC - 'A Most Curious Crime' 00/00/0000 Introduction By Zienia Merton - REPORT 3424: EPIDEMIC - 'A Most Curious Crime
S00E07 Textless Opening 00/00/0000 Opening sequences of episodes with no text.
S00E08 US Edit - REPORT 0649 - SKELETON - Let Sleeping Heroes Lie 00/00/0000 US Edit - REPORT 0649 - SKELETON - Let Sleeping Heroes Lie
S00E09 Break Bumper 1 00/00/0000 Commercial break bumper footage.
S00E10 Restoration Demo 00/00/0000 Restoring Strange Report: A visual demonstration of the techniques used to produce possibly the best ever pictures of an archive television series.
S00E11 Generic Trailer - 15 Second Version 00/00/0000 Generic Trailer - 15 Second Version.
S00E12 Compilation Of Textless Footage And Rushes 00/00/0000 Compilation Of Textless Footage And Rushes.
S00E13 Merchandise 00/00/0000 Merchandise.