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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Strangeways

S01E01 Episode 1 09/05/2011 New series about prisoners and prison staff at Strangeways. Cameras follow armed robber Adrian Fielding and his fiancee Kelly Hansen on their wedding day in the prison.
S01E02 Episode 2 16/05/2011 This film focuses on the healthcare unit at Strangeways – effectively a prison hospital staffed by officers and nurses. It is the first time such access has been given to what is one of the most challenging and sensitive areas in the prison. Healthcare deals with the most demanding and violent prisoners in Strangeways. Staff here must assess and manage those who may be mentally ill and pose a threat to themselves or others. Strangeways’ most disruptive prisoner David Charlton is often a resident on this wing as he cannot function in the normal wings. Forty year old Charlton claims he is disabled and staff must push him around the prison in a wheelchair. But medical staff say he CAN walk. He is regularly abusive to staff and frequently soils his cell. Despite all this, Charlton regards Strangeways as his home and commits offences simply to get back into prison. Staff must also deal with a violent prisoner sent to healthcare after clubbing a prison officer over the head, the aftermath of which we witness. Despite having assaulted a colleague, staff are concerned for the welfare of this prisoner as he insists on head butting his cell floor for hours, and refuses to come out from under his bed. The cameras also follow a prisoner on Healthcare who “kicks off” and needs more than six staff to restrain him after he bites an officer. This film is a sensitive portrait of the men and women who risk their lives on this most difficult unit such as nurse Karen Kenny who often find themselves torn between the need to maintain security and their nursing instincts.
S01E03 Episode 3 23/03/2011 This film looks at how the prison has moved on since the infamous 1990 riots, when prisoners were protesting against brutal conditions and an outdated system. A world apart from today’s regime, where harsh discipline has given way to a duty of care and rehabilitation and where the carrot of prison privileges is used to induce prisoners to behave well – instead of simply the stick of punishment. After his marriage to Kelly, model prisoner Adrian Fielding and his new wife are looking forward to his move to a low security prison, which will also mean home visits. We witness the effect on Adrian and Kelly as this prison move is delayed and the pressures of life alone with her four children begin to take their toll on Kelly. And David Charlton, Strangeways’ most disruptive prisoner, returns to abuse staff yet again.

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